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9 Unbelievable 3-Bedroom RVs You Need to See

If you’ve walked through RVs at an RV show or on a dealer lot, you’ve probably walked through the standard floorplans. But did you know there are unique floorplans that offer lofts, middle rooms, and even multiple bedrooms? It’s true! There are 3-bedroom RVs that offer multiple sleeping options for large families or travelers who want to bring along guests. 

Let’s take a look at nine unbelievable 3-bedroom RVs you need to see!

Do 3-Bedroom RVs Exist?

If you’re on the hunt for an RV and are worried you won’t be able to find a rig to accommodate your family of eight, your fear is understandable. Most RVs aren’t able to sleep that many people unless you’re willing to reconfigure dinettes and sofas every night. 

However, all hope isn’t lost. While most RVs only have one or two bedrooms, there is a small selection of 3-bedroom RVs that will suit your family’s needs. Some of these feature two private bedrooms. Many of them have at least one set of bunk beds. So if you have a large family who loves to camp, these just might be the right RVs for you.

primary bedroom
Three-bedroom RVs have a main bedroom plus two extra designated sleeping areas.

What Are the Benefits of 3-Bedroom RVs?

The most obvious benefit of owning a 3-bedroom RV is the multiple sleeping spaces. A family of four may not need the extra space, but a family of six or more will certainly love the designated sleeping areas. They won’t have to convert a dinette or a sofa into a bed every night. In our experience, it makes camping easier and more enjoyable to wake up in your own bed rather than having to wake up to reattach the dining room table so everyone can eat breakfast.

Another benefit of multiple bedrooms is the ability to entertain guests. You can invite another couple to go camping with you or invite your kids’ friends for a weekend. Because you have all this sleeping space, everyone can feel like they have their own privacy without sleeping in the middle of the living room.

Pro Tip: A sticks and bricks home may provide a lot of personal space, but a lack of privacy is just one of 11 Things No One Tells You About Living in an RV.

9 Unbelievable 3-Bedroom RVs You Need to See

Whether you’re looking for a towable or motorized RV, there are three-bedroom options. Some provide two separate bedrooms in addition to a loft or bunk area. Others provide multiple beds in the same area. Some are priced under $100,000, while one is over $300,000. Whatever your style and budget, there’s a 3-bedroom RV for you.

3-bedroom RV with loft
Many three-bedroom RVs have lofts or bunks to accommodate children.

3-Bedroom Fifth Wheel RVs

1. Keystone Avalanche 390DS

About: The Keystone Avalanche 390DS has two primary bedrooms, one in the front and one in the rear. Both have full bathrooms and storage wardrobes. The center of the fifth wheel features a kitchen island, electric fireplace, theater seating, free-standing dinette, and the option for a residential refrigerator. The third bedroom is the loft above the rear bedroom.

Best Features: Two bedrooms on opposite ends of the fifth wheel means complete privacy for two couples, older kids, or traveling companions who want their own space. The double entries and double bathrooms provide even more privacy.

MSRP: $109,003

THREE BEDROOM RV!?! 2022 Keystone Avalanche 390DS - TWO FULL BATHS

2. Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

About: This 3-bedroom RV features three separate rooms and no loft. There’s a primary bedroom in the front, a bunk room in the center, and a third room in the rear with a flip-down bunk and tri-fold sofa. There are also two full bathrooms, a kitchen peninsula, theater seating, and a free-standing dinette.

Best Features: Having three separate bedrooms offers privacy for large families. The Keystone Avalanche 390DS may be perfect for two couples because of the two full main bedrooms, but the Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB is great for separating kids. Families with boys and girls or older and younger children will love the layout of this fifth wheel.

MSRP: $98,129

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Home....I mean RV! Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

3. Dutchmen Voltage Triton 4271

About: This toy hauler fifth wheel has a rear garage with HappiJack power bunks and a loft bed above the half bathroom. The kitchen/living area has a full sofa, an 18 cubic-foot refrigerator, and a bench with a table. A center room features a couch with a loft above, and the front primary bedroom comes with a king bed.

Best Features: There are actually five sleeping areas in this toy hauler. Large families will appreciate the designated sleeping spaces and versatility of the garage for office space, play space, dining space, or more. At 46-foot-4-inches in length plus 4,897 pounds of cargo carrying capacity, this RV can hold a lot of gear.

MSRP: $139,598

This MASSIVE Toy Hauler RV has a surprise! Voltage 4271 Triton

Destination Trailers

4. Forest River Salem Villa 42DL

About: This double loft destination trailer has a front queen bed in the primary bedroom. Stairs lead to three bunk mats that measure 42 inches by 74 inches above the bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen/living space features a side-by-side refrigerator, a free-standing dinette, theater seating, a large sofa, and a kitchen island.

Best Features: The layout of the Forest River Salem Villa 42DL provides ample living space not found in many 3-bedroom RVs. This unit has just as much space in the kitchen/living area as most rear living fifth wheels. There was no space lost by adding the loft with bunks, and there’s still room for kids to sleep in their own beds.

MSRP: $86,632

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2022 Salem Grand Villa 42DL | Two Story Destination RV or Tiny Home?

5. CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL

About: This 3-bedroom RV features a kitchen island, a dinette with chairs and a bench, theater seating, a sofa, and a large pantry in the front. A large 48-inch shower is in the full bathroom, and stairs lead up to a loft between the bathroom and primary bedroom. The loft consists of two regular bunk mats on one side and a double bunk mat on the other side.

Best Features: Like the Forest River Salem Villa 42DL, the CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL maintains ample kitchen and living space because of the loft. This destination trailer also flips the layout, so the bedroom and loft are in the rear, and the living area is in the front of the unit.

MSRP: $100,260

2021 Hampton 370FDL

6. Forest River Timberwolf 39LB

About: The last 3-bedroom travel trailer is the Forest River Timberwolf 39LB which has a unique floorplan with a front kitchen. A peninsula with bar stools provides dining space in addition to the free-standing dinette. Two opposing sofas and a reclining chair provide ample seating in the living room. Like the CrossRoads Hampton HP370FDL, this unit has the primary bedroom in the rear with stairs leading up to the loft between the bedroom and bathroom.

Best Features: The loft space has two 36-inch by 74-inch bunk mats and an open space perfect for a play area for younger kids. The front kitchen layout offers a different floorplan with the most living space of any of the destination trailers on this list. Plus, the bar stools provide even more seating for large families or entertaining guests.

MSRP: $65,431

2021 Cherokee 39LB Destination Trailer with Loft!

Class C Motorhomes

7. Entegra Accolade 37L

About: This Super C 3-bedroom RV has a rear primary bedroom and front cabover bed as well as a set of bunk beds near the bedroom across from the bathroom. The kitchen/living area has a residential-size refrigerator, electric fireplace, a 72-inch hide-a-bed or optional theater seating, and a booth dinette. There’s also an outside entertainment center. The Entegra Accolade 37L is built on a Freightliner S2RV chassis with a Cummins ISB 6.7L 360 HP diesel engine. It’s 39 feet 4 inches, with a GVWR of 31,000 pounds.

Best Features: Unlike the Accolade 37L, most Class Cs don’t have a third sleeping area. The 28-inch by 72-inch bunk beds are perfect for smaller children, which leaves the cabover bed available for older children. Oftentimes, Class Cs aren’t an option for larger families, but this one will accommodate a family of six comfortably.

MSRP: $327,780

The #1 Selling Super C Diesel Motorhome!

Pro Tip: Learn more about Who Owns Entegra Motorhomes before you buy.

8. Thor Quantum LF31

About: Similar to the Entegra Accolade 37L, the Thor Quantum LF31 has bunk beds beside the rear primary bedroom across from the bathroom, except this floorplan flips the layout. The bunk beds, kitchen counter and sink, and booth dinette are on the driver’s side.

Meanwhile, the bathroom, refrigerator, and 68-inch jack knife sofa are on the passenger’s side. It’s on a Ford chassis with a 7.3L V8 gas engine. It’s smaller than the Accolade at 32 feet 8 inches and has a GVWR of 14,500 pounds.

Best Features: This is a much cheaper and smaller option for families with children. However, it still offers the same floorplan and sleeping arrangements. In addition to the queen bed, bunk beds, and cabover bed, the jack knife sofa could provide another sleeping space.

MSRP: $173,700

2022 Thor Quantum LF31 RV Tour!

9. Jayco Redhawk 31F

About: The Jayco Redhawk 31F is almost the exact same floorplan as the Thor Quantum LF31. The rear of the unit features a queen bed, and the bunk beds are across from the dual-entry bathroom. Also, the kitchen counter is across from the refrigerator and jack knife sofa, and a booth dinette is behind the driver’s seat. It’s on a Ford E-450 chassis with a 7.3L V8 gas engine. It measures 32 feet 6 inches with a GVWR of 14,500 pounds.

Best Features: This Class C is the most affordable motorized option on the list. Like the Quantum, it offers three designated sleeping areas and the jack knife sofa for an additional spot if needed.

MSRP: $151,043

2022 Jayco Redhawk 31F Class C Motorhome •

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Are 3-Bedroom RVs Worth It?

For large families or multiple couples, 3-bedroom RVs are some of the best options. Families with four or more kids can have designated sleeping areas for each child and potentially separate rooms for boys and girls or younger and older children, depending on the model. 

Couples traveling together can enjoy the privacy of their own primary bedrooms and bathrooms. The destination trailers also provide ample kitchen and living space instead of giving up some of that space for an additional bedroom.

So whether you’re looking for a toy hauler, travel trailer, Class C, or fifth wheel, there are 3-bedroom RVs available to meet your camping needs.

Which of the RVs above best suits your family? Drop a comment below!

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