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8 Best RV Steps for Easy Camper Entry

RV steps are a standard feature on campers and motorhomes. But do the factory-issued steps make entry into your RV easy? Not always. 

Whether you want to upgrade your current steps or replace broken ones, we can help. We researched various RV steps that increase the ease of entry. Keep reading to learn which are the seven best steps on the market.

What Size Are RV Steps?

RV steps vary in size depending on the RV class and model. The width typically ranges between 20 and 36 inches. The height can be from 27 to 36 inches, and the rise is usually 8 inches.

How to Measure for RV Steps?

Before shopping for RV steps, take measurements of your current steps to help you purchase the correct size. Different step designs may require slightly different measurements, depending on where and how they connect to your RV.

Generally speaking, here’s how to measure your steps correctly: 

First, measure the width of your current steps, then measure the rise. The rise is the distance (height) between each step.

Next, measure from the top of the step assembly diagonally down to the edge of the last step. Finally, measure from the threshold of your RV door straight down to the ground.

Installing the Solid Step RV Entrance Stairs by Lippert Components

The 7 Best Entry Steps for Your RV

We found the seven best RV steps to share with you. Take a look and see which might be a good fit for your RV.

1. MOR/ryde StepAbove RV Steps

About: The MOR/ryde StepAbove Fold Up step system will eliminate bouncing and provide solid entry and exit of your RV. This RV step easily swings up into your RV’s doorway for storage on travel days. The step measures: Step Rise – 8″; Height 36.5″-42″; Door Width 30″; Flange to Flange 27.75″ – 28.25″.

No products found.

What We Like: It reaches all the way to the ground for improved stability over other hanging steps. The aluminum steps have grooved treads for added stability. The recessed feet at the bottom of the step allow you to adjust them for uneven terrain.

What Could Be Better: You must download and read the MOR/ryde StepAbove Qualifier pdf worksheet to make sure you get the right steps and they will work for your RV application.

2. Lippert Solid Step RV Steps

About: The Lippert Solid Step comes in double, triple, or quadruple steps. This RV step has legs that reach all the way to the ground to create a solid connection. It folds up right into your RV’s doorway for traveling. It has adjustable feet for when you’re camping on uneven ground. The step comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and installation hardware.

It has tread widths of 20.13 inch (on the 26 inch Solid Step) or 24.13 inch (on the 30 inch Solid Step).

Lippert-733932 Solid Step Double Step for RV and...
  • ADDED STABILITY — This RV step assembly boasts an extra-wide...
  • EASY STORAGE — When you’re ready to hit the road, the Solid...
  • OPTIMAL SAFETY — Featuring recessed feet at the step's base,...

What We Like: It has an extra-wide top step and aluminum step treads for added stability. The recessed feet at the bottom of the step also add safety and stability.

What Could Be Better: You may need to adjust your screen door to make room for the foldable steps if your RV didn’t come with this type of step.

3. Kwikee Electric Step

About: The Kwikee Electric Step is 24″ high. It’s an electric RV step with a control unit and power switch kit that requires installation along with the step. The step is made out of durable heavy-gauge steel and a black powder-coated finish. Sealed wiring connectors protect it from the elements.

Kwikee 32 Series Electric Step Assembly with Logic...
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Heavy-gauge steel and black powder-coated finish for long-lasting...
  • Solid steel drive rods and stainless steel bushings

What We Like: An electric step makes for ease of campsite set up or short stops on a road trip. We also like that this has the power switch kit for installation on many RV types.

What Could Be Better: Keep in mind that the step’s rise is 7″ and that if the electrical components break, you’ll be without your RV steps until you can have them repaired.

4. Stromberg Carlson SMFP-3100

About: The Stromberg Carlson SMFP-3100 triple steps are manual. They’re 29″ high with an 8″ rise. It’s possible to install them on almost any RV.

Stromberg Carlson Manual RV Step - 24" W Triple,...
  • 24″ W Triple, 8″ rise
  • Replaces any step on the market
  • “Low profile” single steps available

What We Like: Manual RV steps are easy to install and easy to use. They don’t have extra components, like electrical hookups that can potentially create issues.

What Could Be Better: There tends to be metal scraping on metal at the folding pivot points. Wear and tear could potentially develop over time due to the lack of innovation.

5. Lippert Alumi-Tread Triple RV Step

About: This Lippert Alumi-Tread Step is manual and 29″ high. The steps have anti-slip grips and a textured surface for more excellent stability and traction. Their aluminum platforms are rustproof, and the steel frame and linkages are powder-coated for added strength and longevity. 

Lippert Components 432696 Alumi-Tread Triple...
  • ADDED STABILITY — Anti-slip grips and a texturized surface...
  • EASY OPERATION — Crafted from lightweight aluminum and equipped...
  • DURABILITY — Built to handle the toughest elements, the...

What We Like: The steps are made from lightweight aluminum, making them easy to move in and out. Their design is also sleek and modern.

What Could Be Better: Reviews indicate that these take a little more time to install than the manufacturer may let on.

6. Ollieroo Portable Step Stool

About: Ollieroo’s Portable Step Stool is 15″ by 10.2″. The plastic platform has non-slip grips. The sturdy construction holds up to 330 lbs. Unlike the previously listed models, this step does not attach to your RV.

Ollieroo Metal Folding Step Stool, Wide One Step...
  • FOLDING AND SPACE-SAVING: It is very simple and convenient to use...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Our single step stool weighs only 4...
  • STURDY STEEL AND STABLE DESIGN: Ollieroo's one step stool has...

What We Like: We like this step for an alternative if you don’t want to take your steps out or if you need additional steps because you’re higher off the ground than usual. It’s effortless to open and close the legs, and it only weighs 4 lbs. Plus, it has a handle for ease of carrying.

What Could Be Better: We had a hard time thinking of anything that needs improving with this step stool. However, if we had to name one thing, it could be a tad wider.

7. Quick Products Platform Step

About: Quick Products Platform Step is 24″ by 15.5″. It’s 7.5″ tall when fully extended. The legs fold under the step for easy storage. Both the legs and step surface have a safety grip.

Quick Products JQ-S150 Platform Step, X-Large 24"...
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Full safety grip surface
  • 7.5" tall (fully extended)

What We Like: The step has a one-year replacement warranty. 

What Could Be Better: This platform step can get dirt stuck where the legs fold, making it a little stiff to maneuver. Keep it clean and clear of debris, and you shouldn’t have problems.

8. Prime Safety RV Steps

About: Prime Safety RV Steps is a height-adjustable, folding step stool. It’s 19″ by 14.5″, and the height ranges from 8″ to 9.5″. It can adjust between four positions. 

Prime 1 Safety RV Steps Extra Large Platform 19in...
  • Stable and safe: Maximum Load 600lbs Sturdy construction, bottom...
  • Extra Large size: 19" Length x 14.5" Width.
  • Adjustable height: Height Scale Adjustable from: 7-5/8 inch to 9...

What We Like: We like that this RV step folds up easily and has a carrying handle. It also boasts a 600 lbs maximum carry capacity, which is the highest weight threshold across all the step stools on our list.

What Could Be Better: The non-slip grip on this step does not cover the entire surface, so it may peel off over time.

Things to Look for in an RV Step

When purchasing an RV step, keep these four features in mind: 

Weight Capacity

Check on the weight capacity of the step. Consider that the step may need to hold two adults at once, so we recommend choosing steps that can withstand a load of 300 or more pounds.


Look for sturdy and durable RV step construction for long-term use. It’s common to see steel and black powder-coated finishes for durability. The step will likely face wet weather at some point as well, so choose rust-proof or weather-ready steps. 


Your RV step must be stable. At times you may camp on uneven ground. In this situation, a step with adjustable legs comes in handy. Even if you have an electric step, you could also purchase a step stool for increased stability in different situations. 


Like with many things, you pay for quality. We recommend checking the other three boxes in this list first and consider the price last. Your safety and the step’s durability will outweigh their cost in the long run. 

Get In and Out of Your RV With Ease

We think that getting in and out of your RV with ease is a must-have. If you’re ready to replace your RV steps, we hope you consider one of the seven we recommend. Always measure before purchasing to get the right step for your RV! 

Don’t stop at your doorsteps! For added security, we recommend replacing your RV door locks too. Find out more here: Prevent RV Break-ins: Install High-Security RV Door Locks

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Camco stool is really well designed and built. It is super sturdy and easily supports a lot of weight. The adjustable legs do not provide you with an excessive amount of top adjustment however were top-notch for a choppy floor in which you could enlarge a leg to make it level (now no longer rocking). The huge platform, clean adjustment, and folding legs make it ideal as a step and clean to % away withinside the camper.