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ATC Toy Haulers Buying Guide for Beginners

When you want a toy hauler to transport outdoor toys like kayaks, golf carts, e-bikes, motorcycles, or more, there are all kinds of floorplans, brands, and options available. But if you’re looking for a trailer with no wood to prevent rotting and a lighter option than the heavy steel frames of many toy haulers, your options become much more limited.

Enter ATC Trailers. This company manufactures all aluminum frames and walls for their trailers. They have dozens of floorplans with various lengths and GVWRs to fit the needs of different travelers. So let’s take a closer look at the ATC toy haulers so you can decide if they’re right for you!

Touring An ATC Toyhauler, Cargo Trailer / RV #rvshow

Who Is ATC Trailers?

ATC Trailers has manufactured trailers and RVs since 1999. Steve Brenneman, the founder, wanted to build a better utility trailer than what was currently on the market. ATC started with an all-aluminum base frame and wall structure trailer. Brenneman believed this design would be lighter, higher quality, and more durable than the standard steel frame trailers.

ATC has since grown into a company that makes more than utility trailers. Along with the utility haulers they began with, ATC makes toy haulers, sport/car haulers, and commercial trailers.

ATC travel trailer toy hauler camper
ATC offers both travel trailers and fifth-wheel options in their RV toy hauler lineup.

What Types of RV Trailers Does ATC Manufacture?

ATC specializes in toy hauler RVs, or RVs designed with a garage space specifically for bringing toys like ATVs, motorcycles, bikes, and more with you. Within the ATC toy hauler lineup are travel trailers and fifth wheels. Six brands are offering various amenities and floorplans. There are also six brands within the ATC sport/car hauler lineup that range from 16-44 feet in length. Both bumper pull and gooseneck designs are available.

The commercial trailer lineup features a cargo gooseneck trailer, a command center trailer, a merchandise or food sales trailer, and a fiber optic splicing trailer. Finally, ATC Trailers manufactures two utility trailers. The cargo option is available in lengths of 10-16 feet, while the configurable cargo utility trailer is available in lengths of 12-14 feet.

Pro Tip: Find out all you need to know about toy haulers before you buy.

How Are ATC Toy Haulers Unique?

With so many brands and companies in the RV industry, what makes ATC toy haulers different from the standard trailers you might find on a dealer lot? ATC builds trailers with an all-aluminum construction rather than a steel frame. This can create a more accessible product for many RVers by reducing weight and therefore allowing it to be towed by more vehicles. Additionally, you’ll notice that most of their color schemes are light and bright, featuring aluminum cabinets and drawers in many of their models. This is a refreshing contrast to the heavy wood interiors of most other RVs out there.

But the company’s goals and focal points also attempt to differentiate them from the standard brand. First, ATC seems to try to focus on quality over quantity. They aren’t trying to push trailers down the assembly line to meet a quota. By slowing down, it is possible to avoid some of the assembly-line defects that happen for some of the larger companies.

Second, ATC touts what they call “True North” principles by which the company operates. These principles include respect for all people, fulfilling all customers’ requirements, zero defects on delivery, and adding value to every activity. They say that this approach has created a company environment that values collaboration, honesty, and integrity to provide the best workplace for its employees and the best products for its customers.

Bring all your toys along on your adventures in an ATC toy hauler.

The ATC Toy Haulers Lineup

Below are six ATC toy haulers that range in length, GVWR, and features. Depending on the type of toy hauler you’re looking for, one of these options may suit your travel needs. As you do your research, keep in mind the GVWR of your tow vehicle and the weight of the cargo and toys you are planning to camp with. These factors will determine whether you can get by with a travel trailer toy hauler or need to bump up to a fifth wheel for your toy hauling needs.

Plā 350 Travel Trailer

Length: The Plā 350 travel trailer is available in lengths of 16 feet 2 inches to 18 feet 2 inches.

GVWR: 3,850-5,000 lbs

Floorplans: 2

Key Features: Available in a 12 or 14-foot box, the Plā 350 ATC toy hauler features an enclosed underbelly with a radiant barrier, torsion axles, an external modular track system, and premium aluminum wheels. A compact truck or SUV can easily haul the Plā 350 because of its lightweight design. The interior height is 6 feet and 6 inches and features a sofa sleeper, a stainless steel sink, and solid surface countertops. It has options to add an air conditioner, dinette, and other custom upgrades to make your camping experience enjoyable.

MSRP: The price tag on the Plā 350 starts around $35,000.

Pro Tip: The Plā 350 is the shortest available ATC toy hauler model. Compare it to these other small toy haulers on the market.

2023 ATC PLA 350 Series Walkthrough!

Plā 500/700 Travel Trailer

Length: The Plā 500 and 700 travel trailers are available in lengths of 26 feet to 35 feet 6 inches.

GVWR: 11,440-13,200 lbs

Floorplans: 6

Key Features: All models of this trailer feature a rear Happijac bed, booth dinette, and dry bath. The kitchen includes a sink, microwave, cooktop, and refrigerator with overhead cabinets. If you’re looking for a separate sleeping space other than in the garage, the 2513, 2816, and 2917 models have a private front bedroom. The 2419, 2823, and the 2917 also come with an additional sofa. Taller campers will enjoy the 7-foot, 6-inch interior height, and off-grid campers will appreciate the 200W solar panel, inverter, and charge controller that come standard.

MSRP: The Plā 500/700 models cost around $89,000.

2023 ATC Pla 700 Series 3619 for sale Camperland RV

Plā 500/700 Fifth Wheel

Length: The Plā 500 and 700 fifth wheels are available in lengths of 37 feet 3 inches to 46 feet 3 inches.

GVWR: 16,800-21,000 lbs

Floorplans: 4

Key Features: For travelers who have a larger truck, the Plā 500/700 Fifth Wheel ATC toy haulers are excellent options. Like the Plā 500/700 travel trailers, these fifth wheels can come with or without the Happijac bed in the garage space. The 4023, 4319, and 4528 models have additional loft space for storage between the garage and living area. All four units feature a front bedroom, full bathroom, full kitchen, and sofa. Three units come standard with a booth dinette, while the 4319 model features two pedestal chairs. These ATC toy haulers include a hydraulic leveling system, ample exterior pass-thru storage, a 200W solar panel, an inverter, a charge controller, and an 8-foot minimum interior height.

MSRP: Expect these fifth wheels to cost around $143,000 new.

2023 ATC PLA 700 Model 4319 5th Wheel Toy Hauler Introduction Tour

Plā Limited Edition Fifth Wheel

Length: The Plā Limited Edition fifth wheel is available in lengths of 37 feet 3 inches to 46 feet 3 inches.

GVWR: 16,800-21,000 lbs

Floorplans: 3

Key Features: The interior of all three Limited Edition Fifth Wheel floorplans is the same. The lengths are different depending on the garage size needed. These limited-edition fifth wheels feature customer configurations in the garage. You can choose from a booth dinette, a free-standing dinette, a sofa, or various sizes of fold-down tables to place anywhere in the garage. A loft separates the garage from the living space, and a Happijac bed is optional. Additional standard features include frameless dual pane windows, backup camera prep, a 200W solar panel, a convection microwave, and a residential-sized queen bed.

MSRP: As the most expensive ATC trailer available, you can expect this fifth wheel to cost around $215,000.

ATC PLA 700 5th Wheel

Game Changer Series

Length: The ATC Game Changer travel trailers and fifth wheels are available in lengths of 26 feet to 41 feet 3 inches.

GVWR: 13,200-21,000 lbs

Floorplans: 8

Key Features: There are travel trailer and fifth wheel options in this ATC toy haulers lineup. The Game Changer series features torsion axles, composite wall panels, 50-amp service, dimmable ceiling lights, solid surface countertops, a silver exterior, and a solid, one-piece aluminum roof.

The furniture in the garage can easily fold up to store a car, golf cart, ATV, or other large outdoor toys. All floorplans have the optional Happijac bed in the garage, booth dinette, full bathroom, and full kitchen. The 2513, 2816, 2917, 3619, and 4023 units also feature a front bedroom with a queen bed. Several models also have a sofa for additional seating.

MSRP: The Game Changer series trailers start around $87,000.

Best New Toy Hauler? ATC Game Changer 4023

Game Changer PRO Series

Length: The ATC Game Changer PRO travel trailers and fifth wheels are available in lengths of 26 feet to 46 feet 3 inches.

GVWR: 11,440-21,000 lbs

Floorplans: 9

Key Features: The Game Changer PRO series is similar to the Limited Edition series because of the customizable garage space. The same options for a dinette, sofa, and table are available to configure however best suits your travel needs. In addition, they all feature a full bathroom and kitchen.

The 2513, 2816, 2917, 3619, 4023, and 4528 units have a front bedroom with a queen bed. There’s an additional loft space in the 4023 and 4528 fifth wheels. Specific standard features of the PRO series include choices of color for the interior and exterior, 12V roof vents with a remote and built-in profile rain guard, upgraded EPS wall insulation, black exterior trim package, and residential solid surface countertops.

MSRP: The Game Changer PRO series campers cost around $111,000 and up.

Our last 2021 ATC - Game Changer Pro

Where Can I Buy ATC Toy Haulers?

Depending on which lineup you want—the Plā travel trailers, Plā fifth wheels, or Game Changer series—you’ll find dealers across the United States. For example, if you’re looking for a Plā travel trailer or fifth wheel in the East, there are dealers in Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina. If you’re in the Southwest, there are dealers in Arizona and southern Utah. It’s convenient to find a dealer near you with the “Find A Dealer” page on the ATC Trailers website.

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ATC toy hauler on the road

Are ATC Trailers Good Campers?

ATC Trailers claim to design and build their products for life. The company says they are dedicated to making the best quality trailers possible and has earned a good reputation. From precision welding and all-aluminum strength and durability to fuel-efficient and lightweight designs, ATC toy haulers are marketed to be excellent options for travelers wanting that rear garage space. But with all RVs, it’s impossible to make a sweeping statement about how good they are as a whole.

For example, one customer wrote, “I have bought two ATC Toy Haulers over the last four years, a 25′ front bedroom and a 40′ 5th wheel. I must say the construction quality is excellent and I don’t think you will find a better built durable toy hauler on the market.”

However, ATC Trailers, like every company, has customers who haven’t been happy with their products. Facebook is full of owners who post disgruntled rants about their RVs falling apart. One angry customer complained about the repeated loss of trailer brakes, shower leaks, appliance failures, and an alignment issue with the axles. You can read the full account of his problems and how ATC Trailers has not addressed his concerns on Nomadic News.

So should you buy from ATC Trailers? Like with any RV or trailer purchase, do your homework. Complete a thorough inspection before taking ownership. But if you’re looking for an alternative to the heavy steel toy haulers from other brands and want less risk of water damage with wood construction, consider an aluminum, no-wood ATC toy hauler.

Will you be buying an ATC toy hauler soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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