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Where Can You Get the Best Deals on an Airstream Rental?

Where Can You Get the Best Deals on an Airstream Rental?

Many of those thinking about camping in an RV consider an Airstream trailer as the ultimate recreational vehicle. The manufacturer has created a brand that stands for quality, with simple luxury at its core. Well, you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the ultimate camping experience anymore. Take advantage of peer-to-peer RV networks and book an Airstream rental for your next vacation.

How Much Does an Airstream Rental Cost?

Depending on the model and length of rental, Airstreams can cost $95 to $395 per day. It depends on the city you pick it up from due to supply demands and which model you want. Choose from Bambis to Interstates, Internationals to Basecamps, or select a retro Airstream Land Yacht for your getaway.


Why Do RVers Love Airstreams?

Airstreams have been an RVing favorite for decades. They’ve also been able to hold onto the desired aesthetic and look that even celebrities crave for their camping trips. They are sleek, stylish, and have some of the most modern interiors available in the RV industry.

Beyond their good looks, experienced campers recognize the ease of towing when pulling an Airstream. That’s because the manufacturer strategically placed more weight over the axles of the trailer for improved control.

These “silver bullets” don’t hold as much cargo as other RVs. But, the lack of slide-outs and its curved aluminum exterior makes this a streamlined model that many connect with. 

Because of their high demand, Airstreams are considerably expensive for travel trailers. This makes actually getting to camp in one through purchasing difficult for some. Thankfully, with more RV rental companies and a healthy peer-to-peer rental boom, you have your iconic Airstream camping trip without the commitment.

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Caitlin Morton of Mortons on the Move standing in the doorway of an airstream.
Airstreams are easily recognizable by their silver bullet shape by RVers and newbies alike.

How to Get a Deal on an Airstream Rental

If an Airstream rental appeals to you, finding a good deal is imperative. The rental market also takes advantage of how desirable these RVs are. But with a bit of planning, you should come up with the perfect vehicle for your getaway.

Airstream parked in a campsite between trees.
Renting an airstream is a fun way to adventure in style.

Plan Your Trip

RV rental agencies offer their inventory based on where you will pick up and return the recreational vehicle and how many miles you will drive it. Many charge extra for point-to-point trips or mileage overages, so having a well-thought-out travel plan is essential. 

Have a specific destination in mind. Schedule any stops along the way and think about side trips you might make while camping, especially if you intend to rent a motorized Airstream like the Interstate Class B van. This will give you a good idea about mileage use and cost.

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To get the best deal on your Airstream rental, avoid booking during the peak seasons or over the weekends. Plan your trip on off-seasons, during weekdays, or to specifically take advantage of duration deals (i.e. week-long rental versus the daily rate).

Mini airstream parked in a parking lot.
There are many types of airstreams available to consider when renting.

Use a Peer-to-Peer Network

Once your travel plan is in place, scour the different RV rental options available for the city in which you’ll rent.

When searching networks like Outdoorsy, RVShare, or RVnGO, you can filter your selections to look through only Airstream rental options, then contact the owner with queries. It’s the easiest way to discover the RV that best fits your travel needs.

These peer-to-peer agencies match renters with RV owners directly, letting you search for the specific vehicle. Owners take great pride in their rigs and will meet with potential renters to show them how to operate all of its systems. 

You can also search AirBnB for an airstream rental. Yes, you can rent an RV on AirBnB!

Rates can vary greatly depending on the year, model, and condition of the Airstream, so be sure to read the fine print to understand what the RV will be like.

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Airstream with awning parked in a campsite.
To rent an airstream, you will need your own tow vehicle.

The Downsides of Renting an Airstream

Because most Airstreams are travel trailers, renters will need to provide their own tow vehicle, which must match the tow limits of the model they pull. 

Additionally, Airstreams don’t have slides and have smaller cargo carrying capacity. They also have less interior room than other comparable RVs.

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Is an Airstream Rental Worth It?

If your bucket list includes camping in an Airstream RV, we think your rental will be worth it. A Silver Bullet will provide you with a comfortable and satisfying camping experience. Your campsite may resemble a luxurious RV spa. 

And remember, by using a peer-to-peer network to find your RV, with an Airstream rental you can try before you buy your own.

Will you try an Airstream rental for your next trip? Drop a comment below!

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