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9 Best Things To Do In Orlando, Florida

9 Best Things To Do In Orlando, Florida

Florida is filled with great history, roadside attractions, and natural wonders.  But no place is better known for family fun than the city of Orlando.  You might be surprised to find, however, there is more to explore than a fantasy kingdom heralded by a giant mouse.  Why don’t we take a look at the 9 best things to do in Orlando, Florida.

#1 Walt Disney World

Price:  $109

Why You’ll Love It:  All things Mickey and Minnie, with princesses, cosmic space adventures and jungle expeditions thrown into the mix – what’s not to love?  Enjoy an escape of immense magnitude that will charm kids of any age. 

Address:  Orlando, FL  32830

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google states, “Walt Disney is the amusement park, attracting family, friends, love. The park has everything for fun. The rides, characters, live performances, great meals, ambiance, resort. They simply had one thought: to make every child’s dream come true. Really a place to be loved and cherished. Makes a great memory with family, kids. Make sure visit once in a life time.”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating:  9.6/10

#2 Universal Studios Orlando, Florida

Price:  $119

Why You’ll Love It:  If you are looking for ‘thrills’ rather than ‘amusements,’ Universal will definitely carry you away on risky roller coasters, while the Men In Black, ET and dinosaurs from Jurassic Park whisk you to worlds unknown.  And for those Harry Potter fans, a wizarding world of Hogwarts awaits!

Address: 6000 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL  32830

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Trip Advisor says, “The Harry Potter rides and exhibits were definitely our favorites, from Escape from Gringotts, to the ride inside Hogwarts, to Hagrid’s Motorcycle rides. But there’s a lot more to enjoy at Universal Studios, too. The Bourne Stunt show was simply amazing, a seamless integration of live action and CGI that left us wondering when one ended and the other began. Even for adults, the Shrek and Minion shows were a delight.”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating:  9.8/10

#3 Discovery Cove

Price:  $149 to $245

Why You’ll Love It:  You will never feel like a fish out of water when you spend a day at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.  With dolphin swims, fish snorkeling and aviary experiences you might discover that beach living is the perfect life!

Address: 6000 Discovery Cove Way, Orlando, FL  32821

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google exclaims, “This was the best time ever at a theme park! Beautiful fish to snorkel with! Park was kept exceptionally clean! Was not crowded at all. Wonderful day with family!”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating:  9.7/10

#4 Take a Disney Spectacular Tour by Helicopter

Price:  $65

Why You’ll Love It:  Getting a bird’s eye view of virtually all of the Disney properties will give you a sense of just how small humans are in the scheme of things.  It will also help you in planning your excursions throughout the Magic Kingdom before you venture into the crowds on the ground!

Address: 12651 International Drive, Orlando, FL  32821

What’s the Word:  A recent review in Trip Advisor commented, “What a fantastic way to see the parks. Our pilot was so knowledgeable and gave us a great tour. Views were stunning.”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating: 9/10

#5 Take A Paddle Board Tour With Paddle Board Orlando

Price:  $44 to $65

Why You’ll Love It:  Can you think of a better way to spend a beautiful winter day in Orlando, Florida than to paddle your way through a natural spring to hang out with giant manatees?  We sure can’t!

Address: 1014 Miami Springs Drive, Longwood, FL  32779

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google says, “My friend Janet and I were looking for a manatee paddle board experience and found lots of wonderful reviews for Uncle Ned and Paddle board Orlando. He did not disappoint. I had only paddle boarded once and my friend was new to it, but he did a great job of putting us at ease with simple, clear instructions.  The water was calm and with very little wind, paddling was easy and the scenery was beautiful. The manatees were easy to find and amazing to watch as they swam right underneath our boards. What a wonderful experience! Uncle Ned felt like hanging out with an old friend right from the beginning.”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating:  9.8/10

#6 Brewery: Orlando Brewing

Price:  $10 and up

Why You’ll Love It:  Raise a pint to celebrate your time in the Sunshine State at Orlando Brewing.  You will enjoy a free tour of the beer-making process, then grab a growler in the Tap Room.  If you’re lucky and visit on a Friday or Saturday night, you’ll have musical entertainment as a backdrop for your evening.

Address:  1301 Atlanta Avenue, Orlando, FL  32806

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google touts, “Orlando Brewing’s Orlando’s landmark brewery good for the sort of solid craft beer many of the new, trendy, pop up breweries seem to miss out on.  Quality beer here, not science experiments buried in bitter fruits or specialist flavors in thimbleful glasses with ridiculous pricing.  It’s a real brewery with an expert brewer crafting a stable of beers you could easily fall in Love with and enjoy again and again.”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating: 9.4/10

#7 Winery: Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

Price:  $15 and up

Why You’ll Love It:  With an astounding wine list, and food delicious enough to suit any selective food connoisseur, Cooper’s Hawk is the number one pick for lunch or dinner.  And even more amazing are the prices charged for such great fare…very reasonable.  You will find yourself coming back again and again!

Address: 805 International Drive, Orlando, FL  32819

What’s the Word:  A recent reviewer on Google said, “Our server, Kerriann, was so sweet and professional and was more than attentive throughout the entire experience. Chef Ryan brought us a round of our appetizers and talked about new menu items versus past menu items, which was super helpful! Superb cleaning and even better staff! Can’t wait to go back, thank you Cooper’s Hawk!”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating:  9.7/10

#8 Campground: Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

Price:  $50

Why You’ll Love It:  With hiking, playgrounds, a bike path and cabin rentals all on Turkey Lake, Bill Frederick Park offers a great location for family get-togethers and outdoor recreation lovers.  Fishing is top-notch here, as the lake is one of the best-rated fishing destinations in the state of Florida.

Address: 3401 South Hiawassee Road, Orlando, FL  32835

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google stated, “Rv parking for a great price, cabin renting, tent renting, as well available.”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating: 9/10

#9 Hotel: Castle Hotel

Price:  $75 and up

Why You’ll Love It:  If you want to feel like the king of your castle, this is definitely the hotel for you!  With rooms fit for royalty, your lodging is designed for comfort and pampering, and the boutique atmosphere offers a unique place to relax after a day at amusement parks and outings.

Address: 8629 International Drive, Orlando, FL  32819

What’s the Word:  A recent review on Google says, “We stayed 1 night, and had a great experience. My daughter loved being treated like a princess and loved the beautiful decor. Christina at the front desk was amazing and went above and beyond to ensure we were happy. Great location close to lots of restaurants and attractions. Would definitely recommend!”

Orlando, FL Morton Road Trip Rating:  9.2/10

RVing in Orlando, Florida

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