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9 Best Camper Doormats for Welcoming Your Friends

9 Best Camper Doormats for Welcoming Your Friends

Camper floors get dirty fast. Regardless if you have two people or twelve, if feet are coming in and out of the camper, dirt will follow. Camper doormats can help cut down on the dirt and mud that people drag into the camper. Let’s take a look at nine of the best ones.

Why You Need a Camper Doormat

First and foremost, a camper doormat can help you keep your camper floor clean. It reduces the amount of dirt and mud shoes bring in. You can always take your mat outside and shake out the dirt or vacuum debris. 

camper doormat

As a bonus, camper doormats can be a fun addition to your mobile living space. There are an unlimited amount of designs and styles to choose from to fit your personality. There are even custom doormats for a bit more personalization.

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9 Camper Doormats to Welcome Your Friends

Choosing the wrong doormat can mean replacing it prematurely. Because of the wear and tear that camper doormats endure, they need to be sturdy. We’ve gathered a few doormats that we think are worth considering. Let’s take a look!

1. Personalized Family Camper Doormat

About: This personalized family camper doormat is excellent for those wanting to customize their doorway while still maintaining functionality.

MyPhotoSwimsuits Personalized Camper Doormat 24" X...
  • Customization Method: Click "CUSTOMIZE NOW" button and then input...
  • Dimensions: 24"(L) x 16"(W), One-Side Printing.
  • Material: Durable heat-resistant non-woven fabric top and...

This camper doormat not only looks great but will help keep your camper floor clean. It’s 24 x 16 inches and constructed with durable heat-resistant non-woven fabric. The underside features neoprene rubber non-slip backing so you can use it on various floor surfaces, even inside. 

Personalized items always make for great gifts as well. So if you know of a family who just recently purchased a camper, pick this up for them.

2. Floral Hello Doormat

About: This floral hello doormat is great for those who prefer the shabby chic look. The colorful floral design softens the typical rugged look of a camping doormat.

Calloway Mills AZ105991729 Floral Hello Doormat,...
  • All-season
  • Durable coir that scrapes shoes clean
  • Vinyl backing to help prevent movement

You won’t have to worry if this product will last as it has an all-season design, colorfast protection, and weather tolerance. The vinyl backing helps prevent movement so it won’t slide around, even in wet weather. It measures 17 x 29 inches.

3. Welcome Cursive Doormat

About: A simple cursive letter design welcomes fellow campers to your site. This doormat has natural coconut coir, which helps clean dirty shoes.

AerWo Welcome Mats for Front Door Mat with...
  • IDEAL SIZE: Outdoor coir welcome mat measures 30 X 17 inches,...
  • NATURAL COIR DOORMAT: Porch welcome mat features natural coconut...
  • RUBBER BACKING: The home entrance mat has strong and heavy-duty...

It has an absorbent texture to capture dirt and sand as well as absorb moisture. It measures 30 x 17 inches and comes complete with a heavy-duty, half-inch thick pile. 

4. Home Is Where the Heart Is Doormat

About: This camper doormat is perfect for all seasons. Family and friends alike will love the welcoming feeling they receive when they cross this mat coming into your camper.

At 17 x 30 inches, it provides plenty of space to clean your shoes. The “Home Is Where the Heart Is” doormat features natural coir fiber. Black PVC backing ensures it doesn’t slide around during use. You’ll get a durable camping doormat that will last for a long time. 

5. Hello Gorgeous Doormat

About: It’s hard to have a bad day when you’re greeted with a doormat saying, “hello gorgeous!” The rubber backing keeps it from slipping.

NIKKY HOME 16 x 28 Inches Hello Gorgeous...
  • NON-SLIP & LOW PROFILE - This doormat was made of the non-slip...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: It is water-resistant, and will dry quickly so...
  • COCONUT COIR: The doormat is made of 100% pure coconut coir,...

The low-profile pile design keeps it from getting caught on swinging doors. It’s water-resistant and dries quickly, making it virtually maintenance-free. You won’t deal with mildew or mold. Simply vacuum as needed. 

6. Whale Hello There Doormat

About: Whether you’re at the beach or just wish you were, the Whale Hello There camper doormat is ready to welcome you to your campsite. This 18 x 30-inch mat is an adorable addition to your site.

DII Fun Greetings Home Décor Indoor/Outdoor...
  • 100% COCONUT COIR FIBER - A strong natural occurring fiber used...
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR ENTRYWAY/PORCH - Doormat measures 18x30"...
  • VARIETY OF TRENDY COLORS & FUN DESIGNS - DII offers doormats with...

It uses 100% coconut coir fiber construction, a naturally occurring fiber that creates stiff bristles perfect for scrubbing off that dirt and mud. The natural fibers absorb dirt and debris efficiently, leaving you with an easy-to-clean mat that looks great each time you put it out. 

7. Deer Welcome Doormat

About: Deer decor is trendy these days, and if you love the trend, you’ll love this camping doormat. This simple design sits on a 24 x 36-inch mat that’s just over half an inch thick. This doormat is suitable for all seasons.

Calloway Mills 121472436 Deer Welcome Doormat 24"...
  • Over-sized to provide more coverage
  • All-season
  • Durable coir that scrapes shoes clean

It’ll stand the test of time and endure any weather conditions. The durable coir scrapes shoes clean, ensuring you won’t deal with dirt and mud in your camper. It has a vinyl backing to help prevent slipping. 

8. Better at the Campsite Camping Doormat

About: This durable “Better at the Campsite” camping doormat prioritizes dirt removal. It uses a looped rubber material that aids in trapping moisture, mud, and other debris from making its way into the camper. It has a non-slip backing to keep you from falling in wet conditions.

Camco Life Is Better At The Campsite Scrub Mat -...
  • Designed For Dirt Removal: The mat is designed with looped rubber...

This mat is 26.5 x 15 inches, which fits most standard doorways. And it’ll last for years to come as it’s mildew resistant. 

9. Neck of the Woods Camping Doormat

About: Those looking for the perfect doormat to compliment their camping style will love this “Neck of the Woods” design. It features 100% coconut coir fiber with stiff bristles. These scrape dirt and mud off shoes. This mat not only looks great but gets the job done as well.

DII Natural Coir Doormat Outdoor Welcome Mat,...
  • Large variety of colors and designs - dii offers these doormats...
  • More home essentials - to view more of our dii home products,...
  • Place before every exterior door - use on a patio, in a garage,...

The doormat measures 18 x 30 inches, making it a great fit in front of any entryway. It’s half an inch thick, which is perfect for door clearance. You won’t have to worry about falling even under wet conditions due to the non-slip PVC backing.

Can You Get a Personalized Camper Doormat?

Yes! Camping doormats make perfect personalized items. They’re also great gifts for those just starting their camping adventures. If you’re searching for a customizable camping doormat, be sure to take a look at the first doormat on our list.

doormat with boots

While there will always be plenty of dirt when out enjoying the wilderness, you don’t have to track all of it into your living space. With any one of these doormats, you’ll have a clean and stylish RV you can be proud to call home.

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