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Are There 3 Bedroom Campers?

Are There 3 Bedroom Campers?

Are you looking for more sleeping space in an RV? A 3 bedroom camper may be your answer. Imagine a home on wheels for your family that includes separate bedrooms. This type of camper can help ensure a comfortable and peaceful camping trip for all.

This article explores which campers have multiple bedrooms and if they’re worth it. Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of a 3 bedroom camper.

Fifth wheel living room and kitchen
In addition to three bedrooms, many of these campers have sleeper sofas in the living room.

Are There 3 Bedroom Campers?

The RV industry continues to grow and innovate, including developing 3 bedroom campers. You can find fifth wheels and destination trailers, and Coachmen has a Class C motorhome with three sleeping areas as well.

While they may not be as prominent as one and two-bedroom models, consumers feel excited about these spacious RVs for traveling with multiple people.

What Are the Benefits of a 3 Bedroom Camper?

The biggest benefit of a 3 bedroom camper is the sleeping space. You can have eight to ten people sleep in some trailers with multiple bedrooms and convertible sleeping areas in the living room. Camping with a large family or group can also save money versus paying for multiple hotel rooms. 

Other benefits of a 3 bedroom camper include more space in general. For example, Coachmen’s Chaparral 373MBRB three-bedroom fifth wheel has two full bathrooms. It also has a large kitchen for cooking for multiple people and an outdoor kitchen.

camper bedroom and bathroom
Some 3 bedroom campers even have a bonus bathroom!

What Are the Disadvantages of a 3 Bedroom Camper?

The main disadvantage of a 3 bedroom camper is the size. In order to fit multiple bedrooms in an RV, the length and weight will inevitably increase. 

The domino effect of a longer and heavier travel trailer or fifth wheel means needing a powerful truck to pull it. This has cost implications, plus it means maneuverability challenges when parking and driving, and often more difficulty getting into campgrounds.

➡ How big does your truck need to be? Take a look: Think a One-Ton Truck Is Big Enough to Pull Your Camper? You May Be Wrong

How Much Do 3 Bedroom Campers Cost?

Most 3 bedroom campers cost between $75,000 and $120,000. We’ve found five options that fall within this range and offer quality features and construction. Of course, with add-ons or luxury versions, the cost can go up significantly.

Alliance fifth wheel
3 bedroom campers are usually longer than 2 bedroom models.

How Many People Can a 3 Bedroom Camper Sleep?

A 3 bedroom camper can sleep upwards of ten people, depending on the model and floor plan. The number of people it can sleep also depends on a person’s height. 

Some loft spaces or bunk beds have shorter beds that may fit a child better. Someone over five and a half feet tall may not find it very suitable. Additionally, they often have more sleeping space available on pull-out sofas or convertible dinettes in the living area. 

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5 Mind-Blowing Three Bedroom Campers

Are you ready to shop for a 3 bedroom camper? Start by checking out these five mind-blowing options.

1. 2022 Forest River Salem Grand Villa 42DL (Park Trailer)

About: Forest River’s Salem Grand Villa 42DL has a master bedroom on the main floor and two bedrooms on the loft level. That’s right—a two-bedroom loft in a camper! Plus, it has more sleeping options on the pull-out couch in the living room.

This large destination trailer measures 41’ 10” long and has a dry weight of 12,719 lbs. It works best for stationary RVers.

The Salem Grand Villa 42DL has a large kitchen with an island. It also has a lot of counter and storage space, including a walk-in pantry. Additionally, the trailer has a large bathroom with a walk-in shower. You can also add a washer and dryer

MSRP: $87,000

DOUBLE LOFT RV!?! Check out the 42FLDL Salem Grand Villa.

2. 2022 Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB (Fifth Wheel)

About: Coachmen’s Chaparral 373MBRB fifth wheel is a game-changer for families looking for a 3 bedroom camper. It has three bedrooms stretched over the 42’ 6” RV without the need for a loft. Plus, it has two full bathrooms, a large indoor kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen.

The master bedroom in the front of the fifth wheel has a queen size bed with large wardrobes and a space for a washer and dryer. Mid-ship you’ll find a second bedroom with double-sized bunk beds and overhead storage. The third bedroom in the rear has a tri-fold sleeper sofa and a drop-down bunk. 

MSRP: $86,444

Coachmen-Chaparral 5th-373MBRB

3. 2022 Forest River Sabre 36BHQ (Fifth Wheel)

About: Forest River’s Sabre 36BHQ is a 42’ long fifth wheel with a rear living room. It has a master bedroom in the front with a king-size bed and a large wardrobe along the front wall with room for a washer and dryer.

Additionally, this 3 bedroom camper has a full-size bathroom between the master bedroom and mid-bunk room and loft. The bunk room has a tri-fold sofa sleeper and wardrobes. And the loft space above it has room for two people to sleep.

The Sabre 36BHQ has a large kitchen with an island, pantry, and double-door refrigerator. The living room has a tri-fold sofa, theater seating, dinette, and entertainment center with a fireplace. The fifth wheel also has an outdoor kitchen. 

MSRP: $75,041

4. 2022 Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP (Fifth Wheel)

About: The Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP has a similar layout to Forest River’s Sabre 36BHQ. The Alliance has a front master bedroom with a walk-around king-size bed and a large front wardrobe with washer and dryer prep. 

Mid-ship has another bedroom with a sleeper sofa and storage. And above the second bedroom, you’ll find a loft, making a third dedicated sleeping area. In addition, the living room has a sleeper sofa to sleep two more people.

The Paradigm 390MP is 41’ 11” long and has a dry weight of 13,538 lbs. It has some of the largest holding tanks among the 3 bedroom campers on this list, making it a good option for boondocking. The freshwater tank holds 98 gallons, the gray tank holds 106 gallons, and the black tank has a 53-gallon capacity. 

MSRP: $114,609

ALL NEW ALLIANCE 390MP Mid Bunk/Multi Purpose Fifth Wheel RV!

5. 2022 Coachmen Leprechaun 300BH (Class C)

About: The Coachmen Leprechaun 300BH is the only Class C motorhome on our list of 3 bedroom campers. This is a great option if you want a drivable RV for a family. This 3 bedroom camper measures 32’ 11” long. And it has a full bathroom and an ample kitchen with a pantry.

It has a master bedroom in the rear with a queen-size walk-around bed. Next to the master, you’ll find a second dinette that could be a desk or designated kid’s table. This dinette converts into a single bed and has a drop-down bunk over it.

The Leprechaun 300BH also has a 57” by 95” bunk over the motorhome’s cab. In addition, the sofa and dinette in the living area convert into beds. 

MSRP: $118,945

Coachmen Leprechaun 300BH

Is a 3 Bedroom Camper Worth It?

If you travel for an extended time with more than four people, a 3 bedroom camper is worth the investment. The space, comfort, and convenience of everyone having a dedicated place to sleep can enhance your camping trip. Or if you work from the road, a third bedroom could be an excellent office space.

Maybe you don’t need a huge 3 bedroom camper, but you’d still like a separate space for kids or guests. If so, a bunkhouse travel trailer might be just what you need. Find out: What Is the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Families?

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