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End of an Era: Saying Goodbye to Amazon’s CamperForce

End of an Era: Saying Goodbye to Amazon’s CamperForce

Many RVers look for seasonal jobs as they travel the country. This can be a great way to simultaneously see the country and fund your adventures. Amazon’s CamperForce was one popular option for travelers. Unfortunately, Amazon put the popular program on the chopping block and discontinued the program.

Today, we’re saying goodbye to the popular workamping program that helped many RVers fund their adventures. Let’s pay our respects and say farewell.

What It’s Like To Live In An RV And Work For Amazon During The Holidays

What Was Amazon CamperForce? 

Amazon CamperForce was a program offered by Amazon where RV enthusiasts could work as seasonal employees during the peak holiday season. However, Amazon discontinued the program sometime in 2022. The program provided full-time employment opportunities for individuals willing to live in their RVs and travel to different Amazon locations as needed. While some would join Amazon in full-time roles, most would continue to their next travel destination.

Amazon Camperforce provided a unique opportunity for RV travelers to earn money while exploring different parts of the country. The program offered competitive wages and benefits, including health insurance, a 401(k) plan, and paid time off.

Why Was CamperForce Discontinued?

Amazon didn’t publicly disclose the reason for the discontinuation of Amazon CamperForce, choosing instead to let it fade away and remove it from their website. However, it’s likely the result of changes in Amazon’s business operations. That may include automation and the use of robots in fulfillment centers and changes in the company’s hiring practices. We even speculate that arranging for campsite accommodations may have been an unnecessary logistical nightmare for Amazon’s hiring department to sustain.

Additionally, fluctuations in demand for seasonal workers and changes in the RV industry could also have played a role. The COVID-19 pandemic and related supply chain challenges created a chaotic employment environment for retailers in all industries, so it’s possible the program became unnecessary or extraneous. There’s no telling whether Amazon will offer the program in the future.

Without an official statement from Amazon, it’s difficult to determine the exact reason for the discontinuation. However, the program served its purpose while it lasted, and many benefited.

Man working for Amazon CamperForce
Amazon’s CamperForce provided seasonal jobs for thousands of RVers.

What Types of Jobs Were Available Through CamperForce?

Workers for Amazon’s CamperForce did a variety of jobs. However, most of the positions offered typically involved packing and shipping packages, order fulfillment, and other similar activities in Amazon’s massive fulfillment centers.

The most popular jobs were package handlers, pickers, and stowers. Pack handlers were those who received and processed packages from delivery trucks. Pickers were employees who selected items from shelves and packed them for shipping. Stowers were those employees who stored packages in the proper locations throughout the fulfillment centers.

They may not have been the most exciting jobs in the world, but they helped workers pay the bills in a substantial way. Pay was good, especially around the holidays and for those willing to work long hours. Each employee was critical in assisting Amazon’s customers in getting their orders quickly. If you ordered any special gifts through Amazon during the holidays, there’s a chance a CamperForce employee touched it.

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Woman van lifer standing in campervan
For RVers and van lifers, seasonal jobs can help extend adventures.

Were Amazon CamperForce Jobs Strenuous?

Amazon CamperForce jobs involved manual labor and could be physically demanding. The positions, such as package handling, picking and packing orders, and storing packages, required employees to be on their feet for long periods and perform repetitive motions, such as lifting and carrying packages weighing up to 70 pounds.

Many felt the work was fast-paced and physically demanding. Employees had to meet productivity standards. As a result, the turnover rate for employees was very high.

Whether or not a specific CamperForce job was strenuous depended on factors such as the specific tasks involved and an individual’s physical capabilities and limitations. They certainly weren’t jobs for everyone.

Are Seasonal Amazon Jobs Still Available for RVers?

While the CamperForce program may no longer exist, you can still find seasonal job opportunities with Amazon. Unfortunately, you’ll have to find and arrange housing/camping arrangements yourself. The company no longer partners with RV parks or campgrounds to handle accommodations for seasonal employees.

Amazon RV worker
While CamperForce is ending, Amazon still offers seasonal job positions.

Where Were CamperForce Jobs Located?

CamperForce jobs were at some of Amazon’s busiest hubs. These included Portland, Oregon; Houston, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Cincinnati, Ohio; Lexington, Kentucky; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville, Tennessee; and Tampa, Florida. 

However, these locations changed throughout the year based on the company’s needs. For those wanting the opportunity to see the country, the program made it easy to do just that.

How to Apply for Amazon Seasonal Jobs

If the idea of working seasonally for Amazon sounds good to you, there are always opportunities. Visit Amazon’s job website and search for seasonal jobs near you or where you’ll be spending time. In just a few minutes, you can create our profile and apply for any jobs that work with your schedule.

The process for applying is straightforward. You can apply for multiple positions to give you the best chance of landing the perfect gig. The company employs many people and commits to inclusion and diversity. No matter your background, don’t be afraid to apply!

RVer digital nomad working in camper
Fund your world travels by workamping.

Amazon CamperForce Alternatives for Workamping

Just because Amazon CamperForce is no longer active doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities. There are plenty of workamping positions all over the country. Workamping is simply the combination of the words “work” and “camping” and refers to jobs that specifically cater to the nomadic and seasonal nature of RVers. JC Penney’s Distribution Centers, DIGI-Key Fulfillment centers, and the annual Sugar Beet Harvest are some of the most popular options.

Many online and remote jobs are also available for full-time RVers with a reliable mobile internet connection.

Don’t forget to consider opportunities like camping hosting. Many campgrounds rely on seasonal employees to fulfill these roles. You may even be able to find a position at a campground in an area you’ve always wanted to visit. Why not spend weeks or months in an area that you’ve always dreamed about seeing? You may even get paid or have a free campsite.

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Workcamping Campground Jobs, ALL Different! Full Time RVing!

Goodbye Amazon CamperForce, It Was Nice Knowing You

Amazon Camperforce had a good run, and it’s sad to say goodbye to it. However, just because it’s no longer around doesn’t mean it’s the end of workamping. There are plenty of great opportunities to work and see some fantastic places. Don’t miss your chance to find your dream job and live comfortably in your RV.

Did you ever work with Amazon Camperforce? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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Tuesday 4th of April 2023

I did camperforce in 2021 and 2022 and really enjoyed it.

As soon as I got off 2022 season, I applied at my hometown warehouse and got hired on a flex shift. Amazon is always hiring anyway and the pay is higher for noncamperforce jobs so the camppay came out as a wash anyway compensation wise. (ie campforce paid $15.50 with $175 of camppay. My local pay (11 month seasonal position) is $17.75 and going to $18.25 when I get my "blue badge" or permanent status. I have more benefits too including the free health insurance....) I was happy that I could choose what type of schedule I wanted and apply for a specific position. With camperforce one is just assigned a shift pattern and job area based on business needs - you take what you get basically.

You can always quit after the holidays if you just want a seasonal job. You can still get rehired next year as long as you give a 2 week notice. Most of my new hire class in January were actually rehires.

I am guessing that this is just a cost costing measure for Amazon. I am sure that there were probably extra administrative costs for the program that the company didn't find worthwhile. Still sad to see it end though.