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5 Best Cat Tents to Bring Your Kitty Outside

A cat tent is a perfect way for your fur baby to keep you company outdoors. Camping isn’t just for humans. You can relax outside knowing that your pets are safe and secure. Let’s check out five of the best tents for your cat.

What Is a Cat Tent? 

A cat tent can open up the outdoors for your pet. It’s a tent made and sized for felines. Most are for outdoor and indoor use.

Cat Tent

Benefits of Cat Tents

There are multiple benefits of cat tents, but here are our top three.

Allow Cats to Experience the Outdoors 

Cats like to experience the outdoors just like dogs do. They’re curious about the sights, smells, and those exciting birds. But it’s not always safe for them to be outside. A cat tent lets them get outside without you having to worry.

Give your cats the best camping experience possible. Check out our 9 safety tips here: Can You Go Camping With Cats?

No Worries About Outdoor Hazards

A tent allows your pet to be outside and stay safe from running away or potential predators. You can have worry-free outdoor time when your cat is secure and happy.

Outback Jack cats outside for the first time

Add Enrichment to Indoor Cats’ Lives

Indoor cats spend time looking out windows at the great unknowns on the other side. A cat tent is a way to allow them to experience the outdoors but in a controlled environment.  

5 Best Cat Tents

There are a lot of tents on the market, but here are five we particularly like.

1. Outback Jack Cat Tent

The Outback Jack Cat is a tent and tunnel in one with a zipper door on both ends. It offers more than 30 square feet of space for your cat to run and play. The breathable mesh fabric allows for airflow, but keep in mind that it doesn’t protect from the sun. The Outback Jack Cat Tent is lightweight, portable, and sets up quickly.

Outback Jack Outdoor Cat Enclosures for Indoor...
  • IDEAL FOR BOTH OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE: Breathable, mesh fabric...

2. Zampa Portable Pet Playpen

Zampa’s Portable Pet Playpen is circular with mesh sides. There’s also a mesh top that you can zip up as needed. The reinforced corners have protected seams, which increases the durability and quality.

It comes in four different sizes, and each includes a carrying case. You won’t have to do any assembly. You simply pop it up, and it folds flat when you’re ready to put it away.

Zampa Puppy Playpen Extra Small 29"x29"x17"...
  • Quality: Pet playpen with protected seams and reinforced corners...
  • Design: Our stylish 8-Panel puppy playpen is designed with a...
  • Measurements: The size of this pop up playpen is 29 inches...

3. DAPU Pet Play House Compound

The DAPU Pet Play House Compound is a fun four-way mesh tunnel system. Each tunnel measures 63 x 19.6 inches and connects to a tent of various sizes. Attach or detach any of the tunnels with a zipper. The compound includes one square cat tent, one four-way cross tunnel, one hexagon tent, one triangle tent, and one oval tent.

5 in 1 Compound Pet Play House - 4 Tents...
  • Large Space:Square tent size:31.5"x31.5"x31.5",Hexagon tent...
  • Portable & Adjustable:Pop up design,easy to carry around for...
  • Safety Indoor/Outdoor:A breath of fresh air for indoor pets,also...

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4. Large Outdoor Pet Habitat

BenefitUSA’s Large Outdoor Pet Habitat is 77.17 x 65.36 x 35.43 inches. Its walls are black mosquito netting with a zipper for entry. It folds up quickly and slips into a convenient carrying case along with the easy to assemble tent posts. 

BenefitUSA Large Outdoor Indoor Happy Habitat for...
  • Main material:PE
  • Size:77.17"x65.36"x35.43" ; Net weight: 2.64lb
  • Color:black +dark green PE

5. Pop Up Cat Tent

Outing Man’s Pop Up Cat Tent has double-strength, anti-scratch mesh, and it comes with a sunshade. It’s easy to install on the steel tent stakes. Your cat will enjoy 30 square feet of activity space inside.

OUTINGPET Cat Tent Outdoor Playpen Pop Up Pet Cat...
  • IDEAL FOR BOTH OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE - Breathable, mesh fabric...

What to Look For When Buying a Cat Tent

Keep the following features in mind when purchasing a cat tent.


Make sure that the size is conducive to your needs. If you’re taking it to campgrounds, you may want something on the smaller side to take up less space at your campsite. Also, it’s important to factor in how much space your cat needs. If you have more than one cat, you’ll need to give them a little more room to maneuver. 

New to camping with your four-legged friends? Here are the rules of the road: 5 Rules for RVing with Pets

Cat Tent


Having a cat tent allows you to relax while your kitty is outdoors. But making sure it’s secure from your cat escaping or a predator getting in is essential. We recommend tents with secure zippers for peace of mind.


Look into the materials used for the tent before making a purchase. Getting a tent with durable materials will help it last longer and keep your pets safe inside.

Ease of Set-Up

No one wants to mess around with setting up a tent of any kind for hours. The tents we’ve recommended feature quick and easy setup and takedown. We also suggest looking for tents that are simple to store and take along. For example, many come with carrying cases. 

Are you ready to take your cat or cats on an outdoor adventure? Being outdoors can give your pet a whole new world of stimulation. We hope your cat enjoys the smells, sounds, and sights from the safety of one of these cat tents!

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