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7 Best Beaches in Texas for the Perfect Beach Day

Forget about the beaches in Florida and think instead of the best beaches in Texas. Yep, some of the best beaches in the country are along the shorelines of the Gulf Coast in Texas. And we’ve got seven of our favorites right here, so you can enjoy that perfect beach day.

Need a Beach Vacation? Don’t Forget About Texas.

You may be drawn to Texas to experience the bustling and energetic music and nightlife of Austin or San Antonio. Or you may be seeking out some of its renowned BBQ joints all across the state. You may even want to try your hand at ranch life.

But with its more than 350 miles of coastline, you shouldn’t forget about Texas’s beaches. In fact, they just might become the sole reason you visit the Lonestar State.

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The 7 Best Beaches in Texas

With hundreds of miles of coastline, whatever beach you choose in Texas will offer a terrific beach day. But if you need help selecting some of the best, look no further. They’re all listed right here, from national seashores to remote beaches to party spots.

1. Padre Island National Seashore

Address: 20301 Park Rd 22, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

About: Padre Island National Seashore is one of ten shores protected by the National Seashore status. And it should be.

It’s the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world. Home to 70 miles of coastline, most of it is untouched, making it a fantastic place to see wildlife and native plants, both on land and in the sea.

Amenities You Can Expect: Along with the soft white sand to sink your toes into, you’ll also come across miles of hard-packed sand great for camping in tents and rigs.

You’ll find five campgrounds here, with three of them being primitive sites directly on the beach. You’ll need to access a free camping permit before setting up camp, but once you have that, you’ll have 14 days of bliss here.

There’s also a visitors center complete with exhibits, flush toilets, and rinse showers. 

What Makes It the Best: This beautiful Texas beach is full of life, with the many dunes and tidal pools dotted throughout the landscape. Time your visit correctly, and you may even spot a release of sea turtle hatchlings.

Padre Island National Seashore.
Relax on the white sand of the Padre Island National Seashore.

2. Mustang Beach

Address: Access Rd No 3, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

About: Located within Mustang Island State Park near Port Aransas, Mustang Beach is a haven for nature and water lovers. With five miles of coastline and 20 miles of paddling trails, exploring the land and water here is a must.

Amenities You Can Expect: There are campgrounds with water and electric hookups in the state park itself.

Mustang Island has no hookups, but you can camp directly on the beach with the waves keeping you company.  You can stay on the beach for free for up to three nights, with options for longer stays with a camping permit from Mustang Island State Park.

What Makes It the Best: This is one of the best beaches in Texas because of its easy access for all adventurers. Here, you’ll find hiking and mountain biking trails, surfing spots, and more. But the best thing about this Texas beach is its 20-mile paddling trail. Rent or bring a kayak or paddleboard–this is a must-do activity here.  

Pro Tip: Want to do more than just visit the beach? If you want to sleep in the sand, we found out Where Can You Camp on the Beach in Texas?

Man surfing a wave.
Catch a wave on one of the many stunning Texas beaches.

3. South Padre Island

Address: Beach Access 6, Texas 78597

About: South Padre Island may be one of the most popular beaches in Texas. Known for its nightlife and Spring Break crowd, it’s also an excellent place for family vacations and dining excursions.

This is the place to lounge all day and party all night. There’s no shortage of shopping, restaurants, and bars along South Padre Island.

Amenities You Can Expect: This bustling resort city offers everything you can think of, from fine dining to casual restaurants to high-end shops to antiques and trinkets. Whatever you need here, you’ll find it. 

And with over 20 places to access the soft white sands that define South Padre Island, hanging on the beach here is truly a beach-lover’s dream. With gentle waves, this is the place to play in the water with kayaks or paddleboards. Or just relax and let the waves lap over you as you sunbathe in the ocean.

What Makes It the Best: The powder-soft sand here combined with the gentle waves and shallow waters makes this one of the best beaches in Texas. People from all over the world travel to South Padre Island to experience the serenity of the beach and the vibrant resort lifestyle.

4. Boca Chica Beach

Address: Texas, 78521 

About: Boca Chica Beach is where two worlds collide, the Rio Grande delta and the Laguna Madre salt flats. It’s eight miles of undeveloped, remote coastline, offering beachcombers a chance at seclusion compared to the many other populous Texas beach destinations.

Amenities You Can Expect: There are no amenities at Boca Chica Beach, and for some, those are the exact amenities people seek. 

What Makes It the Best: The sand and the sea and the remoteness of this Texas beach located on the border are what make Boca Chica Beach one of the best beaches in Texas. When it’s time to get away to the ocean, this is the beach to do so.

Woman holding fish on pier in Texas.
Enjoying pier fishing while in Texas.

5. Rockport Beach

Address: Rockport Beach, Rockport, TX 78382

About: Rockport Beach overlooks Aransas Bay on the Gulf. It’s Texas’ first beach to be labeled a Blue Wave Beach, meaning it has ecologically sound practices designated by the National Clean Beaches Coalition. This mile-long oasis offers an easy way to access the beach without all the crowds of the resort beaches. 

Amenities You Can Expect: Being a day access area, Rockport Beach has everything you need to make this one of the best beaches in Texas for a perfect beach day.

You’ll find picnic cabanas, beach palapas, fishing piers, and free boat launches here. You’ll also have access to fitness trails, beach walks, volleyball nets, restroom and shower facilities, a wildlife sanctuary, and even a children’s playground. 

What Makes It the Best: If life is a beach, Rockport Beach, with all its amenities, is the perfect beach getaway, even if only for the day. 

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6. East Beach

Address: East Beach, 193-199 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

About: Located on the far eastern tip of Galveston Island, East Beach is a party lover’s paradise. It’s a popular destination for summer concerts and music festivals. Parking passes must be purchased to enjoy this beach day destination in Texas.

Amenities You Can Expect: East Beach was made for music. With that in mind, there’s an entertainment stage located here, along with chair and umbrella rentals.

You’ll also find a boardwalk, restrooms, showers, concessions, and more. The day spent here is made much easier with all the amenities surrounding you.

What Makes It the Best: With the many music events happening here, it’s pretty easy to see why this is one of the best beaches in Texas. But another thing that makes this one of the best is that East Beach is one of the rare beaches in Texas that allows alcohol.

Beach in Texas with small boats
Escape the snow for a relaxing and warm vacation in Texas.

7. Stewart Beach

Address: 201 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550

About: Stewart Beach is another Texas beach meant for that perfect beach day. This is a family-friendly beach with all the amenities you’ll need to keep your family happy all day. Parking and entrance fees apply here, but having everything you need in one spot makes it all worthwhile. 

Amenities You Can Expect: Lifeguard stands dot the beach here, along with concession stands and umbrella and beach chair rentals. You’ll also find restrooms, showers, and beach supplies to make your day at the beach worry-free.

What Makes It the Best: This family-friendly beach is one of the best beaches for families in Texas. With volleyball games, sand castle lessons, fun family competitions, and more, you and your family will love this beach day outing.

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Life’s a Beach When Visiting the Best Beaches in Texas

With seven of the best beaches in Texas on this list, it’s easy to enjoy that beach lifestyle. No matter the beach you visit, you’ll know you’ll have a good time.

So whether you’ve chosen the party beach at South Padre Island or the family beach at Stewart Beach, your perfect beach day will be…well…perfect!

What beach do you want to relax on first? Drop a comment below!

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