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What You Need to Know About the RV Extended Warranty

What You Need to Know About the RV Extended Warranty

Do RV warranties and their different types of coverage confuse you? You’re not alone. If you’re RV shopping, you might have heard of an extended RV warranty. Let’s see what these warranties are and how they’re different from manufacturers’ warranties. 

What Is an RV Extended Warranty? 

An extended warranty covers your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty ends. RV manufacturer warranties typically last around a year, but an extended one can be ongoing. 

An extended warranty works similarly to insurance. You choose your policy based on what components you want to include, and you pay a deductible when it comes time to make repairs. 

Considering an Extended RV Warranty? Q&A with the CEO of Wholesale Warranties!

How Much Does an RV Extended Warranty Cost? 

The cost varies widely. Factors that affect the warranty cost include the age and model of the RV, the type of warranty, coverage length, and more. 

To find out the price, warranty providers ask for information about your RV to give you an accurate quote. Extended warranties can cost anywhere from $1,000 for a short-term travel trailer to $20,000 for a luxury motorhome.

Can You Buy an Extended Warranty Later? 

RV owners can purchase extended warranties at any point during their RV ownership. Many used RV dealers will offer them when you buy a used RV

Where to Buy an RV Extended Warranty

Many companies sell RV extended warranties. Some RV dealers will offer them as well. 

Research different warranty companies and get quotes to see which would work best for your particular situation. A dealer might not be the best choice for RV warranty purchases, but there are many companies you can get quotes from online. Wholesale Warranties is one of the top names in warranties. You can also purchase them from Good Sam or America’s RV Warranty

What Does an Extended Warranty Cover? 

There are different types of extended warranties. Different parts of your RV require different types of warranties. Here are the main types of RV warranties and what they include. 


An exclusionary policy is one of the easiest policies to understand. This type of RV extended warranty includes a list of all the things not covered under your policy. Each exclusionary warranty is different, but typical exclusions include pre-existing issues, rust, headlights, carpet, cabinets, and paint. 

Exclusionary coverage is the highest level of coverage you can get for your RV after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. These warranties cover mechanical failures and major components on the RV. If something isn’t covered, you will see it listed in the policy. 

Listed Component

You may hear a listed component RV warranty called an inclusionary warranty. Similar to the exclusionary policy, this warranty features a list of items. Only instead of listing what isn’t covered, this policy lists what components are covered. 

Essentially, only listed components have coverage. Items that might appear on an inclusionary or listed component RV warranty include the engine, air conditioner, kitchen appliances, fresh and waste water systems, generator, and leveling and slide-out mechanisms. 


A powertrain-only warranty covers only the powertrain. This includes the engine, transmission, and drive axles. This is a bare-bones warranty that does not cover any RV “house” components or systems. It can offer peace of mind. If that’s enough for you, you may benefit from this type of warranty.

Are Extended RV Warranties Worth It? 

These warranties are like additional insurance policies. You hope you never need it, but if you do, the coverage can save you thousands of dollars. That makes it worth it. They save you time and money and will help you get back on the road faster in the event of mechanical failures on any part of your RV. 

Pro Tip: RV roadside assistance is another option that can get you back on the road faster.

Before purchasing an extended warranty, do your research and find the company that suits your needs the best. There are many types of warranties out there. Have you purchased an extended warranty for your RV?

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