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7 Amenities We’re Shocked Aren’t Available at Most RV Parks

7 Amenities We’re Shocked Aren’t Available at Most RV Parks

In this day and age, campers have come to expect certain amenities when they make a reservation at an RV park. They may need to have quality Wi-Fi because so many people work from the road now. They expect to have laundry services because their travels last longer.

But you often can’t get these amenities. For the price of full hook-up reservations, RVers should get more than just electricity, water, and sewer. Let’s take a look at seven important amenities that might just make or break a stay at an RV park.

Do Amenities Make or Break an RV Park?

Amenities certainly can affect whether or not campers will stay at an RV park. If the park’s nightly rate is $15, RVers may not expect much. But if the park charges $50 a night, campers may expect to have everything they need. 

Some RVers will show up and stay for a night or two and then cancel the rest of their reservation to go somewhere else if the amenities don’t meet their expectations. 

Other RVers will stay but leave one or two-star reviews. So the amenities offered definitely affect the length and quality of stay.

However, with the technology available now through the internet and camping apps, RVers can check out RV parks before making reservations. Some campers won’t book a night if the park doesn’t have food options on the property. 

If it doesn’t have an adequate dog park, RVers will avoid it and choose to stay somewhere else. Camper satisfaction and reservations will go down.

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7 Amenities We Wish More RV Parks Offered

More RV parks should offer these seven amenities. Again, if the park only charges a small fee, it’s one thing. But campers expect more when paying more. If RV parks want to gain camper loyalty and receive five-star reviews, they need to have most of these amenities available.

1. Private Showers

Why We Want It: Especially when you can’t get sewer hook-ups, campers want to use private showers. They don’t want to be fill up their gray tank when they can’t easily empty it. 

Also, many RV shower can almost guarantee two things: low water pressure and little hot water. RVers want to take a comfortable shower and often use bathhouses at RV parks.

How to Do It Right: Campgrounds should have clean and well-maintained facilities. They don’t have to be fancy, but they do need to work. Having air conditioning and heat would also help. 

Campers don’t want to get out of the shower in a cold bathhouse. Finally, it should have multiple stalls. Often families will use bathhouses, and if it only has one stall, it can take an hour for everyone to shower. And the rest of the guests won’t get a turn.

Free WiFi sign.
Keep in mind not all campgrounds will have free or quality wi-fi.

2. Quality Wi-Fi

Why We Want It: We want more quality Wi-Fi for those working from the road. A younger generation has also joined the traveling scene. Having quality Wi-Fi is a must-have if RV parks want to welcome a diverse group of campers. 

Full-time RVers may have children doing school online. Families want the ability to stream television shows, play video games, and stay connected on their travels. So connectivity must be the new norm at RV parks.

How to Do It Right: We don’t mind paying a small fee for good service. So campgrounds need to invest in quality internet to keep campers coming back. The perfect scenario would be to offer free Wi-Fi, but most RVers want and need quality over price.

Pro Tip: Stay connected with our tips on How to Find Campgrounds with WiFi.

3. Dog Parks

Why We Want It: Our pets often travel with us. Many don’t or can’t leave their dogs home for the weekend. Solo travelers often have furry friends as their companions on their adventures. And many hikers hit the trails with their dogs. 

They’re just a part of the family. If the campground is pet-friendly, they should have a safe place to let them run loose.

How to Do It Right: Having a tiny fenced-in area and calling it a dog park is not an amenity. Dogs need adequate space to run and release energy. 

We want to play fetch with our furry friends. It should also have well-maintained grass, not dirt. Having a divided space for small and large dogs would make dog parks even better.

Mortons on the Move dogs running in field.
Let your pups run free by booking a pet friendly campground.

4. Laundry Services

Why We Want It: Many people stay for longer. Or are in smaller RV’s and cant bring alot of clothes. Most RV’s dont offer laundry so finding a place to do it is important.

With all of the outdoor activities that campers participate in, clothes get dirty quickly. Washing these clothes immediately without waiting until we get home keeps our clothes stain-free.

How to Do It Right: Laundry services should be affordable. No one will use this amenity if they have to pay an arm and a leg to use it. 

Additionally, it should have several washers and dryers. They need to be well-maintained so in good working order. The washers should wash well, and the dryers should dry effectively.

Pro Tip: Keep your clothes clean with our tips and tricks on How To Do RV Laundry On The Road.

5. On-Site Food Options

Why We Want It: This just comes down to convenience. After a long day on the water paddleboarding or kayaking, we don’t want to worry about cooking dinner. But we also don’t want to go out to a restaurant when we feel dirty and tired. Having on-site food options makes dinnertime more convenient.

How to Do It Right: One food option is better than none. RV parks don’t have to have two or three restaurants but should have some variety on the menu. Offering just hamburgers and hot dogs won’t appeal to all campers. RVers will appreciate kid-friendly and healthy meals too.

Grilling at an RV campsite.
Come prepared to cook when camping at an RV campsite.

6. Camp Stores with a Selection

Why We Want It: Similar to the amenity above, having a camp store goes a long way to providing a welcoming environment for campers. RVers don’t want to have to run to the nearest Walmart to get toilet paper, especially if they have to drive 20 miles away. 

Having the convenience of walking down to the camp store to grab a carton of milk for the kids or a bottle of Robitussin when someone gets sick saves campers time.

How to Do It Right: The story should have a good selection. Just like campers don’t want hamburgers and hotdogs all of the time, they don’t need RV accessories all of the time. 

It needs to have essentials such as pharmacy items, food, baby supplies, and RV repair items. They also need fair prices. Campers may pay a little bit more for convenience but won’t appreciate a substantial price inflation for commonly cheap things.

Aerial view of Rv campsite.
The best RV campgrounds come stocked with amazing amenities, but not all campsites are created equal.

7. Drinking Water

Why We Want It: Drinking water might be essential depending on the hook-ups offered. If campers don’t have water at their campsites, the campground needs to have water available somewhere.

How to Do It Right: Whether they provide water fountains around the campground, a water station at the office, or bottled water available for purchase at the store, RV parks need to provide this amenity. Water stations with places to recycle cups nearby would appeal to environmentally-conscious campers.

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These Amenities Will Make Everyone Happy

It’s a wonder that some RV parks stay in business. With rates increasing, campgrounds must also upgrade their facilities and amenities. If not, they’ll see their bottom line drop significantly and their name tarnished in online reviews. 

Do amenities make or break an RV park? Absolutely! But campers will return time and time again if campgrounds step up and provide environments that meet their expectations. Good amenities can create a safe, welcoming, and happy camp for everyone.

Is there an amenity you would add to the list? Are you shocked that most RV parks don’t offer some of these amenities? Drop a comment below!

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Mark & Vickie

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

You ought to be staying where we are right now !! The amenities that are available to us in the "C/g (Using the term loosely) where we are at...Water, 30/50 amp service all for $675.00 + cost of the Electric !! a month. The "office / store" is open Thurs. Fri. Noon till 5:00 and on Sat and Sunday 12 Noon till 3 :00 There are some sites that also have sewer, but they are taken up by Longterm residents. Granted some of the "Campers" are contractors working on the bridge down the road. Our neighbor stationed at the Naval base across the river and us. My wife is a Travel Nurse working 20 mi, away. The Campground was once an amusement park and "Transformed to a 75 space Cg. They do have a laundry available 12 hrs. daily and sell firewood When the office is open. the next REAL C/g is 2 hrs. away

Glenn Linderman

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Sure, RV resorts should have all these things. But a campground? Available showers is sufficient, and Number 7 necessary only if there is no potable water hookup at each site. WiFi is nice, particularly if there is no or limited cellular service in the area. The other things you mention are nice, but hardly necessary, for a basic campground. I'd far rather not pay for a bunch of stuff I don't use.

Jerry Daminato

Saturday 22nd of January 2022

Great list. One more: Properly wired and voltage stable pedestals with breakers at the pedestal. Nothing worse than voltages running below 104 VAC or tripping the breaker and there are no staff available to reset the breaker in a locked box somewhere.

Mortons on the Move

Thursday 27th of January 2022

so true!