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7 Great Reasons to Try Backyard Camping

7 Great Reasons to Try Backyard Camping

If you’re tired of being indoors all the time but don’t have the time or budget to plan and take a vacation, you can always plan a little staycation and go backyard camping. Why drive several hours to sit in a camping chair in the woods when you can sit in a chair in your backyard? No driving, no questionable campsite bathrooms, and perhaps most importantly, no bears. 

Let’s head out back and explore some great reasons to try camping in your yard!

We Went Camping In Our Backyard

What Is Backyard Camping?

Backyard camping is exactly what it sounds like: camping in your backyard. It may seem silly to sleep in your yard when your bed is so close, but it can actually be enjoyable.

Just set up your tent and sleeping bags in the grass and make some s’mores over your fire pit, and it’ll feel like the real thing—only easier!

But backyard camping is not as fun without a campfire. Here are 5 Reasons Portable Propane Fire Pits Are Better Than Wood Campfires.

7 Reasons You Should Give Backyard Camping a Try

Camping isn’t for everyone, and backyard camping may seem a little too bizarre to try. If you’re on the fence, keep reading to learn how it can be a beneficial experience: 

1. It’s Easy to Spend Time Outside

Why take the time to drive to a campsite when you can use your backyard? Sure, you still have to set up a tent, but when it’s right outside your door, it’s much easier. Plus, if you already have a fire pit and camping chairs set up, it cuts out a good chunk of the work. 

tent set up for backyard camping
It’s much easier to camp when you have everything you need at your fingertips.

2. Forget Something? No Problem!

Everyone has had that moment when you’re in the car, everything is packed, and you suddenly realize you forgot something. But it’s too late to turn back. It’s not a great feeling, and the scramble to find a replacement at the store or just make do with what you have can add stress.

However, if you’re in your backyard and forget something in your house, all you have to do is walk inside and grab it. There’s no extra driving necessary! 

3. It’s Perfect for First-Timers

If you’re new to the camping scene and not sure about the appeal, it might be better to take small steps. Camping in your backyard is a good baby step on your way to driving several hours to spend a weekend in a state or national park.

Also, if you get halfway through the night and decide you don’t want to battle bugs and sleep on the ground, your comfy regular bed is super close by. 

father and son setting up a tent
Camping in your backyard is good practice for the real thing.

4. You Can Camp Without Taking Vacation Time

Everyone needs a break sometimes, but not everyone has the time to get away. If you’re out of vacation days at work, an at-home camping trip might be just the thing you need! Plus, staycations are often more relaxing anyway.

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Instead of sitting on the couch rewatching your favorite show, mix things up with a backyard campout. You’re still at home but making a night of it. 

5. Creates Great Memories

You don’t need a romantic trip to Paris or an exciting week at Disneyland to make memories. Whether as a couple or a family, spending quality time together is what matters most.

As long as you put a little thought and effort into making it fun, chances are everyone will appreciate it and look back on backyard camping fondly. 

family sitting around a backyard campfire
The memories you make in your own backyard might turn out to be some of your favorites!

6. Cook in Your Own Kitchen as a Backup

Cooking over a fire can be a bit tricky. But at home, you have your stove and oven as a backup. Not to mention, you can do all the food prep inside the house. Picnics or using an outdoor grill are also good options to avoid cooking on a fire pit.

Pro Tip: Keep a camping cooler outside with drinks and snacks so you’re not running back and forth between your kitchen and the backyard.

7. Low-Cost Summer Activity

Between campsite entrance fees and the price of gas, a trip to a park may not be within the budget. This is especially true if you don’t have a tent or sleeping bags.

You can always hang up tarps or sheets to give the illusion of a tent while sleeping on whatever blankets or mats you already own. It’s much more cost-effective! 

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Is Backyard Camping Safe?

As long as you feel secure in your neighborhood, backyard camping should be perfectly safe. Regardless, be mindful of fire safety, making sure your tent and sleeping bags aren’t right next to the fire. Also, don’t forget to put out the fire before everyone goes to sleep.

Additionally, the time of year can play a role in camping safely. Sometimes the weather can get stormy, or there are too many bugs out for a nightlong campout. Fortunately, if anyone gets scared, sick, or hurt, the safety, security, and supplies of home are just a few steps away.

Still on the Fence About Backyard Camping?

Maybe you’re not sure if you’re a camping person, and this is a good solution for dipping your toe in the water before diving in. Maybe you just bought a hammock and want to break it in with a night under the stars. Or, perhaps you want to show your kids that all it takes is some effort and imagination to make a night memorable.

Whatever the case may be, backyard camping is a fun way to make memories and bond with the people you love.

kids having a snack while backyard camping
Kids and kids at heart love the simplicity of backyard camping.

Backyard camping is just one alternative to tent or RV camping. Can you think of some others? Let’s find out: Do You Know the 15 Types of Camping?

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