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What Is the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Families?

What Is the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for Families?

RVing with a family is a great way to make wonderful memories. However, those memories might not be so fantastic depending on the sleeping situation. If there aren’t enough beds for everyone to get a great night’s sleep, the whole crew may suffer the consequences! Fortunately, there is the bunkhouse travel trailer to save the day.

Let’s dive into this vacation-saving floorplan and the best models out there for your family.


What Is a Bunkhouse Travel Trailer? 

A bunkhouse travel trailer features a room in the trailer with bunks. Typically, the bunkhouse sits in the back of the trailer, but some models have it in the middle. Some refer to RVs with bunkhouses in the middle as mid-bunk layouts. 

Why Are Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Good for Families? 

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a full-time family, a separate bunkhouse can help keep the peace. A bunkhouse travel trailer gives the kids a place to call their own. The kids can camp out in the bunkhouse with a movie while the adults enjoy a late-night fire. A bunkhouse can also help early rising parents who don’t want to wake their kids. 

travel trailer with bunks

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The Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers for Families 

Because you can find many great bunkhouse models, it can get overwhelming trying to sort through them all. Here are a few of our top picks for bunkhouse travel trailers. 

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer 

Keystone Passport has 27 travel trailers in the lineup. Fifteen of the 27 travel trailers are bunkhouse models. The ultra-light Passport line comes loaded with great features. 

The designers know about the importance of storage with these trailers. Each model features a modern interior design along with automotive-grade paint on the front cap. It also has a 15,000 BTU air conditioner for those hot days.

We recommend bunkhouse models 3352BH and 268BH

Floor plan of Keystone passport travel trailer model.
Source: Fifteen of Keystone Passport’s 27 travel trailers are bunkhouse travel trailers.

The 3352BH: The 3352BH comes with one and a half bathrooms, giving the kids their own. The bunkhouse is spacious with a slide-out. This model is 37 ft 11 inches and weighs 7,690 lbs. This model also features an outdoor kitchen. 

The 268BH: The 268BH is a great compact travel trailer for a family. This bunkhouse is 30 ft 7 inches and weighs 5,760 dry. While the bunkhouse portion does not have a solid door, it does have a divider for privacy. The back cargo door gives easy access to storage in the bunk area. While this bunkhouse travel trailer is a bit smaller, it still comes with an outdoor kitchen space. 

2021 Keystone Passport 219BH | Travel Trailer - RV Review: Camping World

Jayco Jay Feather 

The Jayco Jay Feather may be lightweight, but it has high-quality fiberglass construction. You will get a choice between two modern interior design concepts. These easy to tow trailers offer lots of sleeping space for the whole family. It has 11 layout options, with six of them being bunkhouse models. With the Jayco Jay Feather, you’ll find luxurious amenities in a budget-friendly price range. 

In the Jayco Jay Feather lineup, we recommend the 30QB and 32BH models. 

Jayco Jay Feather 30 QB model
Source:”. Lightweight, modern, and budget-friendly make a Jayco Jay Feather trailer an excellent choice.

The 30QB: The 30QB works great for larger families who still want a smaller trailer. It has three permanent beds in the bunkhouse, plus a pull-out sofa. With a spacious U-shaped dinette, everyone will have a place to sit. The 30QB is 37 ft long and has a dry weight of 7,295 lbs.

The 32BH: At 38-ft long, the 32BH weighs 8,145 lbs and has 1,850 lbs of carrying capacity. This makes it just shy of 10,000 lbs when fully loaded. With 61-gallon freshwater and gray water tanks, you’ll have plenty of water for everyone. It offers sleeping space for nine people. You’ll have no trouble making lots of memories with your friends and family.

Rear Bunks.. or OFFICE?? 2021 Jayco Jay Feather 30QB

Starcraft Autumn Ridge 

The Starcraft Autumn Ridge has nine layouts to choose from and four bunkhouse travel trailers. It has single and dual axle options, with the smallest only 22 ft 4 inches, making it fit virtually anywhere. These trailers offer small details that pack a punch, such as the lighted exterior storage. With extra insulation in the roof and underbelly, you will enjoy an extended camping season. 

In the Starcraft Autumn Ridge lineup, we recommend the 2022 Autumn Ridge 26BH and 19BH

Front image of Starcraft Autumn Ridge Trailer.
Source: Starcraft Autumn Ridge trailers offer small bunkhouse travel trailers that can fit anywhere.

The 26BH: The 26BH comes in at 29 ft 6 inches and has a dry weight of 4,640 lbs. It has a 42-gallon freshwater tank and has 32.5 gallons each of gray and black tanks. The large double bunk beds don’t have a solid door but feature a divider for privacy. The master bedroom has a pocket door as well. 

The 19BH: The 19BH is an excellent option for families that want to hit the road keeping it very minimal. With a length of only 22 ft 4 inches, it can easily navigate into most sites. This bunkhouse travel trailer has a dry weight of 3,440 lbs. 

The two single-sized bunk beds are located at the rear of the travel trailer, with a larger bed at the front. This model has a freshwater tank capacity of 26 gallons and has 19.9 gallons for both the black and gray tanks. 

2021 Starcraft Autumn Ridge Outfitter 26BH Orientation

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailers

The Keystone Hideout line has 56 floorplans with two modern design options. Twelve of the floorplans feature bunks. The Hideout line is proud to be an affordable travel trailer that makes it easy to camp. The eye-catching automotive-inspired exterior and the light interior will make you feel at home. They have modern features such as electric jacks, central vacuums, and wifi prep.

We recommend the 26BHWE and 32BHDSWE bunkhouse travel trailers in the Hideout lineup.

Outside image of Keystone Hideout.
Source: Keystone Hideout has 12 floor plans offering a bunk bed feature.

The 26BHWE: The 26BHWE is spacious without being overwhelmingly large. It is easy to tow with a length of 30 ft and a dry weight of 5,927 lbs. The two large bunks sit at the back of the trailer with a comfortable queen at the front. 

The slideout in the main living space opens up the area for spending time together as a family. It has a 60-gallon freshwater tank, a 40-gallon gray tank, and a 38-gallon black tank. 

The 32BHDSWE: The 32BHDSWE is 35 ft 11 inches and weighs in at 7,746 lbs. The large bunkhouse for the kids might make the parents a little envious. The bunkhouse has five dedicated beds in addition to a cube sofa. 

The trailer also has a fold-out couch in the living space and a queen in the master. Everyone can come along in this bunkhouse travel trailer. It has 60 gallons of fresh water and 38-gallon gray and black tanks.

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Crossroads Zinger Travel Trailers

The Crossroads Zinger travel trailer lineup features 28 floorplans, 11 of them being bunkhouse models. These travel trailers have great storage options and many comforts of home. They come standard with 7 ft interiors, a heated enclosed underbelly, and a black tank flush. 

For Crossroads Zinger bunkhouse travel trailers, we recommend the ZR-320FB and ZR-331BH models. 

Picture of crossroads zinger bunkhouse travel trailer.
Source: Crossroads Zinger bunkhouse travel trailer has three dedicated beds in the bunkhouse and a pull-out sofa.

The ZR-320FB: The ZR-320FB has a unique setup with the bunks at the front of the trailer. The large queen bunks have plenty of storage. It also has a pull-out sofa for additional sleeping capacity. 

The U-shaped dinette is a great place to enjoy a meal or play some games. It is 35 ft 11 inches long and weighs 7,913 lbs. It has a 51-gallon freshwater tank and 39-gallon gray and black tanks. 

The ZR-331BH: At 37 ft 6 inches long, the ZR-331BH has plenty of room for your family. This trailer weighs 8,860 lbs. It has a 51-gallon freshwater capacity and 39-gallon gray water tank. The black tank has an impressive 78 gallons. 

This large bunkhouse travel trailer has it all, with three dedicated beds in the bunkhouse and a pull-out sofa. The queen bed at the front of the unit provides the adults a place to recharge. This travel trailer even comes with a spacious kitchen island. 

We Bought a Travel Trailer - 2020 Crossroads Zinger 320FB - RV Tour

Things to Consider in Your Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

There is an abundance of bunkhouse models to consider. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you search for the perfect one for your family. 

Bunk Sizes

Single bunks might be fine for small children, but you will likely want to go a bit larger for older children and teens. You can find many options for double or even queen bunks. Keep in mind that the larger the bunks, the less floor space in the bunkroom. 

Separate Bunk Rooms

While rarer, some models feature two bunk rooms. Often, the rooms offer little more than a bed and a bit of storage. If you need separate spaces, you might consider seeking out these rare gems. 

Man with his daughter inside bunk house travel trailer.
A bunkhouse travel trailer gives your little ones a separate place to call their own.

Tank Sizes

If you always stay at full hookup sites, tank sizes may mean very little to you. If you plan to do some dry camping or even just utilize state parks that can sometimes only offer electricity, tank size will matter. It may frustrate you to unhook to drive to the dump station or use a portable tote. 

Keep in mind showers use a lot of water, so you will want a high gray tank capacity if you have a larger family. Don’t forget that if you find yourself short on tank capacity, the campground bathrooms can help reduce the frequency of dumping your tanks. 

Pro Tip: Tank to small or going hookup free? Get a portable waste tank. Here is How to Properly Use an RV Portable Waste Tank.

Bathroom Space and Configuration

Some easily overlook bathrooms when considering a layout. Remember that while you likely don’t need an oversized bathroom, you want to make sure you can easily move within it. Be sure each member of your family can comfortably fit in the bathroom, especially the shower.

Best Travel Trailers With a Bunkhouse and a Bathroom!

What Is the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer for You?

You’ll find plenty of bunkhouse models available these days. Once you’ve decided on a few deal breaker checklist items, you’ll need to tour your fair share in person to determine what will work best for your family. If possible, rent a few travel trailers before purchasing to know what you need.

Do you have a bunkhouse travel trailer you love? Drop a comment below.

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