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What Are The Best Truck Camper Brands? A Comprehensive List

Whether you’re new to camping or are looking to downsize your current camper, you might be looking at various truck camper brands. As the smallest type of camper, a truck camper can meet your needs if you don’t need much room. They’re perfect for those with small families or who want to go solo. 

Not to mention, it’s a huge convenience not having to tow a giant RV. Before you rush off to make your purchase, knowing the best truck camper brands can help you make an informed decision.

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to quality truck campers on the market. Let’s take a drive! 

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What Is a Truck Camper?

A truck camper rests inside a truck’s bed, so it makes sense that it’s the smallest out there. In fact, it’s so tiny that 42 states consider a truck camper as cargo rather than an RV. A smaller size is a convenient option, and many who own one love it! 

Truck campers allow owners to bring toys along with them by leaving the truck hitch open for towing a trailer for boats, ATVs, and additional cargo. The availability of 4-wheel drive in trucks also makes it easy to get off-road and into the wilderness.

With a variety of layouts, heights, sizes, and capabilities, truck campers offer camping versatility that is hard to match.

Learn more about Truck Campers here: What You Need To Know About Truck Campers

Truck camper at Muncho Lake, British Columbia
Truck camper at Muncho Lake, British Columbia

A Comprehensive List of All Truck Camper Brands

Being new to truck camper shopping can feel overwhelming, with various options. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list so you can make the best choice for your personal preferences.

Alaskan Campers

History: Alaskan Campers have been building their unique hard-sided, telescopic truck campers since the early 1950s. It was designed specifically to meet the challenges of camping around the famous Alcan Highway – meaning it needed to withstand rain and cold while also reducing wind resistance on the road.

What They Offer: Alaskan Campers wanted to give campers the comfort of protection, a home-like feeling, and a safer experience. They’re the only truck camper brand that offers a hard-sided, telescopic option. Their whole design and quality philosophy is “From the top to the bottom, we will build the best.”

They sell campers in 6.5 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, 8.5 ft and 10 ft sizes.

alaskan camper

All-Terrain Campers

History: All-Terrain Campers has over 30 years of experience in the camper industry. They are based in Sacramento, California, and are a smaller truck camper manufacturer with a loyal base of customers.

What They Offer: All-Terrain Campers are typically lightweight, strong, welded aluminum frame slide-in 4×4 campers. You’ll find their models available for full-sized and mid-sized trucks in either 6.5′ or 8′ truck beds. All their models are named for wild cats: Puma, Panther, Cougar, Lynx, Ocelot, and Bobcat.

These campers are particularly popular among mid-sized truck owners.

Adventure Manufacturing (Adventurer, Eagle Cap, Overlander, Scout)

History: At just 49 years old, Erdman Epp founded Adventurer Manufacturing in 1969. Over the years, the company has strong values of instilling work ethic into their staff and setting foundations.

Now, the company has over 50 years of experience in the camper industry and has grown from just five employees to over 120. Adventure Manufacturing is based in Yakima, Washington.

What They Offer: The company has several brands of truck campers, including the Adventurer, Eagle Cap, Overlander, and Scout Campers.

Each brand narrows in on a different type of truck camping – from the more everyday Adventurer truck camper, to the big, luxury Eagle Caps, to the custom overland vehicles with Overlander, and finally the off-grid weekend warrior Scout models.

Did You Know? Eagle Cap truck campers are some of the biggest truck campers on the market!

eagle cap truck camper by Adventure Manufacturing

AT Overland

History: Adventure Trailers / AT Overland started out as a trailer manufacturer over 16 years ago. Over the years, the company wanted to grow and now offers off-road trailers, camper shells, roof tents, storage solutions, vehicle modifications, vehicle services, and various accessories. They are based out of Prescott, Arizona.

What They Offer: Adventure Trailers offers flatbed and pop-up truck camper models as well as truck toppers. They also make a special Aluma Tray for optimizing flatbed usage on 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.

Pro Tip: Find out more about pop-up truck campers and if they are the right fit for you.

Bigfoot Campers

History: You might recognize Bigfoot Campers for its quality and flawless design for over 30 years – and its bigfoot/yeti logo.

After a year of being shut down by the Great Recession of 2008, the previous Operations Manager, Grant Bilodeau, purchased the Bigfoot truck camper brand and production assets. He relaunched the company in 2010, bringing back many original Bigfoot team members on board as well.

What They Offer: Bigfoot Industries offers durable hard-sided fiberglass truck campers. Currently, the company has two different series of truck campers with incredible attention to detail.

Bigfoot is known for its high quality and heralded for being one of the most robust hard-sided truck camper brands for off-roading. Being all fiberglass, they age well and hold their value as used campers.

Bigfoot truck camper brand

Bison Overland

History: Bison Overland is a new company, but it’s bringing nothing but quality and durability to the camping industry. They capitalize in campers in general; however, their flatbed trucks also rock the industry.

What They Offer: Bison Overland offers custom aluminum flatbed pop-up truck campers. They also manufacture a customizable camper shell called the Space Wrangler.


History: After a 40-year career for another camper company, Rory Willett founded BundutecUSA in 2013. After retiring as the president of Northstar Campers, a company his grandfather founded in the early 60s, he decided to branch out on his own. With an impressive background in the family business, there’s little doubt his new company can provide solid campers.

What They Offer: BundutecUSA manufactures hard-walled and pop-top campers. They even offer various floor plans for different truck sizes and other customizations. Currently, the company is working on the BIVAC, which is not quite a full cab-over truck camper but more than a fiberglass topper.

Pro Tip: Learn more about Bundutec Campers: Rugged Truck Campers for Explorers to decide which model is right for you.

Cache Camper

History: Cache Camper has over 50 years of experience in the camper industry. They started in 1971 in Palmer, Alaska. The current owner, Larry Leuenberger, started with the company in 1975.

What They Offer: The company specializes in custom truck camper manufacturing, along with accessories and services.

Capri Campers

History: Capri Camper began in 1969 in a small Texas warehouse. In 2003, the company moved to a brand-new facility in Bluff Dale, TX, where they still operate. In 2014, Capri Campers switched ownership to a father and son team with big goals to revolutionize the truck camping industry. They’re confident they have one of the best truck camper brands on the market.

What They Offer: Capri Campers offers custom and hand-built truck campers unique with a vintage edge. They have a solid wood frame construction wrapped in anodized aluminum with a one-piece aluminum roof. Their truck campers are also fully insulated.

Pro Tip: We dove deeper to uncover the ins and outs of What Is a Capri Camper?

Phoenix Pop-Up Campers

History: The family that started Phoenix Pop-Up Campers originally started Four Wheel Campers (FWC) in the ’70s. In the ’80s, they sold it to pursue another business venture.

However, truck campers called them back in 1988 when they started Phoenix Pop-Up Campers. They piggybacked on some of their original FWC fundamental designs with improvements and more customizations. In 2007, the company decided to offer more by transforming camper designs with a fully interactive custom ordering process. 

What They Offer: Phoenix is still all about customization and ensuring each customer ends up with a camper that’s perfect for them. They offer both slide-in and flatbed truck camper options.


History: EarthCruiser is made up of engineers and manufacturers. This company originated in 2009 in Australian before moving to Bend, Oregon in 2013. Its founders are world explorers and overlands who pour their love of travel and adventure into the company.

What They Offer: EarthCruiser offers a pop-up truck camper model called the Terranova that starts at $289,000. These are world-class expedition vehicles, so to call them simply a “truck camper” doesn’t quite do them justice.


History: EarthRoamer has been offering luxury camping options with its unique campers since 1998. Bill Swails, the company’s owner, created EarthRoamer because he simply couldn’t find the luxury he sought in other truck campers. 

After starting with just 2 employees in 1998 in Colorado they now have a team of more than 90 people. Today, over 280 EarthRoamers are roaming the world.

What They Offer: This company offers various custom, luxury, expedition truck camper models like their LTi, LTS, and HD. Due to their premium status in overland capabilities and luxury, this truck camper brand is also known for being on the pricey end: pre-owned units can sell for over $400,000.

Learn more about What on Earth is an EarthRoamer? in our detailed article.

EZ Lite

History: EZ Lite Campers has been installing truck campers since 1998 out of El Cajon, California. This custom truck camper brand is also an all-things-truck-camper service center for Southern California.

What They Offer: EZ Lite Campers offers several types of truck campers: pop-up, hard side, fun sport, and rental truck campers. The company also provides truck camper services and customization options.

Forest River (Palomino: Backpack, Real Lite, Rogue)

History: Palomino RV has one goal in mind: to create quality RVs that provide the best value, which has been their mission since 1968. They were founded in Minnesota by Vern Landey and primarily focused on travel trailers. In 2002, Palomino RV was purchased by Forest River.

What They Offer: Palomino offers truck campers, travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, and destination trailers. Their truck camper brands include BackPack, Real Lite, and Rogue. They offer hard—and soft-sided models, slide-out models, and tent hybrid truck campers.

Pro Tip: On the hunt for your next epic off-road rig? This New Palomino Pause Off-Road Travel Trailer May Surprise You.

Four-Wheel Campers

History: Four Wheel Campers has been one of the few RV companies that has been thriving for decades. They’ve been successfully building and selling pop-up truck campers since 1972 and have earned a reputation as one of the best truck camper brands.

What They Offer: Four Wheel Campers offers slide-in, flatbed, and topper truck camper options. These campers are designed with overlanding and off-road adventuring in mind.

Find out What’s So Special About Four Wheel Campers in our dedicated article.

Four Wheel Campers Granby pop-up truck camper
Four Wheel Campers Granby pop-up truck camper

Global Expedition

History: Global Expedition (also known as Global X)has always built its company with quality and value. Their team features welders, engineers, electricians, fabricators, cabinet makers, assemblers, and plumbers, so they have the experience to create quality-rich products.

What They Offer: Global Expedition offers custom-built expedition vehicles. They offer truck camper options for pick-up trucks and medium-duty trucks.

Hallmark RV

History: Hallmark RV has been family-owned and operated since 1958 when they were founded by WWII veteran Hubert Monroe Ward. They are now based in Fort Lupton, CO and have over 7,000 Hallmarks on the road.

What They Offer: The company manufactures factory-direct light-weight pop-up truck campers. They’re low-profile pop-ups with ultimate performance with 4 season capabilities.

One thing we really love about these campers is the really big windows. While they do not have dealers, they have a showroom near Denver and you can tour the factory as well.

Hallmark pop-up truck camper on an F-350
Hallmark pop-up truck camper on an F-350

Hiatus Campers

History: Erin and Tyler co-founded Hiatus Campers when they were looking to buy their own camper in 2018. After trying in vain to find one with all their must-haves, they decided to design their own.

What They Offer:  Hiatus offers The Hiatus Camper, which is an adventure truck bed camper with a pop-up roof. This minimal and compact shell camper is ideal for smaller mid-sized trucks and explorers wanting to get off the beaten path.

Host Campers

History: HOST Campers has two owners, Hogue and Storch, who have become legends in the RV industry. Their masterpieces have always been innovative and of top quality due to their attention to detail. They are based in Bend, Oregon.

What They Offer: HOST Campers offers a variety of truck camper models with customization options. The HOST truck camper brand name is known for big, luxurious campers. In fact, they make some of the Largest Truck Campers That Will Blow Your Mind!

Kimbo Campers

History: After building his own truck camper in 2016, Mark King decided to bring his passion for creating to the market. He drove over 30,000 miles around the country and lived in his truck camper for six months. Now, the Kimbo truck camper brand is available for the masses.

What They Offer: Kimbo truck bed campers are built for adventures. They build 6-foot truck campers for mid or full-sized trucks that range from $20-30,000.

Pro Tip: Take a closer look at What’s So Special About a Kimbo Camper before you buy.

kimbo truck bed camper

KingStar Campers

History: Two brothers from Michigan built KingStar in 2018. As they worked together, they discovered an interest in bringing revolutionary truck campers and horse trailers to the market.

What They Offer: KingStar offers truck campers, horse trailers, accessories, and other merchandise. Their truck campers are built to order, with modern aesthetics and functional interiors. They build with a strong wooden frame and exterior metal superstructure. Their unique stainless steel front cap makes them a good choice for dragging through the woods.

Kingstar campers also have options for some of the most innovative tech available, such as Victron Energy inverters and electronics and the best RV batteries to come installed from the factory.

Pro Tip: We took a closer look into what makes KingStar campers so unique.

Lance Campers

History: Lance Campers has been a famous truck camper brand since 1965. They now feature travel trailers with ultra-light towing.

What They Offer: Lance Campers offers truck bed campers and travel campers. The company’s philosophy has always been that quality comes first. Their models range from the Lance 650 that fits a mid-size truck up to the dual slide Lance 1172 truck camper, pictured below.

We traveled in this truck camper all the way to the Arctic Ocean. Watch the adventure on Amazon Prime Video: Go North.

Nimbl Vehicles (XP Camper)

History: Nearly one decade ago, Jon Turner founded Nimbl Vehicles. He’s a lifetime traveler who’s also a chief engineer.

What They Offer: Nimbl offers off-road truck camper options for both lightweight and heavier-duty trucks.

Northern Lite

History: With over 30 years of experience, Northern Lite specializes in all fiberglass truck campers. Generally regarded as one of the best quality truck camper brands out there, they have a higher price tag to match.

What They Offer: Northern Lite offers long bed and short bed truck campers that can handle extreme temperatures very well. Their fiberglass exteriors make them durable and long-lasting.

We dive deeper into these campers in Who Makes Northern Lite Truck Campers?

Northern lite brand truck camper on chevy truck
The Northern Lite truck camper brand is generally considered one of the best truck camper brands out there.

Northwood Manufacturing (Arctic Fox, Wolf Creek)

History: Northwood Manufacturing’s legacy is in quality with their travel trailers and truck campers.

What They Offer:  Northwood has travel campers, fifth wheels, lightweight trailers, toy haulers, and truck campers. They make two brands of truck campers: the Arctic Fox and Wolf Creek lines.

The Arctic Fox truck camper is their more premium brand and is well-regarded for build quality and 4-season capabilities. The Wolf Creek is a more economic offering, but still has many of the amenities and features as options in popular truck campers today.

NuCamp (Cirrus)

History: The owner of NuCamp, Joe, received an opportunity in 2004 to build teardrop trailers, and from there, he founded his own company. Joe and his team thrive on their customers’ happiness.

What They Offer: NuCamp offers two models of Cirrus truck campers – the 620 and the 820. The 620 is designed to fit mid-sized trucks, while the 820 can fit a 3/4 ton truck. Both campers are 4-season and feature the Alde heating and hot water system.

nuCamp Cirrus Truck Camper
nuCamp Cirrus Truck Camper


History: Outfitter Manufacturing has 60 years of RV manufacturing tradition as part of their experience.

What They Offer: The company prides itself on knowing they offer some of the most innovative and perfectly designed pop-up truck campers in the industry. Plus, they’re affordable because they’ve cut out the middleman and sell directly to customers. 

Overland Explorer

History: Overland Explorer is a division of LITE Industries, and they’re honored to continue the heritage of producing some of the finest-designed vehicles and best-engineered campers.

What They Offer: Overland Explorer makes slide-in and flatbed composite truck campers, fixed cabins, accessories, and Aluma trays.

overland explorer hudson bay truck camper

Provan Industries / Tiger Adventure Vehicles

History: Provan Industries has been creating solid truck campers under their Tiger Adventure Vehicles name. Developed in Colorado, these campers are now hand-built in South Carolina.

What They Offer: Provan Industries offers off-road, 4×4, self-contained truck campers. These campers are rugged and require a 1 ton domestic truck with enough GVWR to carry them. As of 2021 they were focusing primarily on their Bengal model truck camper.

Northstar Campers

History: Northstar Campers is a family-owned business based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. It has been in business since 1955 first as RC Willett. They’ve been selling campers to dealers since 1961. In the ’80s they began operating under the name Northstar Campers.

What They Offer: Northstar offers both pop-up and hard-wall truck camper options. They design their campers to withstand cold and hot temperatures with attention to insulation. The company states a focus on quality construction with reinforced frames, galvanized steel corners, and the best construction materials available.

Northstar truck camper

Rugged Mountain

History: Rugged Mountain opened its business in 2014, but its team of professionals has over 20 years of combined truck camper experience. They started primarily making travel trailers but expanded to truck campers in 2016. The company spun off from its parent company called Tiny Idahomes, a tiny home manufacturer in Idaho.

What They Offer: Rugged Mountain offers four different models; two under the Granite brand name and two under the Denali brand name. These tiny home makers brought a much-needed face-lift to the truck camper interior, so you can expect some sleek and modern looks in these campers.

rugged mountain denali

Supertramp Campers

History: Supertramp Campers have been working hard to bring some of the most beautiful composite slide-in truck campers. Based in Colorado, their goal is go create lightweight, comfortable, and modern truck campers.

What They Offer: The company has a new advanced composite slide-in truck camper called the Flagship. It weighs 1400lbs.

Total Composites

History: Total Composites has vast experience in the composite world. They offer trailers and campers with customization options. Their head office is in British Columbia, engineers and suppliers are in Germany, and their factory is in China.

What They Offer: The company is taking pre-orders for their slide-in composite truck camper bodies. The composite materials make these campers up to 30% lighter than many other truck camper brands. They have models designed specifically for Jeep Gladiator campers, Toyota Tacomas, Ford Trucks 150+, and Dodge Ram Trucks 1500+.

They mostly serve the commercial market, but sell to private consumers as well. A custom camper body typically costs 10-14k.

Pro Tip: Before you set up your truck camper and hit the road, find out Can I Leave My Tailgate on with a Truck Camper?

Travel Lite RV (UpCountry, Atom, Cent)

History: Travel Lite RV began in 1998. They were solely a truck camper manufacturer, but since 2011 they’ve expanded into travel trailers.

What They Offer: The company offers truck campers under the UpCountry, Atom, and Cent brand names that were launched in 2023. You can also find used models under the Travel Lite, Peak 9, and Razyr models that were replaced. They claim a focus on innovation, as well as producing lightweight and affordable truck campers.

new travel lite truck campers

The Best Truck Camper Brands

There is no one “best” truck camper brand, and each and every model has its own pros and cons. Ultimately, the best truck camper for YOU is going to be one that not only meets your traveling needs, but also your budget.

The reason there are so many truck camper brands out there is that there are so many different preferences. If you’re a weekend warrior, your needs are going to be different that the full-time RV. If you’re planning to go seriously off-road in your truck camper, you’re working with completely different criteria than someone looking at a 3-slide luxury unit.

Which Truck Camper Brand is For You?

It’s important to weigh your options when you’re ready to take on such a significant investment. Comparing some of the best truck camper brands will allow you to choose the best option based on your personal preferences. We hope this list was helpful and want to wish you the best of luck with your travels!

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