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Best RV Clubs for Finding Community on the Road

Best RV Clubs for Finding Community on the Road

The RV lifestyle has beckoned many with its promises of family time and outdoor exploration. And collaborating with other campers who share common interests can make your camping experiences even more satisfying. With this in mind, consider joining an RV club that specializes in activities and topics that grab your attention. You may find a whole community of new friends and colleagues out on the road. Learn more about RV clubs below.

What Is An RV Club?

Like organizations associated with any business or activity, RV clubs aim to bring together people with similar interests. Members might use these opportunities to create or join specific enterprises, classes, outings, and discussions that relate and appeal to their shared attractions. 

There are RV clubs for specific age groups or regions of the country, and many cover interests in a certain sport or activity. For instance, you can find clubs specializing in things like cooking, bird watching, photography, or dancing – to name a few.

Biking with our friends The RVgeeks.

Benefits of Joining RV Clubs

Finding a group of RVers that share your passion for motorcycles or alternative medicine, for example, can open doors to new friendships. It can also provide numerous activities while you’re on the road, giving you a sense of belonging and creating a community of support. 

Sharing successes and struggles with those who ‘get you’ can be the difference between a mediocre RV outing and a terrific one.

RV club members may also find satisfaction in meeting up with some of their friends on the road for conventions, rallies, and planned adventures. 

Best RV Clubs for Finding Community on the Road

If you want to join an RV club that fits your interests, you may not know where to start. We invite you to use our list of existing RV clubs to dip your toe into this exciting world and find the club that’s right for you. 

Escapees RV Club and Xscapers

Escapees is probably the largest RV club in the country and, quite possibly, the world. Created to provide a common network for RVers, this general club has several benefits for its members, including mail forwarding options, classes on RV travel and maintenance, forums, discounts, and trip planning tools.

escapees rv club

Under its umbrella, Escapees has regional chapter clubs and specialty groups known as Birds of a Feather (BOF). Pick between genealogy, boondocking, amateur radio operators, disaster volunteers, square dancers, prospectors, Christian fellowship, singles, geocachers, pet lovers, woodcarvers, motorcyclists, and worldwide travelers – or join them all! Members meet up at scheduled get-togethers as they travel.

One group within Escapees has taken off in recent years. Designed for working RVers, “Xscapers” has grown tremendously as the number of full-time travelers who take their job with them has increased. Group meetings usually include support and instruction for finding work on the road and navigating the balance between making money and enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Additionally, all Escapees members (and those within the network) can take advantage of campground discounts, RV equipment, and service discounts offered through their membership. 

Annual membership is $50 per year.

finding community on the road
Drivin’ & Vibin’ and Getaway Couple working together on the road.


The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) has been around since 1968, so it has years of practice as a support group for RVers. The organization groups into local chapters from around the country who meet together at various national events. 

With an acclaimed online “university,” FMCA offers training in all areas of RV operation. Not to mention, their forums provide the perfect place for sharing ideas, favored destinations, and assistance with common RV problems. 

Members have the opportunity to use discounts at participating campgrounds, purchase new tires, and obtain internet service and RV insurance. Many RVers join this club for FMCAssist – a medical emergency and travel assistance plan that covers you anywhere in the world. It’s free with your membership, which is a bargain considering the annual membership is only $75 per year.

Fulltime Families

Fulltime Families aims to meet the challenges of full-time RV families with children. Their members receive support regarding “roadschooling” and education for their kids while traveling. In-person meetups, organized activities, and group branches also help to create a sense of community and encouragement.

Fulltime Families provides field trips and rallies across the US and Canada. Parent and kids’ groups stay in contact on social media as well as at scheduled events. What’s more, members enjoy discounts at participating campgrounds and other RV memberships, and their online presence supports a book club and boondocking group. 

Annual membership is $65 per year.

Tips for Finding Community on the Road

As you search for RV clubs that fit your needs and interests, use some of our tried and true tips for finding your community. 

Use Social Media

Social media has helped many RVers build a community while traveling. You could follow other travelers on Instagram, for example. Images posted of fantastic settings from campsites and hikes worldwide have spurred others to adopt the RV lifestyle and begin exploring new and exciting locations.

RVillage is a unique social platform for RVers around the world. It’s essentially a messaging service connecting campers as they travel. RVers “check-in,” reporting where they’re camping as they arrive at new destinations. You can find friends you never knew you had by searching for RVers located close to your campsite, messaging them, and setting up a meeting if so desired. 

Fulltime RV Friends and Community Discussion with the Freedom Theory - Mondays with The Mortons

Facebook also has dozens of RV-oriented groups, covering topics like boondocking, camping with pets, glamping, and living in a recreational vehicle full-time. Joining any of these groups will give you access to helpful suggestions, a place to ask questions, and a source of newfound friends. Many group members meet in person on the road as they find others who have similar interests.

Like the Escapees club, RVillage has several groups organized by interest. It also provides forums for questions and sharing of information, and it’s free to join.

Use Online Forums

No matter how long you’ve been RVing, it seems there will always be questions and concerns about some aspect of your travel. Fortunately, you can find quick answers to most of your queries through RV forums online. 

As a major benefit, you can connect with RVers who overcame similar issues to yours. Their experiences could save you time, effort, and money. Besides, you can find discussions on lighter subjects, including favorite campsite locations. You can also ask more technical queries like “how to dump your black tank.”

As you search, you’ll find free forums organized by topic. Here are several popular RV forums to get you started:

Additionally, you can find forums related to specific RV brands and manufacturers. Below are a few examples:

Join RV Clubs That Appeal to Your Interests

If you’re looking to make connections with others as you travel, start with any of the groups listed above. You can also find community through RV clubs that deal specifically with your RV brand, your location, or your interests.  

To get started, Google your RV manufacturer to see if they have an active community online. When you plan an RV trip, search for RV clubs located at your final destination. Finally, look online for groups organized around your interests. You might contact local chambers of commerce for suggestions as well

Hanging out with fellow Escapees RV Club members, Rae & Jason of Getaway Couple!

RV Clubs Enhance Your RVing Experience

The RV community is an all-encompassing group of people that embrace varying activities, interests, and sports. No matter your passion, you’re sure to find an RV club of like-minded individuals to share it with. Now, it’s your job to find one you love and create connections that will enhance your RVing experience. 

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