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8 Best RV Backup Cameras to Make RV Driving Easier

8 Best RV Backup Cameras to Make RV Driving Easier

An RV backup camera can be a game-changer. Backing up an RV can be dangerous if you can’t see what’s behind you. Having a camera to guide you makes life on the road easier. We found eight of the best backup cameras on the market. Keep reading to learn about them.  

Why Is a Backup Camera Useful for RVers?

An RV backup camera can potentially save you thousands of dollars or insurance claims. It not only makes life easier but is also a safety feature. 

From backing into campsites to navigating through a gas station, an RV backup camera can save you from an accident. Without guidance when backing into a campsite, it can be easy to hit a post or picnic table. These can damage your RV with one strike. The same is true for navigating around parking lots and other tight places.

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RV Backup Camera Installation

Can You Install a Backup Camera Yourself?

It is possible to install a backup camera yourself, but it does require some technical knowledge and experience with wiring and electronics. The process can vary depending on the specific camera you choose and the make and model of your RV. If you’re unsure, it may be best to consult with a professional to ensure the installation is done correctly and safely.

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Types of RV Backup Cameras

There are three different types of RV backup cameras on the market that we recommend.

Wired Cameras

A wired backup camera functions with a wire that runs from the camera to the monitor. The benefits of a wired camera are better image quality and more reliable video feed. Digital wireless video transmission has improved wireless cameras a lot, but wired cameras still tend to perform best.

You can wire it into your RV. You can install this camera yourself, but you may want to get a professional to install it, depending on your setup.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless backup cameras are not hard-wired to your RV. They have either analog or digital technology that signals the monitor from the camera. Newer digital technology is great because of the clear image they provide, but if the signal gets weak you get no image at all. Analog, on the other hand, will get fuzzy, but you still may see something. These are typically easier to install than wired cameras.

Hitch Cameras

A hitch camera is mounted just above the hitch of your vehicle. These are typically wireless and are magnetic to attach to the metal on a hitch.

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R-Pod RV backed into a campsite
An RV backup camera can make parking your rig safer and easier.

The 8 Best Backup Cameras for RV Life

To help you narrow down your search for an RV backup camera, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best. 

1. WOLFBOX G840S 12″ 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Camera

About This Camera: The WOLFBOX G840S is a 4K Ultra HD backup, rear, and front view camera. It has a full touch screen that mimics a rearview mirror. The WOLFBOX can also handle loop recording and night vision and includes a parking monitor and GPS tracking. 

Type: Wired

Pros: This camera can keep on recording continuously. It’s also a rearview camera. This means you can see what’s going on behind your RV while going down the road. 

Cons: An extra hardwire kit is required to set up the full functionality. You’ll have to purchase the kit separately to wire the unit into the RV electrical system and have it start automatically.

WOLFBOX G840S 12" 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup...
  • UPGRADED STUNNING 4K UHD - With the front cam's resolution...
  • 12'' LARGER SCREEN & BROAD VIEW - Upgraded from most rearview...
  • CLEAR IMAGE & ENHANCED NIGHT VISION - With a built-in...
RV backup camera
This may look like a standard rearview mirror, but it’s actually a backup camera.

2. Rear View Safety RVS-770613-NM

About This Camera: The Rear View Safety RVS-770613-NM has a seven-inch LED digital color auto-dimming display with a three-port power harness. It offers 130 degrees of sight and 50 feet of night vision. 

Type: Wired

Pros: The monitor is super clear. Plus, the night vision is a great bonus feature. The camera also picks up audio so you can hear ques from someone giving directions behind you.

Cons: As a wired camera installation is more difficult.

7" Backup Camera System for RV/Truck/Bus -...
  • Commercial grade backup camera system for RV's, trucks, buses and...
  • 7" LED digital color auto-dimming display with three port power...
  • 130° backup camera with 18 infra-red lights for 50ft of night...

3. Rear View Safety RVS-062710

About This Camera: The Rear View Safety RVS-062710 is a four-camera setup with a quad view display. You get two backup cameras, each with a 130-degree viewing angle. You can mount one backup camera on your RV and the other on your vehicle. It also has two side cameras with 120-degree viewing angles. All cameras are waterproof and have night vision.

Type: Wired 

Pros: The highlight of this camera is the seven-inch TFT LCD color monitor with single, double, triple, and quad viewing options.

Cons: This camera only has real-time video. It can’t record.

Backup Camera System - 4 Camera Setup with Quad...
  • 7" TFT LCD color monitor with single, double, triple and quad...
  • Two heavy duty backup cameras each with an IP69K waterproof...
  • Two heavy duty side cameras each with an IP68 waterproof rating...

4. 4Ucam 9901 Digital

About This Camera: The 4Ucam 9901 is a cost-effective wireless backup and rearview camera. It has a seven-inch monitor and 50 feet of night vision. The monitor has a 12V-24V power adapter. 

Type: Wireless 

Pros: You can select a Furrion-mount option, which comes pre-wired on many recent RV models. This comprehensive system comes with everything you need for installation.

Cons: Wireless backup cameras can be a bit of a headache if the signal doesn’t reach the monitor. As with other wireless options, this RV backup camera may need an antenna booster if it’s not connecting.

4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera + 7" Monitor for...
  • DIGITAL Wireless Back-Up Camera System, 0% Interference, 0%...
  • DIGITAL Wireless System, no need for complex connect wire layout,...
  • 11 high-powered IR LEDs for 50 feet night vision, with SONY 1/4"...

5. Haloview RD7 Wireless Long Range Backup Camera System kit 7”

About This Camera: For those with extra-long rigs or trailers made of metal, a wireless video repeater or extender might be required. This kit includes a wireless transmitter that can be installed in the middle of the RV or trailer to help get the wireless

Type: Wireless 

Pros: It comes with an SD card slot for video and audio recording. This feature is helpful when you need documentation for an accident.

Cons: Installation is a bit more challenging with this system as it is partially wireless and partially wired. The wireless transmitter is on a long wire that needs to be installed partially up the coach.

Haloview RD7 Wireless Long Range Backup Camera...
  • 7" LCD digital monitor, Built-in recorder. Real time recording,...
  • Integrated Frequency Hopping Technology avoid Interference. No...
  • 10-32V wide voltage input, Support 4 wireless camera input,130°...

6. Furrion Vision S Camera System

About This Camera: The Furrion Vision S Camera System is a wireless four-camera system. It comes with one backup camera, two side cameras, and one doorway security sharkfin camera. Each camera has night vision and can stream live. The seven-inch monitor features a touchscreen display and rear assist markers.

Type: Wireless 

Pros: This RV backup camera system can also serve as a security system. The cameras have motion sensors, which will automatically wake up the monitor. And the rear and doorway cameras include microphones and audio. Furrion is pre-wired on many newer RVs, which makes this camera easy to install on those systems. 

Cons: Cost is a con with this system. It’s one of the more expensive options.

Furrion Vision S 4-Camera Wireless RV Backup...
  • Easy & Quick Installation: Most RVs are already prepped for the...
  • Waterproof Cameras with Night Vision: Comes with 4 High...
  • Waterproof Cameras with Night Vision: Comes with 4 High...

7. AMTIFO A7 HD Wireless Backup Camera

About This Camera: The AMTIFO A7 HD is a wireless backup and rearview camera. It has a seven-inch HD color monitor. The monitor does have a split-screen if you decide to add a second camera to the setup. Select between two versions of this camera. One has a bracket adapter and power pigtail outlet wire for a Furrion pre-wired RV.

Type: Wireless 

Pros: This camera has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty. It also has free tech support and replacement service.

Cons: The range only reaches a maximum of 50 feet. This may not be ideal if you’re towing a long RV. 

RV Backup Camera Wireless 7-Inch: Recording...
  • 【Latest Wireless Technology and Stable Signal】The rv backup...
  • 【Compatible with Furrion Pre-wired RVs】Trailer backup camera...
  • 【Sturdy and Durable & Multiple Split Screen】Upgraded back up...

8. Iball Hitch Camera

About This Camera: The Iball Hitch Camera is a wireless, magnetic backup and rearview camera. It has a 25-foot range and a 3.5-inch LCD monitor. Since the camera is magnetic, it requires no hardware and can mount to anything magnetic on your vehicle. 

Type: Hitch 

Pros: You don’t need any wiring for this RV backup camera. This makes it extremely easy to install and move as needed.

Cons: The battery in the camera will only last for about three hours of continuous use. This might be OK if you only use it to back up. However, if you’re using it often on a long RV trip, it’s something to keep in mind.

Iball 5.8GHz Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear...
  • Wireless Transmission - Up to 25-foot range using a 5.8 GHZ...
  • Color Monitor - 3.5" LCD plugs into the vehicle's dashboard
  • Magnetic Camera Mount - camera mounts anywhere with no hardware!...
RVs parked in parking lot
You won’t be afraid to back your RV into a parking spot with a backup camera.

Pro Tip: For safe on-the-road navigation, we recommend an RV GPS. Learn more here: What Is an RV GPS? (And Is It Really Better Than Google Maps?)

Are RV Backup Cameras Worth It?

Yes, RV backup cameras are well worth the cost. They can be a valuable addition to your recreational vehicle, as they make it easier to see what’s behind you while you’re reversing. This can save you a lot of time, hassle, and worry. And it can save your rig from extensive damage.

Do you have an RV backup camera? Let us know in the comments!

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Dalton Bourne

Saturday 12th of March 2022

After reading many reviews about the backup camera from Furrion, I decided to buy it. It is supposed to be plug-n-play. My 2019 Coleman RV was built with rear camera wiring already installed. I downloaded the user manual online which gave me more information on how to set up this camera. I think one of its strongest features is the 4.3-inch anti-glare screen, which is effective at automatically adjusting contrast, brightness, and color day or night.

Samantha Nichols

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Worth article to read. Your article is really interesting and helpful for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

Samantha Nichols

Saturday 27th of November 2021

I purchased theDohones Best digital wireless back-up camera kit for my 30-foot travel trailer. This setup is really a great value for the money and such a helpful tool backing up. I have 2 cameras, both on the rear. One is pointed down to get a good view of the bumper and help judge how close I am to objects behind me. The other is pointed back to get a good view of traffic behind me while driving. It is very convenient to be able to swap between the two without needing to have a separate monitor. We have not taken it on the road yet but I believe it will make the next camping trip much easier to park and back up.

Roy Snow

Saturday 3rd of July 2021

My tow vehicle has a built in backup camera, do you know of any RV cameras that will 'piggyback' into the truck's system ?

Not So Free

Thursday 1st of July 2021

Interesting. I have been towing RV trailers since the 70s. Never had a backup camera. I switched to a motorhome two years ago. It came with a backup camera. I rarely use it. In fact, I find it a nuisance. It's really all about knowing how to use your mirrors. For those who need it, I say go for it.