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5 Best RV Golf Cart Carriers

Golf carts go with RVs like palm trees go with Florida beaches. A golf cart is a great way to get around at large campgrounds, tour the place where you’re staying, pick up groceries, and of course, play golf! But how do you transport it from place to place? That’s where the RV golf cart carrier comes into play. 

There are a few ways to bring your golf cart with you while traveling. In this article, we’re going to show you the five best carriers to make transporting your golf cart easier. 

How to Transport a Golf Cart on an RV

There are a few ways to transport a golf cart with an RV. If you tow a trailer, you can put the golf cart in the bed of your truck since most will fit in an 8-foot bed. If you have a toy hauler, you can roll the golf cart into the trailer.

However, if you have a motorhome, it can be a little bit more difficult. Depending on whether or not you pull a towed car to your destination, your options will be different.

If your towed vehicle is a pickup truck you might be able to simply carry the golf cart in that. If not, you might not have the ability to pull both a trailer and your car. You might want to consider a carrier that attaches to the back of your rig. 

golf cart carrier

Types of RV Golf Cart Carriers

When it comes to RV golf cart carriers, you typically have two choices: 

Floating Platform 

Floating platform RV golf cart carriers attach to your RV or motorhome’s frame. Some use hydraulics to raise and lower the platform, while others have ramps to load and unload the cart. 

The platform styles’ weight limits are typically lower compared with the trailer option we’ll discuss next. But the platform easily folds for storage. 


Trailer RV golf cart carriers tend to haul more weight, making sure you can take all your toys with you. They can have one, two, or four wheels. And you can carry more on a trailer than a platform. 

It’s possible to tow a trailer with a fifth-wheel or behind a towable RV, also known as double towing. Be cautious, however, as some states don’t allow double towing

How to Double Tow Two Trailers - Triple Towing a Boat Behind Our Fifth Wheel RV - 70 Feet Long!

The other concern with trailers is campground restrictions. Some campgrounds restrict what you can have on your lot, so you may not be allowed to have a golf cart (or its trailer) with you. 

5 Best RV Golf Cart Carriers

When you’re traveling with such precious cargo, the last thing you want to do is use a faulty carrier. You want one that’s simple and safe. Here are our top recommendations: 

1. MightyHauler 1200G RV Golf Cart Carrier

The Mighty Hauler 1200G can safely carry up to 1,200 pounds. The carrier attaches to the motorhome with two receivers, making it sturdy and stable. You can drive on and off the platform using your ramps or ones you purchase from the company. It comes with tail lights and wiring harnesses. And there are tie-down hooks for the golf cart. 


There’s one issue with this unit. It only works on diesel pushers unless your load is under 900 pounds. Some golf carts will fit this weight requirement, but do your homework before you choose this carrier.

2. Hydra-Lift Heavy-Duty Platform Lift

This heavy-duty platform has a hydraulic lift to raise and lower the platform for easy loading and unloading. It has a 1,000-pound carrying capacity and an automatic locking system. You can use this unit for most standard-sized golf carts, leaving the trailer hitch available for flat-towing a car. 


When not in use, you can fold the platform flat against the RV for storage. You can also use it for motorcycles, four-wheelers, or bicycles using tie-down bolts. 

3. Swivelwheel-58 Dual Wheel RV Golf Cart Carrier

The Swivelwheel-58 has two wheels that ride behind the motorhome or trailer (if allowed where you are). You can use it for a golf cart, motorcycle, or side-by-side. It uses a rotational hitch bar for the dual-wheel models. 

Your RV will need to have at least a class-III receiver hitch, which means most Class A and Class C RVs, as well as coaches and fifth-wheels, are ready to tow. 

swivel golf cart and motorcycle carrier

The weight limit is 1,200 pounds, and you can load and unload it from any side. Additionally, you can provide your own ramps or purchase some from the company. There are six tie-down locations, allowing you to flip this trailer up for storage, but you can’t drive with it in this position. 

4. Freedom Hauler Toy Trailer

The Freedom Hauler Toy Trailer is a sturdy trailer made of all steel and can hold 2,700 pounds on the 6-foot unit. It comes in trailers up to 12 feet long and as short as 4 feet. It has steel wheels, a 24-28 point tie-down system, LED lighting, reverse lights, and a 3-year warranty. 

You can haul trikes, bikes, motorcycles, golf carts and more, up to the weight limit. It hooks into the trailer hitch on the back of the rig. 

Many say this is one of the easiest trailers to tow, steer and back up. 


5. Smart Trailer SL400

The Smart Trailer has four tires with a 2,500-pound load capacity. It’s unique because it has zero tongue weight, meaning it puts no pressure on your rig’s rear, which would typically add to your total weight. You can purchase a five-foot ramp or create your own. 

This trailer is heavy-duty enough to haul some light smart cars – if you’re so inclined. It also comes with tail lights and tie-downs.  


Which RV Golf Cart Carrier Will You Choose? 

To get your golf cart from park to park and course to course, you’ll need a quality carrier to haul it. Whether you choose to use a platform or a trailer, make sure it can handle your gear’s weight, including bikes and other toys. 

One more item you should check is the tow weight for your RV. Can it handle the weight of the platform and the items you’re carrying? 

Once your homework is done, there’s nothing left but to load your RV golf cart carrier and start enjoying your mobility!

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