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Are Adventurer Truck Campers Good RVs?

There’s a chance you’ve seen an Adventurer truck camper or two on the road or at a campsite, especially if you’ve done any traveling in Canada. Over the last half a century, they’ve grown their brand and number of employees, and we saw many of these Canadian-born truck campers on our drive to Alaska. But are their truck campers any good?

Today, we’re looking at Adventurer to see if their truck campers might be a fit for you. Could this be your next camper purchase? Let’s dig in and find out!

Adventurer truck camper on the road
Hit the road in style in an Adventurer truck camper.

What Are Adventurer Truck Campers?

Adventurer truck campers are similar to other brands in the truck camper segment. They design their campers with the intent of maximizing space and comfort. They’re useful in various scenarios because they have most necessities for full-time or weekend travel.  

Whether you have a light-duty or heavy-duty truck, they have options for you to consider. Each RV in their lineup has a bathroom, kitchen, and living space. If you want to get out and explore, it might be worth giving these rigs a second glance.

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Who Makes Adventurer Truck Campers?

The Adventurer truck camper brand operates as a subsidiary of Adventurer Manufacturing. Other brands under their umbrella include Eagle Cap, Overlander, and Scout. However, the Adventurer series is their flagship offering and what put the company on the map in 1969. 

After 22 years as the general manager of a Western Canada co-op store, Erdman Epp was ready for a change. He purchased a camper company with five employees. This decision launched Erdman and his family into the RV industry. 

Today, more than 50 years later, David Epp is the third generation in his family to call the shots. He was behind the addition of the SCOUT line, a minimalist truck camper claiming to offer all-season protection.

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Where Are Adventurer Truck Campers Made?

Adventurer Manufacturing is different from most RV manufacturers. That’s because Adventurer bucks the “Made in Indiana” trend. Adventurer currently produces their campers in Yakima, Washington, more than 2,000 miles west of the RV capital of the world.

They moved into these facilities in 2008 after spending more than 30 years in Abbotsford, British Columbia. When they made the move, they announced it would help them create a sustainable company. They dreamed of growing their brand. Unfortunately, being based in Canada complicated those goals. The move must have paid off because they’re still in business today.

Interior of Adventurer 901 truck camper model from company website
Choose from four floorplans to get the perfect Adventurer truck camper for your needs.

Adventurer Truck Campers Lineup

There are only a few models within the Adventurer truck camper lineup. Let’s look at each and see what separates them and who they might best serve.

Adventurer 80RB

The Adventurer 80RB is 1,762 pounds and can sit on light-duty trucks. At a total length of 15 feet, 10 inches, it is the smallest Adventurer truck camper. It’s over two feet shorter than the largest model (910DB). However, despite its compact size, it still packs the essentials.

Unfortunately, its tiny size can ignite feelings of claustrophobia if you’re unprepared. This size class of camper is very convenient for many campers needing to be light and nimble but can be too small for others. When entering the rig, the bathroom is immediately on your left. This creates a very boxy sense that can make the space feel smaller than it is. In addition, if you install the removable table, you’ll have little room to maneuver.

One of its saving graces is its multiple overhead cabinets, creating a generous amount of storage space. In addition, the queen-size bed has nightstands on each side and an easily accessible wardrobe at the foot of the bed.

It will be challenging if you dream of taking this truck camper on extended boondocking adventures. Its small stature results in tiny water tanks. For freshwater storage, you’re limited to 15 gallons. Additionally, the 6-gallon waste tanks will also make it challenging. However, solo travelers might be able to stretch these limits.

Can you go on an overnight or two-night trip? Absolutely. However, you might not want to get too far from a dump station if you camp longer than that. You’ll quickly fill your waste tanks if you’re cramming it to the maximum sleep capacity of four people.

Adventurer 80RB Truck Camper - 2021 model

Adventurer 86FB

While the Adventurer 86FB truck camper is only seven inches longer (16 feet, 5 inches) than the 80RB, it feels substantially larger. This predominately is because when you enter, there’s a restaurant-style dinette on one side and the kitchen space on the other. It opens it up to create a roomier look and feel.

For this model, the bathroom is in the middle of the unit with the refrigerator directly across. With 42 gallons of freshwater storage, you can shower in the one-piece fiberglass wet bath without fear of running out of water. The 31-gallon black and gray water storage allows you to spend several days in this rig before dumping your tanks.

Unfortunately, while it can fit any six-foot or larger truck bed, its 2,585 pounds will require a slightly beefier truck. You’ll likely need to drive a three-quarter-ton truck to haul this camper on any adventures.

Better Built & Longer Lasting! 2022 Adventurer 86FB Truck Camper

Adventurer 901SB

You’ll notice that as we continue to look at these units, they get longer and heavier. The Adventurer 901SB continues this trend and adds another seven inches to hit the 17-foot mark. However, despite the increasing size, it weighs only 2,848 pounds, less than 275 pounds more than the Adventurer 86FB.

Again, walking into the 901SB gives you an open feel. The dinette is on your left, and the sink and kitchen space are on your right. They continue placing the wet bath and refrigerator in the middle. However, they claim it’s “the largest wet bath in an 8’11″ camper topped with a large, bright, and airy skylight.” We don’t have precise measurements to verify that statement, but we appreciate bigger bathrooms when you can get them.

Adventurer 901SB Truck Camper | Walkthrough Tour | 2023 Model

Adventurer 910DB

If you want the largest and heaviest in the lineup, it’s the Adventurer 910DB truck camper. It comes in at over 18 feet and weighs 3,447 pounds. This unit also features a full wall slide-out. This pushes the U-shaped dinette and refrigerator out to free up floor space. While you can maneuver around the rig with it retracted, it feels enormous with it open.

Other benefits of this model’s larger size are in the bedroom and bathroom. Owners will notice the upgrade from a queen to a California king bed. You’ll have room to spread out and rest for your next adventure. The bathroom is a full dry bath. 

Another noticeable upgrade for this model is the rear 10-foot patio awning. This can be useful for relaxing outside. While it’s not as big as others on full-size RVs, it’s better than roasting in the sun. Rear awnings are also nice to have over the door to put out a little protection from rain.

Campeur Adventurer 910 DB 2020

How Much Do Adventurer Truck Campers Cost?

Pricing has been all over the place for RVs over the last few years. These rigs range from $30,000 to more than $60,000. They’re not necessarily the cheapest RVs in the market, making them a step up from economy brands. You can’t forget you’ll need a more serious truck to haul it.

If you don’t have either, spending well over $100,000 to $150,000 on your setup would be easy. However, this is comparable to many other truck camper brands out there.

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What Customers Say About Adventurer Truck Campers

You’ll find positive and negative reviews for Adventurer campers. For example, Karen said, “Nice layout and storage for a small truck camper. We have really enjoyed it!” However, she also mentioned, “Manufacturer was not supportive with warranty issues. Correspondence was almost rude!”

Despite Karen’s lousy experience, Josh shared a positive experience in his review. He said, “I sent an email to the manufacturer and got a quick reply from the production manager. He was very helpful.”

These are typical experiences many customers have with any RV manufacturer and dealing with warranty service work. However, while they average 4.3 out of 5 stars, their lowest ratings concern their factory warranty. If you choose this route, you might have issues filing warranty claims.

Consider the size of truck camper you need and the length of your camping trip to determine if an Adventurer truck camper is right for you.

Are Adventurer Truck Campers Worth It?

An Adventurer truck camper can be worth it depending on the size you need and the length of your camping trips. As with any RV purchase, we highly recommend walking through floorplans of these campers as well as other brands to truly know what is going to fit your needs. Adventurer is generally considered a good camper that holds up to many adventures and may suit your travel style.

However, there are many truck camper options in this segment, like Lance truck campers, North Star, Bigfoot, Arctic Fox, and Northern Lite if you want to compare more models. Low ratings for the factory warranty might be concerning to some shoppers, but it’s honestly sometimes the dealers or service centers that are as much to blame there. Reading this article has already started your research journey, where will you go from here?

Do any campers on the Adventurer lineup fit with your camping style? Let us know in the comments! 

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