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Are Arctic Fox Fifth Wheels Good Campers?

Arctic Fox is a well-known name in the world of RVs, offering various campers, including fifth wheels. If you’re in the market for a trailer and considering an Arctic Fox, you may wonder if they’re worth the investment.

These campers provide a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience, no matter where your adventures take you. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time buyer, we’ll help you discover if an Arctic Fox fifth wheel is the right choice.

Let’s get started!

What Is an Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel?

An Arctic Fox fifth wheel is an RV built for camping and traveling. These campers are known for their ability to handle more extreme weather conditions due to increased insulation and other four-season features that come standard. So, they’re a popular choice for those who enjoy camping in colder or hotter weather conditions.

Their various floorplans and sizes make them an appealing option for many camping enthusiasts. Many come with fully-equipped kitchens, convenient sleeping quarters, and spacious living areas. Whether you’re a solo traveler or a family, there’s likely a floorplan for you.

arctic fox fifth wheel at campground
Arctic Fox fifth wheels are known for their durability.

Who Makes Arctic Fox Campers?

Northwood Manufacturing produces Arctic Fox campers in La Grande, Oregon. Ron Nash started the company in 1993, and they’ve been making RVs ever since. Nash was also the founder of Outdoors RV, which makes quality travel trailers just down the road from Northwood’s factory. Northwood Investments is the parent company that owns both Northwood Manufacturing and Outdoors RV. They employ around 400 people in the area of northeastern Oregon, making them one of the largest employers in the area.

In addition to Arctic Fox campers, the company produces Nash and Wolf Creek truck campers and Fox Mountain fifth wheels. They’ve earned their reputation over the past 30 years for having high-quality construction and superior attention to detail. They’re worth considering if you want to camp in all four seasons.

How Much Do Arctic Fox Fifth Wheels Cost?

The cost of an Arctic Fox fifth wheel varies considerably depending on the rig’s model, size, and features. Generally, you can expect the MSRP of a new Arctic Fox fifth wheel to be between $70,000 to $120,000. If you’re expecting premium feature add-ons, you may pay a premium price.

Arctic_Grande_Ronde_29-5T Interior
Travel in any weather in an Arctic Fox fifth wheel RV.
Source: Northwood Manufacturing

What’s the Difference Between Arctic Fox Grande Ronde and Fox Mountain Fifth Wheels?

While Arctic Fox Grande Ronde and Fox Mountain are both Northwood Manufacturing fifth wheels, they differ significantly. All the trailers in the Grande Ronde lineup are around the maximum 13-foot, 6-inch allowable height for trailers. However, the Fox Mountain trailers are 12 feet 9 inches or 12 feet 10 inches.

In addition to their height, the Fox Mountain trailers are substantially shorter. The longest Fox Mountain is approximately the same as the shortest Grande Ronde. While the Fox Mountain trailers don’t exceed 30 feet, the Grande Ronde can be almost 40 feet long.

Choosing the Grande Ronde also provides a tremendous upgrade in tank sizes. These larger, more capable models feature 80-gallon tanks, twice the size of the Fox Mountain tanks. If you want to spend several days boondocking, it may be more challenging with a Fox Mountain trailer.

Overall, the Grande Ronde trailers are much bigger and have more luxury features. The Fox Mountain fifth wheel, while still very well built, is a bit more no-frills and nimble. While their cargo-carrying capacities may be similar, the Grande Ronde has more physical storage space. You can spread out more in these models, especially if traveling with multiple crew members. However, some prefer the smaller, less-intimidating height, width, and length of the still very capable Fox Mountain series.

Pro Tip: If you would rather travel in a truck camper instead of a fifth wheel, check out our Ultimate Guide to Arctic Fox Truck Campers.

Are Arctic Fox Fifth Wheels 4-Season?

Arctic Fox fifth wheels are four-season RVs due to their high-quality insulation, construction, and additional features. An owner can use them comfortably in various weather conditions.

They use high-density block foam insulation in the walls, roof, and floor. R-15 arctic insulation and R-18 fiberglass insulation are standard on these rigs. They provide excellent thermal protection and help keep the RV’s interior warm in cold weather and chilled in hot weather.

Many Arctic Fox fifth wheels come with thermal pane windows. This style helps provide additional insulation and reduces condensation on the windows in cold weather. If that’s not enough, they commonly have 35,000 BTU furnaces to keep the inside toasty.

Like the best all-season campers, Arctic Fox installs holding tank heat pads on all the tanks. They typically have heated bays, which pump warm air into under-storage compartments. This protects your sensitive equipment and helps prevent water lines from freezing.

arctic fox fifth wheel driving on road
Arctic Fox fifth wheels come in a wide range of floorplans, ensuring there is a model for all your needs.

Arctic Fox Grande Ronde Fifth Wheel Floorplans

The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde fifth wheel is a luxurious and spacious RV. From compact and cozy to big and grand, you’ll find a Grande Ronde floor plan for almost every situation. Let’s look at the floorplans and highlight each model’s unique features and benefits.


The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L is a rear kitchen fifth wheel that has an overall length of around 30 feet. This spacious model offers ample room for relaxation and storage. Its GVWR is 13,600 pounds and has storage for 88 gallons of fresh water, 100 gallons of gray water, and 65 gallons of black water. You’ll need every pound of its 2,665 cargo-carrying capacity. 

Inside, the Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L offers a thoughtfully designed rear kitchen layout with modern amenities to enhance your adventures. The living area has plenty of seating options, including a plush sofa or swivel recliners, a 40-inch LED smart TV, and a Bluetooth sound system for entertainment. 

It has a spacious separate dry bathroom featuring a porcelain toilet, a shower with a skylight, and a vanity sink with a medicine cabinet. The bedroom features a queen bed with north-south orientation and bump-out wardrobe.

Quick Tour of the 2021 Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 27-5L Fifth Wheel


The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 29-5K fifth-wheel travel trailer combines unique specifications with contemporary design to ensure an enjoyable journey. Measuring nearly 36 feet long, this model offers abundant living and storage space for many travel needs.

Its GVWR sits over 16,000 pounds and allows for about 3,300 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity. The interior of the Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 29-5K is a rear-kitchen layout with a spacious living area that features both a sofa and comfy recliners, as well as a free-standing table and chairs.

The fully-equipped kitchen includes solid surface countertops, a stainless steel 10-cubic-foot RV refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop with an oven, and a residential-style microwave. The private bedroom suite shares space with the shower and vanity for additional floor space. The toilet is in a separate water closet for privacy.

With its impressive specifications and contemporary amenities, the spacious Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 29-5K is for those seeking to take their journey to the next level.

Quick Tour of the Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 29-5K Fifth Wheel


The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 29-5T is a sophisticated mid-kitchen fifth-wheel travel trailer with a blend of comfort and design elements. With an overall length of just 34.5 feet and a height of 13 feet 4 inches, this model provides generous living and storage spaces to accommodate your travel essentials. The trailer’s GVWR is shy of 16,000 pounds and has a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,170 pounds.

A bedroom suite features a queen-sized bed with a memory foam mattress and shared space with the larger rectangular fiberglass shower when opened up. The water closet includes a porcelain toilet and vanity, plus additional storage above the toilet. The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 29-5T promises a comfortable trip for its occupants.

2023 Arctic Fox 29-5T Fifth Wheel Walkthrough


The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 30-5RD is a mid-kitchen, rear-dining fifth-wheel that stands out due to its combination of unique design and features. With an overall length of over 35 feet and sleeping space for six, the whole family can head out to make priceless memories.

It features convenient seating options in the living area, a well-equipped kitchen with modern appliances, a private bedroom suite with a cozy bed, and plenty of storage. Campers will feel right at home in the large separate bathroom with premium fixtures. 

The 30-5RD has a GVWR of 15,600 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 3,110 pounds. It sits on the Northwood-built off-road chassis so that you can take your adventures to more extreme levels. You’ll love the ease and stability of the six-point leveling system when you arrive at your site.

Applause Worthy NEW Arctic Fox Floor Plan!! 2023 Arctic Fox 305RD!!


The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 32-5M measures almost 37 feet and is 13 feet, 5 inches tall. Thanks to an additional slide out over previous models, it overs more living and storage space is perfect for those traveling full-time or needing a lot of stuff while camping.

The 32-5M has a GVWR of 16,300 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2809 pounds. With 88 gallons of fresh water, 67 gallons of gray water, and 65 gallons of black water, you’ll have plenty of tank space for extended trips.

A well-appointed mid-kitchen has solid surface countertops and features an island layout. A stainless steel 12-cubic-foot refrigerator, a three-burner cooktop with an oven, and a residential-style microwave make meal preparation a pleasure. Up the hallway near the entry door is the separate bathroom on the left. Continuing straight takes you into the standard east-west bump-out bedroom.

Quick Tour of the 2021 Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 32-5M Fifth Wheel


The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 35-5Z is a big mid-kitchen, rear-living fifth wheel that’s nearly 40 feet. It has a GVWR of 16,300 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,809 pounds. The R-18 and R-15 insulations help control the comfort inside the unit.

It’s a good option for travelers seeking comfort and style on their adventures. If you want a residential feel inside your camper, this may be the rig for you. As soon as you step inside the Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 35-5Z, you see the large kitchen with a big island with a sink. Opposing living room slides make this the largest space available in an Arctic Fox fifth wheel. A couch, two recliners, and a 40-inch LED TV will make you feel right at home.

Up the hallway on the driver’s side, you’ll find the diagonal door to the bathroom. Further on, you have the bedroom with its own access to the bathroom.

Nobody builds them like Northwood! 2023 Arctic Fox 355Z. Smith RV - Casper, WY

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Fox Mountain Fifth Wheels

Fox Mountain fifth wheels are a smaller segment of the Northwood Manufacturing lineup. They currently offer two floorplans for consumers to choose from, both with north-south bed orientations and mid-kitchen layouts. If you want to enjoy many benefits of Northwood Manufacturing’s superb craftsmanship and want a smaller rig, these are possible options.

Fox mountain RV website
If you’re looking for a smaller rig, a Fox Mountain RV may be the right choice for you.
Source: Northwood Fox Mountain Fifth Wheels


The Fox Mountain 235RLS comes in at shy of 30 feet long. It features a GVWR of 12,000 pounds and a cargo-carrying capacity of 2,785 pounds. In addition to being shorter in length and height (12 feet, 10 inches), the tank sizes are noticeably smaller than other models. Fresh water tanks are 54 gallons, gray tanks are 40 gallons, and black tanks are 35 in these units.

The 235RLS features a single living room slide-out that contains the dinette. The rear of the trailer can be either a couch or arm chairs. The kitchen is an L-shape with a bit of a peninsula countertop into the middle of the floor. The bedroom includes the shower and vanity in the same space, and the toilet is located in a separate water closet. We actually really like these types of bedroom/bathroom layouts as it makes the bedroom space so much bigger and easier to get around the bed.

SMALLEST Northwood Fifth Wheel!! 2023 Fox Mountain 235RLS


The Fox Mountain 265RDS is very similar to the 235RLS, measuring it at a similar 29 feet 10 inches long, and GVWR of 12,000 pounds. The cargo-carrying capacity is also an impressive 2,785 pounds.

This fifth wheel floorplan has two slide-outs, one as the living room as the entertainment area and one in the bedroom to provide a bump-out closet. This is to make room for the completely separate bathroom and hallway, which makes privacy and sharing the bathroom easier but makes the primary bedroom much smaller. This model’s kitchen is a bit different, with the L-shape staying along the walls instead of out into the floor, thanks to the stairs to the bedroom now located on the driver’s side outer wall.

2023 Fox Mountain 265RDS 5th Wheel Walkthrough

Are Arctic Fox Fifth Wheels Good Campers?

Many RV enthusiasts consider Northwood Manufacturing’s Arctic Fox fifth wheels, both the Grande Ronde and Fox Mountain series, to be good campers. Arctic Fox is a brand known for producing high-quality RVs designed for comfort and functionality. However, just like any brand, you’ll hear and see complaints from owners, and the price can be a sticking point for some. But standard features of better insulation, heated tanks, and dual pane windows alone are marks of a better quality rig.

Would you bring an RV from the Arctic Fox lineup to your next adventure? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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