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Meet the MOTM Team

Want to get to know us a little more individually? We don’t blame you! After all, in this day and age is hard to know what content is real or what is AI. Our team is made of real people who live and breathe RV and travel lifestyle every day, using products and forming real relationships with people and companies working to make the mobile lifestyle a little easier for everyone.

We’re excited to meet you!


tom morton about


Co-Founder, Video Producer, Electrical Engineer

A Pacific Northwest native, Tom grew up in Washington and then Alaska before moving to Michigan with his family. Tom is the technical, electrical, and mechanical guru of our operation. He literally keeps the wheels turning and the lights on.

With his Electrical Engineering background, Tom has a specialty in RV solar systems and lithium batteries. He was the first person documented using a Tesla battery module as an RV battery. Additionally, Tom has helped other RVers install dozens of systems personally, plus thousands more through his videos and articles on the subject.

Tom has a passion for cinematography. He filmed, directed, and edited the Go North series. His talent with cameras is now on display in The RVers TV show on Discovery Channel and PBS.

Tom also has a long history with boats, planes, and all things mechanical. He is known for tackling all maintenance and repair projects himself and can often be found crawling around underneath RVs. He also serves as the technical backbone for all their endeavors.

caitlin morton about


Co-Founder, Logistics Queen, Business & Content Manager, and Animal Lover

An Upper Peninsula of Michigan native (aka a Yooper), Caitlin is the organization, big-picture, and content strategy queen of our operation. She keeps everything orderly and on track.

With a background in Business Management, she supports and helps channel Tom’s technical prowess into the helpful content our readers and viewers expect. That’s not to say you won’t find her turning wrenches and talking shop – RV life is a team effort. She keeps the business and the blog moving forward with a variety of topics and resources for our audience.

Believe it or not, she is rather camera shy, though she co-hosts the Mortons’ personal videos and The RVers TV show.

Caitlin’s passion lies in outdoor recreation and with animals. Some of her favorite things to do are hiking, biking, and getting out on the water via kayak, SUP, or boat.

She also loves the RV life due to the fact that you can bring your pets along. Sharing information about safely recreating outdoors with your whole family – pets included! – is very important to her. Because of this, Caitlin spearheaded the launch of HypePets in 2023.



Assistant Content Manager, Wine & Travel Writer

While originally from Pennsylvania, Jessi has spent the last few years living in various countries throughout South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. She started her career as an ESL teacher in Prague and then taught online to kids in China while traveling around the world. She fell in love with the culinary, beverage, and tourism industries throughout her travels.

She received funding from the European Union to pursue her master’s degree in Wine Tourism and Sustainability with the Wintour Erasmus Mundus Program. Throughout her master’s she researched the benefits of blog writing within the wine and sustainable tourism industries and developed models for writers to apply to their tourism-centered content. 

She has experience as a freelance tourism writer for various online platforms focused on wine tourism, sustainable tourism practices, and unique travel experiences. She also runs her own personal website Jessi’s Journey where she helps travelers plan their trips, gives tips for digital nomad life, and encourages solo travel. 


Graphic Designer Genius & RV Comic Artist

Lainey has been creative since she could hold a crayon. As a freelance artist, she has the opportunity to apply her talents in a variety of industries; she has agency, retail, and editorial experience, and she works with clients on a project basis for illustration and graphic design. Fun fact: she is also Tom’s sister!

She prides herself on her ability to make an ambiguous vision into a reality. When she’s not working, you can probably find her cooking, gardening, reading Harry Potter for the thousandth time, watching baseball with her husband, or playing with her adorable cat Pixie.


Since hitting the road in 2015, the Mortons have always traveled with their dogs. While their original travel companions, Mocha and Bella, are no longer with us, two new nomadic canines can be found helping out around their home office and on drive days. You can follow their unique doggo perspective of life on the road on Instagram @rv_adventure_dogs!


Daddy’s Girl, Couch Potato, and Fastest Tongue in the West

Luna was adopted in January 2022. We believe she is around 4 years old. She weighs around 40 lbs, and is a mixed-breed with mostly white fur except for her face and a couple spots on her left side.

She actually dislikes travel days, but loves the adventures that come afterward.


Mr. Personality, King of the Toys, Mama’s Boy, & Snuggle Bug Extraordinaire

Solar was adopted in Jan 2023 as a 2-year-old. He is a 30-lb black and tan mixed-breed dog. He loves all toys, travel days, and will do anything for a T-R-E-A-T. Sometimes tries to help with driving.


Occasionally, we collaborate with specialized outdoors experts in their field to bring valuable knowledge and skills to the Mortons on the Move platform as a resource to our readers. Enjoy!

coty perry author


Outdoors, Tent Camping, and Fishing Expert,

Coty was raised in the muck and mud of Northeastern PA – fishing, hiking, camping, and roughing it as much as possible. For the past 12 years, he’s made it his goal to learn as much as possible about survival. Whether that’s building a river fish trap, growing lettuce in a basement closet, or even stealth camping during a dangerous protest; his goal is to be as adept as possible for when worst comes to worst. He’s made his living for nearly a decade honing his craft and teaching others how to do the same.