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Best RV Roadside Assistance for Peace of Mind on the Road

Best RV Roadside Assistance for Peace of Mind on the Road

You often don’t think about having the best RV roadside assistance until you’re in a situation you don’t expect. It could be a flat tire, an overheated engine, or any number of unexplained mechanical snafus. 

In any case, it means you’re stuck by the side of the highway, or worse–a quiet side road with no service stations in sight. But all is not lost, especially if you have a roadside assistance plan! 

We looked at the best RV roadside assistance plans that’ll help you deal with all sorts of trouble with your rig. Let’s dive in! 

RV Roadside Assistance vs. RV Insurance

Before we size up the best RV roadside assistance program, it’s essential to know what these services do and what they don’t. Roadside assistance isn’t insurance; it won’t cover repairs to your RV from crashes with other vehicles or provide you any coverage for damage to other cars, people, or property. 

On the other hand, consider the scenarios we mentioned, like a flat tire, disabled engine, or dead battery leaving you broken down on the side of the road. Your insurance likely won’t cover anything here.

But your roadside assistance plan will provide a jump or tow to the nearest service station, keeping you from getting stranded and helping facilitate the repairs. 

woman calling rv roadside assistance

What to Look for in the Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans?

It’s critical to take a close look at a potential roadside assistance plan’s details before deciding. Here are some essential factors.


It goes without saying that roadside assistance is an extra expense in your budget. You’ll likely find at least one plan that fits your budget, but varying costs also come with varying benefits. Unless the lowest price is your top priority, understand the trade-offs between various plans. 

Types of Vehicles Covered

Certain plans will only cover certain vehicle types (i.e., non-motorized RVs or trailers). Some programs will let you add coverage for motorcycles or other vehicles, while others may include this coverage in their standard packages. Check for length or weight restrictions for tow services, too.

Towing Distances

Towing distances can be a crucial element in the best RV roadside assistance plan for you. Some programs will pull you from wherever you are to the nearest service station, no matter how far it is. But you might not be able to choose which service station that is. 

Others allow you to pick any repair shop within their tow distance, which might be as much as 200 miles or as little as five miles. If you spend significant amounts of time in remote areas far from potential repair shops, consider selecting a plan with extensive towing limits. 

Extra Offerings and Details

Beyond these significant items, most plans also include a suite of basic services that can be extremely helpful to stranded drivers. They might consist of emergency fuel delivery if you run out of gas, lockout assistance for lost keys, jump starts for dead batteries, tire changes, and winching to pull your RV or car out of a ditch, mud, sand, etc. 

rv being loaded on tow truck

Who Has the Best RV Roadside Assistance? Here Are Our Top Picks

The best RV roadside assistance will depend on your rig and your travel style. We rounded up some of the most popular roadside assistance plans for RVs, each with its own strengths for certain RVers.

Let’s take a closer look.

AAA RV Roadside Assistance

AAA is among the most common roadside assistance choices because many RVers already use its services for their personal vehicles. And that’s a good thing because you’re required to have regular AAA coverage to sign up for an RV-specific plan. 

AAA offers two levels of RV service: the standard “Plus” plan and the more comprehensive “Premier” plan. Prices vary by state, but you can expect to pay around $140 per year for “Plus” and $210 per year for “Premier.”

This includes the cost of AAA coverage for your car or truck. You’ll need additional coverage for each member of your household who may use the services.

AAA’s plan covers towing for all motorized and non-motorized RVs and trailers up to 32 feet long. Using the “Plus” plan, AAA offers up to four tows per year of up to 100 miles each. The “Premier” package includes one tow of up to 200 miles and three tows of up to 100 miles each. 

It should be enough to get you to a service station of your choice, except for perhaps the most remote of campers. AAA also offers winching service to pull out your RV or car if it gets stuck.

You’ll also have access to other everyday roadside assistance items like locksmiths, fuel delivery, and flat tire and battery services. 

rv on side of the road

Good Sam RV Roadside Assistance

Another top-rated plan comes from Good Sam, the well-known RV membership organization known for providing campground discounts and other perks. Good Sam offers three coverage levels, ranging in price from $65 to $120 per year. 

The $65 “Standard” plan provides roadside assistance for one vehicle and one travel trailer but no coverage for motorized RVs like Class As, Bs, and Cs. For that, you’ll need either the $80 “Platinum” plan or the $120 “Platinum Complete,” which also covers multiple vehicles and RVs. 

These rates are for your first year, and your costs will nearly double for your second year and beyond. Good Sam plans cover your entire family at no additional charge. 

A big perk of all Good Sam roadside assistance packages is the unlimited distance for towing. This means that no matter where you break down, you can get to a service center. However, Good Sam will only take you to the nearest service facility, which may not be your preferred one. 

When possible, Good Sam will send a mobile mechanic to fix your RV on site. In these cases, you’ll still be responsible for the parts and labor costs. 

Additionally, all Good Sam plans include tire and battery services, gas delivery, lost key and lockout services, and a 10% discount on repairs at AAMCO. With an upgrade to the “Platinum” plan, you’ll gain coverage for leased or rented RVs, as well as additional discounts on hotels and car rentals. It even offers an RV concierge service to help you find repair centers or campgrounds. 

The “Platinum Complete” plan stacks on even more benefits, including tire and wheel replacement and emergency travel and medical services.

Progressive RV Roadside Assistance

Progressive also offers one of the top roadside assistance plans for RVs. This program is only available as an add-on to Progressive RV insurance policies. Therefore, the price may vary depending on your state and the nature of your vehicle. 

Progressive will tow your vehicle to any repair shop of your choice in a 15-mile radius or the closest shop if none are within that area. They’ll pull you to the shop of your choice for an additional cost, though, even if it’s not in the 15-mile radius.

Progressive also offers winching service, pulling your stuck RV or vehicle to safety (as long as it’s within 100 feet of a road.) As well, you’ll enjoy standard roadside assistance amenities like battery jump-starting and charging, fuel delivery, locksmith service, and flat tire repair or replacement. 

The company also provides roadside assistance for any vehicle you use to tow your Progressive-insured RV or trailer, even if they don’t insure that vehicle. 

fifth wheel on side of road waiting for assistance

Coach-Net RV Roadside Assistance

Coach-Net is another well-known RV roadside assistance plan that’s been catering to RV and trailer owners for more than 30 years. The company offers two plans: a $179/year plan for towable RVs and a $249/year plan for drivable RVs. This coverage includes your entire family (including kids up to 24 years old) and all your other vehicles. 

Both plans come with a wide variety of benefits. You have access to unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center and winching services to remove a stuck RV or trailer. The company can even pinpoint your location through your phone if you don’t know exactly where you’ve broken down.  

Coach-Net also gives you unlimited access to a mobile mechanic to evaluate your RV’s issues. You’ll enjoy standard roadside assistance benefits like fuel and fluid delivery, tire changing or replacement, battery jumps, and lockout protection. 

Coach-Net is an excellent resource if you run into trouble on your trip. They’ll reimburse you up to $2,000 for food, lodging, and other expenses if you’re in a crash 100 miles or more from home. 

Plus, if anyone is hurt, you have access to travel assistance services if you’re hospitalized more than 150 miles from your home. This plan has many beneficial discounts, from tires and RV parts and accessories to hotels and campgrounds. 

FMCA RV Roadside Assistance

The FMCA plan is one of the best value roadside assistance plans for your RV. The program is packed with many similar features to the Coach-Net plan. However, it’s available for just $129 a year for towable RVs and $159 a year for driveable ones. 

You’ll need an FMCA membership to sign up, which will entitle you to other benefits as well. This membership costs between $75 and $85 a year, depending on the length. It covers your tow car or other vehicles as well as your spouse and any kids under 25. 

Much like other towing options, the FMCA plan will tow you to the nearest qualified service shop, no matter how far it is. And as with Coach-Net, you can take advantage of mobile mechanic services to evaluate and fix more minor problems in your RV on site. They even give you a hotline to call if you need free technical assistance or RV travel concierge service over the phone! 

If a mechanical breakdown leaves you stranded, you’ll also get up to $300 a day for five days to compensate you for the interruption. Add this to standard services like fuel delivery, tire and battery services, winching, and lockout protection, and you have a complete roadside assistance package.

truck camper rv on roadside

Does RV Roadside Assistance Cover RV Rentals?

This will depend on the specifics of your particular policy. Some, like Good Sam’s “Platinum” or “Platinum Complete,” will provide this coverage, while others require an extra cost or don’t offer this protection at all.

As always, consult the details of your plan before taking out that rented or borrowed RV.

Which RV Roadside Assistance Is for You?

The only one who can pick the best RV roadside assistance for you is, well…you! Each plan has its own strengths and drawbacks, so consider your budget, travel style, and type of RV or trailer when making your decision. 

You may value having your choice of a repair shop, or you may camp in areas so remote that you’ll take the closest option. You might be willing to spend whatever it costs for the most service and coverage, or you might be on a tight budget and just need to protect against worst-case scenarios. 

No matter how much you plan or how well you take care of your RV, things unfortunately happen. You never know when that blown tire or lost key could leave you in the lurch. 

Travel With Peace of Mind With An RV Roadside Assistance Plan

At the end of the day, roadside assistance programs should be about giving you peace of mind while traveling at the end of the day. Most importantly, don’t skimp too much on the coverage and end up stranded anyway.

rv stranded on side of road

Consider our choices for the best RV roadside assistance, and you’re one step closer to removing one major source of worry for your rig. Here’s to your stress-free RV adventure!

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Friday 17th of March 2023

I enjoy all your RV articles, thanks for all of them. I am researching purchasing a roadside assistance policy and just read your article on them. I was almost going to sign up for the GoodSam RV Platinum Plan before I read your article. It seemed almost too good to be true! So I researched some other reviews on this plan before I decided what plan I will sign up for. Well according to close to 80% of the various reviews sites this is a terrible service, they don't have a contracted nation wide network that is willing to work for them at the rates they are willing to pay these subcontractors! The dispatchers are constantly telling broken down RVs that assistance is on the way and it takes hours longer than was stated or it Never even shows up at all! Another alarming policy that that the GoodSam plans are doing is marking up the price of tires by over 50% from retail prices, that the tire repair service brings to a stranded RVer that the RVer will have to pay for through GoodSam and you can`t just pay the service truck for the retail cost of the tire! May I suggest you add some kind of rating for customer service to your article / articles like this and update this article. As you are a trusted source of info for you're RV followers and even the fact that you are listing GoodSam plans in you`re article, gives them a level of good customer service. Maybe you can`t list a rating of customer service because of your sponsors, but then maybe you could suggest that readers go take a look at customer reviews of each service to help make a decision on which service to sign up for. All the Best and Safe Travels.

Mortons on the Move

Sunday 19th of March 2023

Thanks for your feedback; I will get this on our list to update for sure.


Sunday 2nd of May 2021

As of 4/2020 the AAA service for RVs changed. This article doesn't seem to be up to date on the AAA service provided for RVs now, at least not in Northern New England. I'm not sure what the changes are in other areas, but it's my understanding that this was across the board. TOWING SERVICE – RV/MOTORCYCLE – Tow and extrication/winching benefits for RVs and motorcycles and RV tire change service are available as allowable service calls for AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV members with RV/Motorcycle roadside assistance . AAA Northern New England will pay up to $500 towards services per allowable RV/Motorcycle service call, up to $1,000 total per household per membership year on allowable RV/Motorcycle service calls . Members will be responsible for all other costs of service above that amount .AAA Plus Members may use any or all of their four allowable calls for RV or Motorcycle service, subject to limits described in this Section .The benefit limitations described above will be effective for members who, on or after 4/1/2020, purchase new AAA Plus RV or AAA Premier RV memberships, upgrade their memberships to AAA Plus RV or AAA Premier RV, or renew their current AAA Plus RV or AAA Premier RV memberships . Until such changes are effective, AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV members will be towed without charge to the destination of choice that is up to 100 driving miles from the point of breakdown and there is no dollar limit on extrication and winching or RV tire change service on allowable call

Mortons on the Move

Friday 14th of May 2021

Thank you for the catch, no this has not been updated since that change.

Richard van den Arend

Thursday 29th of April 2021

I noticed in the article that you mentioned that AAA has a length limit. Do the others have a length limit too? If so, I did not see it listed in the article. I ask because I am picking up a 35' 5th wheel next week.

Don Rimel

Thursday 29th of April 2021

We have Good Sam's with the Platinum level. Over the last three years we have used the service twice. The first time was using a lock out service and the second time was a towing service to get use out soft sandy ground at an RV park when the RV got stuck. I would not travel without a RV Roadside Service.


Thursday 29th of April 2021

I carry my own spare. I have Geico and AAA roadside assistance. (Geico roadside came with my RV ins), I’ve read on a few forums that some of the AAA contracted service providers will not change a Dully tire. So I called AAA, and in fact they stated, “it depends on the service company who responds”. What a bummer, knowing I may or may not get the service I pay for!

So I’m rolling the dice and keeping both AAA and Geico, hopefully I will never need them!