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7 Best Small Pop-Up Campers for Convenient Camping

You can achieve an easy and convenient camping trip with small pop-up campers. In other words, your relaxation and fun could increase! No one wants to spend hours setting up their campsite for a weekend getaway. Many pop-ups practically set themselves up and have creature comforts of home ready to go in minutes! 

We found seven pop-up campers that make camping easy. Check them out with us! 

About Pop-Up Campers

A pop-up camper is a small, lightweight travel trailer with a collapsible roof for easy towing. When the roof is raised, the sides of the camper extend out, creating extra sleeping space.

Pop-up campers usually have soft canvas sides, which gives them an open tent-like feel. Although some models, such as Aliners, are hard-sided.

7 Small Pop-Up Campers That Make Camping Easy

These seven small pop-up campers are convenient and fun. They put a modern twist on the pop-up campers invented in the 1960s and 70s. 

1. SylvanSport Go Pop-Up Campers

About: The SylvanSport Go is an ultra-light pop-up camper that weighs 840 lbs. It has a tent pod that sleeps up to four people and has a standing height of 6ft 5in.

When you put away the tent pod, the camper serves as a gear deck that holds up to 960 lbs. There’s also an equipment rack on the roof with 165 lbs maximum carrying capacity.  

SylvanSport GO: Utility Vehicle/Toy Hauler/Camper

Convenient Camping Features: Our favorite features include the ability to haul gear and equipment as well as the spacious interior. The tent pod is waterproof and has a dining table option and two different sleeping configurations for 2-4 people.

Pro Tip: Learn more about the SylvanSport Go in our complete review of The Transformer Tent Camper Pop-Up Trailer Combo.

2. Aliner Family Expedition Pop-Up Trailers

About: Aliner Family Expedition Pop-Up Trailer is an A-frame with a rear and front pop-out. The dry weight is 1,875 lbs, and it’s 18ft long.

It has a sofa bed and dinette area that converts to a 60in by 80in bed and two additional single beds. There’s a toilet and sink inside the trailer and kitchenette with a 12-volt refrigerator on the outside.

2020 Aliner Family Expedition Folding Trailer Walkthrough Tour

Convenient Camping Features: The Family Expedition comes with a city water hookup, making this a convenient feature for camping when hookups are available. We also love the convenience of having a toilet in this pop-up.

3. Forest River Rockwood Pop-Up Campers

About: The Forest River Rockwood Pop-Up Campers have hard sides and multiple floor plans with the heaviest at 2,700 lbs.

The A213HW model has a toilet and the A214HW model has a wet bath. Each floor plan has a small kitchenette, sleeping space, and dining areas.


Convenient Camping Features: Having the option of a floor plan with a wet bath is a stand-out feature. This increases the convenience factor, particularly when camping in an area without bathrooms or showers. Another thing we love is that this pop-up has a heater and air conditioner.

4. Air Opus 4-Sleeper Campers

About: You might consider the Air Opus 4-Sleeper Camper as “tough luxury.” It’s a high-profile pop-up camper capable of off-roading. And it’s loaded with goodies. 

There are two four-sleeper floor plans. The OP2 has a 2,777 lb dry weight with a slideout kitchen and shower tent extension. The OP15, which has a slideout kitchen and an indoor wet bath, is heavier at 4,960 lbs. 

OP15 Camper

Convenient Camping Features: This small pop-up camper provides the convenience to go almost anywhere. It has all-terrain off-road 15in tires and independent coil suspension. It can also carry 40 gallons of water on board and has deep-cycle batteries. You could choose solar power and lithium batteries, too. 

5. Aliner Somerset Pop-Up Campers

About: The Aliner Somerset Pop-Up Camper is easy to set up. In fact, thirty seconds is the time to beat–it’s that quick and efficient.  

The Somerset offers five different models, all with soft sides with king beds. The dinette converts into a bed as well. They even have a battery-powered flushable toilet, sink, and a stove. The pop-up camper is between 2,505 lbs and 2,908 lbs dry weight.

Aliner-Somerset-Grand Tour Utah

Aliner has temporarily suspended production on the Somerset Campers, but if you’re in the market for a used camper, this is a fantastic option! Sometimes the hunt to find the pop-up you want is part of the fun! 

Convenient Camping Features: The Aliner Somerset Pop-up Campers have steel body panels and a self-storing bed support system for easy setup without bending. They also have convenient add-ons such as 15-inch off-road tires, and some models have a storage trunk.

6. Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Trailers

About: The Jayco Jay Sport is a classic pop-up trailer with heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant frame construction and soft sides. There are four different floor plans with kitchenettes, dinettes, and indoor storage space.

Each has sleeping options for four or more people. The lightest model has an unloaded vehicle weight of 1,570 lbs, and the heaviest is 2,295 lbs. 


Convenient Camping Features: The Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Trailer features various options that add to the convenience of camping in a small pop-up. Options include a 28-gallon water tank with an on-demand water pump, an outside shower, stabilizer jacks, and 15-inch off-road tires. These are just a few features that you can add to the Jay Sport.

7. Coachman Clipper Small Pop-Up Campers

About: The Coachman Clipper is easy to tow and set up. There are thirteen different floor plans ranging in configuration and features, so you have options to fit your camping needs. Two of the floor plans have an indoor toilet. 

The smallest models are in the Clipper Express line and have a minimalistic interior, weighing between 2,194 lbs and 3,259 lbs dry weight.

Clipper LS and Clipper Sport models range from 2,687 lbs to 3,296 lbs dry weight, while the Clipper V-Trek models are the heaviest with dry weights between 3,774 lbs and 4,427 lbs. 


Convenient Camping Features: We love the insulated bunks that come on all the Clipper models except the Express. We also like Coachman’s patent-pending Glide-N-Lock cable-supported bed system. Sleeping well on a camping trip is a convenience, for sure!

Benefits of Small Pop-Up Campers

Small pop-up campers are convenient for periodic camping. While they may lack the frills and features of other travel trailers, they’re easy to tow and set up. Many are light enough to pull with an SUV or even a mid to full-size sedan. This makes them obtainable for budget-conscious travelers. 

While you may not think pop-ups have much benefit other than a place to sleep, times have changed. For example, much newer pop-up campers may have toilets and showers. As the RV industry continues to innovate and grow its technology, small pop-up campers increase in quality. 

Pro Tip: Use this guide on How to Build Your Own DIY Pop Up Camper to ensure you have the perfect set up for all of your adventures.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Small Pop-Up Campers

Before shopping for a pop-up, consider how you plan to camp. Will you need a shower and toilet? Are you going to cook and need a kitchen? Is it going to be cold where you’re traveling, making a furnace necessary? 

Shower toilet combo in a pop-up camper

Once you’ve determined your must-haves and your budget, you can start exploring various brands of pop-up campers. Start with the top seven we’ve listed. Try to walk through any camper you’re considering first to get a feel for the quality and ask the salesperson to show you how to set it up. You need to know if you can set it up and break it down with ease.

Now that you have an idea of which pop-up camper you might like, find out your vehicle’s towing capacity. Should you be unable to tow the camper you want, are you willing to upgrade vehicles? Whichever vehicle you end up with, make sure it can pull the pop-up you purchase.

Would You Buy a Small Pop-Up Camper?

Finding a small pop-up camper that’s the right fit for you can be a fun process. Keep an open mind when researching the various brands. You might be surprised to find out that you want more features than you thought you did. Or that you can get by with fewer amenities. 

If you purchase one of these pop-ups, we would love to hear about your first camping trip in the comments below!

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