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Bean Campers: Trail-Ready Fiberglass Teardrops for the Adventurous Camper

Bean Campers: Trail-Ready Fiberglass Teardrops for the Adventurous Camper

Choosing an RV is all about compromise. From size and features to the practical capabilities of your tow vehicle, it’s hard to find the perfect teardrop camper that checks all the boxes. Fortunately, we have smaller, independent manufacturers like Bean Campers to bridge some of those gaps in the RV industry offerings. This Utah-based manufacturer makes lightweight but rugged fiberglass teardrop trailers designed to withstand off-road adventures. And as a bonus, they have a great sense of humor with their camper naming scheme.

Do they fit your camping lifestyle? Let’s find out!

Between Two Beans with @PlayingwithSticks| Teardrop Trailers, Small Campers, & Finding Value

Bean Camper: A Rugged Fiberglass Teardrop for Adventurers

Teardrop campers have gained popularity for their compact size, aerodynamic design, fiberglass contrustion, and versatility. Bean Trailers seeks to take these attributes to the next level with their line-up of robust teardrop trailers, making them an appealing choice for travelers who prioritize durability and style.

Manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bean Campers have a teardrop or bean-like shape and sleep at least two people. They typically have a small kitchen area that opens up in the back, with ample storage space throughout.

However, what truly sets them apart is their durable one-piece fiberglass shell construction. Fiberglass RVs already had a bit of a cult following for their low-maintenance, no-leak design. Combine that with the adoration of teardrops and Bean may have just cracked the code. This shell combined with the right chassis components, 15+” of ground clearance, and fully articulating hitches allows you to traverse more challenging terrain without compromising the integrity of your rig. 

Side view of Bean trailer
Bean teardrop trailers are built to roam on all terrain.

Who Owns Bean Trailer?

Mark Harling founded Bean Trailer in 2018 after spending years looking for a teardrop trailer that would stand up to his off-road adventures. An avid mountain biker in southern Utah, he wanted a durable RV that he didn’t have to tow with a massive vehicle. 

Recognizing the demand for durable and off-road-ready teardrop campers, Harling established Bean Trailer with a mission to provide outdoor enthusiasts with high-quality trailers that can withstand the rigors of exploration. Bean Trailers is now a popular teardrop camper company with RVers who enjoy its towability and construction. 

If you haven’t spent time in one, we highly recommend watching the video above where Mark Harling and Drew from Playing with Sticks discuss the pros and cons of the Bean Stock trailer on his 2-month full-time adventure.

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How Much Does the Bean Camper Weigh? 

One of the standout features of a Bean camper is the emphasis on lightweight construction without compromising much durability. The dry weight of each Bean trailer varies slightly between models, ranging from 1650 to 2600 pounds, while the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for each tops out at 3500 pounds.

This weight range makes it feasible for a wide array of vehicles to tow the trailers, from SUVs to mid-size trucks. You can explore off the beaten path without worrying as much about compatibility.

Bean Teardrop Trailer driving on road
Take your Bean trailer with you on both on and off-road adventures.

Which Bean Camper Is Right for You? 

We honestly love a good off-road trailer. But Bean Campers tries to provide something for everyone, not just the overlander. With six models that vary from the most basic to the most durable with all the bells and whistles, do they have one that’s right for you?

All the Bean Trailers have the same fiberglass shell construction, base torsion axles or better, and a powder-coated steel frame. They also all have an extra foot more of interior headroom than most other teardrops, measuring 54 1/2” inside. All have room for a 60″ x 80″ queen sized bed. They are all about 14′ long except for the Black Bean, which measures 15’2″.

There are so many options and details for these campers that it’s impossible to cover them all in a meaningful way in this article. We hope we can at least provide an overview of these campers so you understand some of the differences between the models.

Let’s break down the big points.

Bean Stock

The Bean Stock is the entry-level model at a base price of about $26,790. It’s for campers who want a dependable teardrop trailer that can comfortably go wherever they want. It’s the lightest and most affordable option Bean offers, but is still plenty capable and rugged.

The Bean Stock features a comfortable sleeping area and offers several cleverly designed rear galley options for your cooking needs, including a steel stove and pass-through storage. The hatch in the back provides you with a convenient cover for preparing meals in any weather.

Bean Stock - Off-Road Teardrop Trailers, Travel Trailers, Small Campers

Classic Bean

The Classic Bean camper Is a small step up from the Bean Stock. Its more retro aesthetic captures the nostalgic charm of teardrop campers. While very similar in features and function, the Classic Bean is intended as a roadster camper as many classic teardrops are. One notable addition is the floor storage compartment.

The Classic Bean’s base price starts at around $28,790.

Classic Bean – Best Teardrop Camper of 2019 (Lightweight Trailer, Travel Trailer, Camping)

Mean Bean

The Mean Bean is where you start getting more off-road capabilities and features. It boasts an extra 1/2″ of increased ground clearance, beefier tires, and a reinforced frame. This makes it suitable for adventurers who want to traverse more challenging terrains.

With a similar length and height to the Bean Stock and the Classic Bean, the Mean Bean is 2″ wider and 200 lbs heavier in its dry weight. It has all the amenities and storage space but with more durability, including Armadillo-coated fenders to allow you to stand and access your Thule roof rack. Its base price starts at around $28,290. 

Mean Bean – Teardrop Trailer Walk-Through (Off-road Trailer, Adventure Travel, Overlanding)

Meaner Bean

Taking it a step further, the Meaner Bean camper is an upgraded version of the Mean Bean. It features enhanced off-road suspension and additional amenities for extended trips off-grid. These include 17 inches of ground clearance (which increases total height by another 2 inches) and the Timbren independent suspension system.

The Meaner Bean also has an aluminum front storage box, solar hookups, and an optional stealth window. It includes an 18-gallon water tank. The spare tire was moved from the driver’s side wall to the front on this model to provide an extra window in that side wall.

Perhaps one of the most notable differences once you’ve made it to this level is the upgrade to a fully articulating Max Coupler hitch from a standard 2″ ball coupler. These hitches are great for improved trailering in rough and uneven terrain.

The Meaner Bean is heavier and more pricey at 2,000 pounds dry weight and a base price of around $29,290. 

Mean Bean vs. Meaner Bean Comparison - Off Road Trailer Walk Around

Bean Stalker 

For off-road enthusiasts, the Bean Stalker is a value option that can handle the extreme terrain while holding back everything you really don’t need. With heavy-duty components, advanced suspension, and all-terrain tires, this camper can tackle demanding trails. A simplified galley with side-wall mounted Discada pan will make outdoor cooking a breeze. The Stalked comes standard with the roof rack-mounted Rhino Rack awning and front storage box.

Features include AGM batteries with an option to upgrade to lithium, a 1000-watt inverter, and Light Leaf Solar panels. It also has a shower box with a 3L Geyser Shower System and rack-mounted shower enclosure. The Bean Stalker starts at a base price of about $31,575. 

Welcome the New BEAN STALKER Off-Road Tear Drop Trailer | RV Travel, Camping, & Overlanding

Black Bean 

The Black Bean camper caters to those who desire luxury and comfort in the great outdoors. This model boasts an instant hot water shower with a coil hose sprayer, high-end kitchen equipment, and many customizable options. It also has a couch-to-bed configuration, a pull-out fridge/freezer, 140 watts of solar, and 105 amp hours of Lion Energy Lithium-Polymer batteries.

With a base price of around $42,390, the Black Bean comes with a premium price tag to match its features. It’s also the heaviest trailer at a dry weight of 2600 pounds. Advanced options include the all-new Cloud suspension that enables 22 3/4″ of ground clearance in the raised position and 17 3/4″ in the lowered position. This helps not only with driving over rough trails but also leveling your camper in the wilderness.

The All NEW Black Bean Off-Road Tear Drop Trailer

How Much Does the Bean Camper Cost? 

The cost of a Bean Trailer varies depending on the model and customization options. Generally, prices range from around $27,000 for the Bean Stock base price to approximately $42,500 for the Black Bean. However, these are the base prices, and most buyers will inevitably add some customizations.

Because of this, Bean Trailers provides an average price for each model with customizations in mind. They begin around $30,500 for the Bean Stock, $32,000 for the Classic Bean, $32,500 for the Mean Bean, $35,750 for the Meaner Bean, $32,500 for the Bean Stalker, and $52,500 for the Black Bean. If you want to start building your perfect trailer, we recommend visiting Bean Trailer’s builder tool. You can also request a custom quote through this link. 

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Towing Bean trailer
With multiple models to choose from, there is likely a Bean Camper for everyone.

Are Bean Trailers Any Good? 

Bean Trailers have garnered a reputation for being well-built, rugged, and adaptable to various terrains. Bean Campers cater to a wide spectrum of adventure seekers, from minimalists looking for a simple getaway to avid explorers interested in overlanding. With their range of models, versatility, and focus on quality, we definitely think Bean Trailers are worth considering.

As we’ve researched these models, the continually surprised and impressed us. From the fiberglass shell to the dual-pane windows and the lithium battery options, they truly have narrowed in on what makes a good camper. We’re excited to see more of these teardrops on the road.

Which Bean Camper would you pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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