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You Can Stay in J-Lo’s $2M RV at This Austin Campground

Are you looking for a unique experience in Austin, Texas? Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in an RV owned by one of your favorite celebrities? Well, now’s your chance because 7744 Ranch makes it possible.

You can stay the night in Jennifer Lopez’s super luxurious custom RV and live like royalty. This stunning RV offers views, amenities, and comforts, unlike any other campground or vacation spot. Read on to learn more about this and other incredible luxuries at 7744 Ranch!

Tour A Million Dollar Celebrity RV Resort in Austin TX - Will Smith - Simon Cowell - Mariah Carey

What Campground in Austin Houses J-Lo’s RV?

Jennifer Lopez’s, or J-Lo’s, RV and several other celebrity RVs reside at the 7744 Ranch, a luxury ranch in Austin, Texas. The 7744 Ranch offers its guests a unique blend of modern luxury and rustic, wooded charm via its five two-story mobile estates and gorgeous natural landscaping.

With its limited capacity, 7744 Ranch caters to individuals seeking a secluded getaway, corporate retreats, and private group events. The five mobile estates house a maximum of two people each, so the ranch is limited to 10 people.

These mobile estates are the utmost in luxury. Of the five two-story trailers, celebrities own four, including Jennifer Lopez. J-Lo’s RV is The Lux Lounge, as she spared no expense in making hers one of the most luxurious, plush RVs ever created.

Jlo RV exterior
Sleep like a star by renting out a celebrity’s RV at 7744 Ranch.

Do Celebrities RV?

Despite rumors to the contrary, celebrities still have to put their pants on one leg at a time, like the rest of us. So it should come as no surprise that many celebrities travel in RVs. Some of them, like Lopez, may do it with a little more pizazz.

Many celebrities have talked about or were spotted during RVing escapades. Jeff Daniels has been RVing for years, as has Kathy Bates. Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith, John Mayer, and many others have also wheeled around in their rigs.

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What Celebrity RVs Can You Stay in at 7744 Ranch?

Lopez’s Lux Lounge is one of the five two-story mobile estates at 7744 Ranch in Austin. She isn’t the only celebrity to rent out her rig on the ranch, however. Vin Diesel, Will Smith, and former American Idol judge Simon Cowell all have tricked-out luxury RVs at the 7744 Ranch. All include incredible amenities you won’t find in most typical RVs, and you can book a stay in any of them.

The only mobile estate at 7744 Ranch with no celebrity connection is a colorful option they dubbed Skittles. Despite its lack of celebrity, Skittles is no less luxurious than the other estates on the ranch, including a relatively spacious bathroom with a steam shower.

Interior JLo RV at 7744 Ranch
From J-Lo to Brad Pitt, there are plenty of luxurious RV options to rent at 7744 Ranch.

About the Lux Lounge at 7744 Ranch

J-Lo’s star power is nearly unparalleled. As you can imagine, her RV matches her celebrity. There’s no roughing it when it comes to her Lux Lounge. It’s spacious, inspiring, and chock full of amenities.

Floor Plan

The Lux Lounge is a two-story trailer. The bottom floor is a roomy living space with a couch facing a television, more seating, a desk area, a bathroom with a large shower, and a half-bath next to stairs leading into the kitchen. The kitchen includes everything you’ll need, including a trash compactor. 

A staircase takes you to the upper level, with another desk area, more seating, and a table. There’s also another half bath with a vanity and mirror. The upper level houses the bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a television.

Luxury Features

With a name like The Lux Lounge, this mobile estate at 7744 Ranch has to be plush. There are a few key elements that earn the moniker.

The kitchen has all the amenities you want but takes it to another level with a three-door, sub-zero refrigerator. The televisions each have a 60-inch screen with a great sound system.

All the furniture is custom, decked out in leather finishes, with accompanying granite and marble countertops. You can tuck the bed on the second floor away, converting it into a u-shaped leather couch. 

However, what puts the luxury in The Lux Lounge are the wall-to-wall windows on the upper level. Any window provides a direct view of the outdoors and its stunning vistas. You’ll have all the amenities you could dream of, and you’re smack in the middle of a lovely outdoor oasis.

Nightly Rate

You can book the Lux Lounge for roughly $295 per night, though that rate is only during certain times of the year and for a midweek stay. We found that a more widely-available rate is typically around $497 per night. 

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JLo RV bedroom at 7744 Ranch
Sleeping like a celebrity isn’t cheap, but it sure makes for a unique camping experience.

What Amenities and Activities Does 7744 Ranch Offer?

The luxury of these two-story mobile estates isn’t the only unique factor of 7744 Ranch. There is much more to this exclusive destination than staying in a luxury trailer.

With five trailers, 7744 Ranch can focus on catering to the needs of a maximum of 10 guests, offering customized, personalized service.

In addition to outstanding service, 7744 Ranch has amenities like a state-of-the-art gym with personal trainers. They have dynamic indoor and outdoor workspaces, excellent for a corporate retreat.

There is an educational and meditative Koi Rescue Lake. 7744 Ranch includes a jacuzzi with over 100 jets, life-sized games, on-site geocaching experiences, nature walks, individual picnic areas with a 75-inch television and barbeque pit, and a custom grass day bed.

Come stay in Jennifer Lopez's $2,000,000 Mobile Villa

Is It Worth Staying at 7744 Ranch in Austin, Texas?

If you are looking for a unique luxury experience in the Austin area, it is worth your while to stay at 7744 Ranch. Regardless of which mobile estate you choose, the amenities, the personalized service, and the stunning grounds are unmatched. Plus, you’ll get to say you’ve stayed in a celebrity’s RV!

Whether for a corporate retreat or other group function or if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, there is no more posh way to stay when visiting Austin.

Would you stay the night in a celebrity’s RV? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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