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The Best RV Window Shades and Why They’re Important

The Best RV Window Shades and Why They’re Important

RV window shades are an essential part of an RV. However, if you jeopardize the quality of your window shade, you may have a poor experience with this item used daily. With several different styles and brands, you can choose the best option for you.

Check out the top five RV window shades listed below and see which one can make your RV life a bit more comfortable.

What Is an RV Window Shade?

An RV window shade gives you privacy while on the road or camping. Putting up an RV window shade also provides UV protection. Depending on the type of shade you choose, it can block most of the UV rays

Another benefit is the reduction in energy use. If you’re plugged in at home, or you’re boondocking on generator power, using less energy is essential! Shades help cool the interior faster when the sun shines through the windows.

What Are the Types of RV Window Shades?

With several types of window shades for your RV, you can choose one that best fits your needs. Here’s a quick overview of the options out there. 

Solar or Day Shades

The materials solar shades are made of are heavier than other types of window shades. They can help reduce the heat by blocking a fair amount of sun through the window but cannot stop the cold. Additionally, solar shades allow you to see outside during the day, but people passing by won’t be able to see in your RV. However, at night it has a reversed effect.

Day – Night Combination Shades

While a solar or day shade does a good blocking sun during the day while allowing you to see through them, they dont offer privacy at night. This is where day/night combination shades come in. These shades offer both a solar day shade and a solid night shade for blocking the view into the RV. Some of these shades also offer blackout features for darkening a room during the day.

Roller Shades 

This type of RV window shade is ideal for privacy. Roller shades also provide insulation and light control. When choosing a rolling shade, consider four factors: weave and construction, color, the mounting position of the shades, and the openness factor.\

Roller shades can be a single sheet or offer a day/night option.

Slow-Rise Day/Night Roller Shades RV Install - Goodbye Mini Blinds! - RV Upgrade

Pleated Shades

A pleated shade doesn’t have slats. They have just one layer of fabric that’s typically very sheer. The fabric is folded in pleats so that it can fold up in an accordion shape when retracted. This type of shade can give you privacy while providing a clean look to the interior of your RV.

Fabric Blinds

Fabric blinds for your RV can offer privacy and solar protection while remaining stylish. Usually fabric blinds are made custom for an RV to match the décor.

fabric RV blinds

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are like pleated shades but offer two pieces of fabrid instead of one. They can help keep your interior safe from excess heat and cold by offering some insulation. Cellular shades can be versatile as they’re made with different types of fabrics and styles. With such flexibility, you can choose a design that works best in your RV with the kind of privacy you need.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are less likely to break than vinyl. Since aluminum reflects the sun’s heat, you’ll reap the benefits of a cooler RV.

Why Are RV Window Shades Important?

Investing in some quality RV window shades is essential for three primary reasons.


You can enjoy more privacy with RV shades. Without shades, anyone can just walk by your RV and peek through your windows.


Keeping out excess sunlight and the heat from the sun can keep your RV at a comfortable temperature.

Protects Furniture

With the sun constantly shining through the windows, you would experience sun-damaged furniture. With quality RV window shades, you can protect your furniture from over-exposure to the sun.

The 5 Best Window Shade Options for All RV Classes

Below are some of the best window shades you can purchase for your RV. When investing in your RV, it’s beneficial to scope out different brands and styles to see what would be ideal for you.

1. RecPro RV Pleated Shades

About the RecPro Pleated Shades: These shades will add an elegant appeal to your RV. The cappuccino color is not too dark or light. They can also match various decor. Not only that, but they’re light enough not to collect a lot of allergens and dust. The RV shades are easy to raise and lower, so you can easily close the blinds for UV protection or privacy. Because they’re not see-through, they’re perfect for nighttime.

RecPro RV Blinds Pleated Shades | Cappuccino | RV...
  • These RV blinds in cappuccino are a great replacement or upgrade...
  • Closing the blinds to block out harmful UV rays or to just get...
  • The cappuccino color is also perfect for RV interiors, with the...

Top Features: Pleated shades are great for blocking out harmful UV rays, providing optimal nighttime privacy, and insulating your RV. They also come in various sizes, and there’s mounting hardware included for easy installation. 

2. RediShade Trim-At-Home Shades

About the RediShade Trim-At-Home Shades: Sometimes, shopping for an RV window shade isn’t easy, especially if you need a unique size. Thankfully, the RediShade offers convenient trim-to-fit options. 

Even better, you won’t need tools for installation. All you need is a straight-edged kitchen knife and a guide with a patented trimming scale. You can permanently install the shade in minutes. 

Redi Shade No Tools Easy Lift Trim-at-Home...
  • Trim at Home for a perfect fit then, install with No Tools — no...
  • Trim your shade with a straight-edged kitchen knife using...
  • Cordless lift mechanism for easy operation and clean appearance...

Top Features: The sizing is customizable to your window, and you don’t need a handyman’s toolbox to install it! It’s a gorgeous, soft-spun lace fabric that perfectly filters light while offering privacy. If you have children and pets, you’ll love the easy-to-operate cordless lift. 

3. Lippert Thin Window Shades

About the Lippert Window Shades: You can block out the harmful sun rays with these shades. You can enjoy your time outside and walk into your RV at a comfortable temperature as the shades help regulate heat. 

Want privacy at certain times of the day but also want to see outside? These RV window shades provide that flexibility. Also, with an easy extend and retract operation, you don’t have to worry about the cords getting knotted or tangled.

Thin Shade™ Ready for Prepped Lippert™ Entry...
  • Blocks The Sun’S Rays From Entering Your Rv Interior.Fit Type:...
  • Helps Regulate The Interior Rv Temperature
  • Creates Privacy When Needed

Top Features: Like most on our list, these shades block out harmful sun rays and regulate your RV’s interior temperature. There’s an excellent privacy option for sheer or opaque blinds, depending on your needs. It’s also effortless to operate. 

4. RecPro Roller Shades

About the RecPro Roller Shades: These RV shades come in various sizes for your convenience. With a four-ply linen material, you don’t have to worry about light shining in at night, and you can sleep in! In addition, the material provides a blackout effect for extra privacy. With the white color, you can match it with pretty much any interior decor.

RecPro White RV Roller Shades Darkening Window...
  • When measuring width, please note that the measurement is the...
  • If returned Items are due to the customer ordering the wrong...
  • The 4-ply linen blackout used in our night roller shades is ideal...

Top Features: The white, clean color brightens up any space and comes in various sizes. Because it’s four-ply linen with blackout protection, you don’t have to worry about it being transparent or letting in too much light. That also means extra privacy! 

5. RV Day & Night Pleated Shades

About the RV Day & Night Pleated Shades: The daytime side is a sheer cotton color, and the nighttime is a tan stitch bond. Both colors can accommodate various decor styles. With these RV shades, you can protect yourself and your furniture from too much sun exposure. It also has insulation benefits, so you can conveniently keep your RV at the right temperature.

RecPro RV Day & Night Pleated Shades Cotton/Tan...
  • Daytime Color: Cotton Sheer Nighttime Color: Tan Stitchbond
  • If returned Items are due to the customer ordering the wrong...
  • Protects against harmful UV rays

Top features: Users love the different daytime and nighttime colors, both of which offer protection from harmful UV rays. It features excellent insulation for temperature regulation, and the package comes with mounting hardware. 

Can You See Through RV Shades at Night?

Usually, no. Seeing through RV shades at night is not something that most people want. Thankfully, most RV shades will give you the perfect privacy you need, including those listed above.

Can I Use Regular Blinds in an RV?

Yes. Depending on your RV, you could use regular or mini blinds. 

However, keep in mind that you may have to bring them to a tailor to make them work correctly, which means it can turn into more of a hassle. Plus, you’ll need a way to secure them while you drive. 

Therefore, most RVers choose to purchase RV window shades for an optimal experience. 

RV Window Shades

When choosing the perfect RV window shades for you and your family, consider various options and select the one that best fits your needs. Think about what you want most out of the shades, and then base your decision on that. RV life can be a bit more comfortable when you have the proper privacy and temperature regulation.

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