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What Is the Best Washer and Dryer for an RV Camper?

While many campers opt for an RV washer-dryer combo unit, it isn’t uncommon to have separate washers and dryers in an RV. If you have the space for individual units, it’s a great option, since combo units usually take much longer to run and dry loads of laundry. 

When you decide you want separate machines, you must decide which models to consider. Today, we’ll focus on the best RV washers and dryers and give you some information to consider for your purchase. 

rv washer and dryer in bedroom
Separate washer and dryer machines are generally more effective than a combo unit.

Are RV Washers and Dryers the Same as Residential Units?

Yes and no. The biggest difference is the dryer’s power requirements. Second is their size to fit into an RV. Residential washers commonly use 120V electricity, so you can usually find a 24″ compact washer that will work in your RV in your favorite appliance brand.

But finding a 120V dryer is usually the tough part. Residential dryers usually use 240V, which just doesn’t work in most RVs.

In our list below, we’ve rounded up the best 120V compact vented dryers for RVs.

5 Best Washers and Dryers for RV Living

While they sound like a great, space-saving idea, RV washer-dryer combo units haven’t lived up to the hype. They take forever to complete a cycle, use lot of energy, and do very small loads at a time.

Stackable washer and dryers, while they take up lots more space and weight, have much better performance.

1. Whirlpool 24″ Washer and 120V Dryer

About the Whirlpool RV Washer:

This compact 24″ Whirlpool washer is a full-blown residential washer, just in a compact size. It matches the 120V dryer we’ve got here to show you.

  • Approximate Cost: $1300
  • Weighs 180lbs
  • 2.3 cubic feet capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 25″ D x 24″ W x 33″ H
  • Power Requirements: 120V

About the Whirlpool RV Dryer:

The Whirlpool 120V electric clothes dryer has a single knob to select setting and a start button. It gets very decent reviews on BestBuy from overall happy customers.

  • Approximate Cost: $765
  • Weighs 91lbs
  • 3.4 cubic feet capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 20 3/4″D x 23 13/16″W x 31″H
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 20 amps for the dryer
Whirlpool is a well-known appliance brand that has models that work in RVs.

2. GE Stackable 24″ Washer and 120V Dryer

About the GE RV Washer:

The GE 2.4 cu. ft. Stackable White Front Loading Washing Machine can be found at many appliance stores. Home Depot customers have rated it well.

  • Approximate Cost: $1100
  • Weighs 166 lbs
  • 2.4 cubic feet of capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 25.625 in D x 23.4375 in W x 33.25 in H
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 15amps

About the GE RV Dryer:

This GE 120V electric dryer has a very large door for easy access to the drum. Simple and straightforward, with an average 4/5 start rating on Home Depot.

  • Approximate Cost: $750
  • Weighs 87lbs
  • 3.6 cubic feet capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 24.5 in D x 23.875 in W x 33.25 in H
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 15amps

3. Magic Chef 24″ Front Load Washer & 120V 3.5 Cu Ft Dryer

We were delighted to find this Magic Chef washer and dryer set in our research. They both have decent reviews on Home Depot and didn’t quite step over into the “portable” washer and dryer category.

About the Magic Chef 24″ RV Washer:

The Magic Chef 24″ Washer is a pretty standard washer with

  • Approximate Cost: $1000
  • Weighs 160.9 lbs
  • 2.7 cubic feet of capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 23.4 in D x 23.4 in W x 33.5 in H
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 11amps

About the Magic Chef 24″ 120V RV Dryer:

The Magic Chef 120V dryer is honestly a very basic unit with just two buttons and a knob for setting the time. These controls are located at the bottom of the unit, which is a bit easier to reach.

  • Approximate Cost: $430
  • Weighs 49.5lbs
  • 3.5 cubic feet of capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 21.5 in D x 23.6 in W x 27.5 in H
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 11amps

4. Equator Pro2 Compact 110V Set Washer 13lbs + Vented Dryer 3.5 cf

Equator Advanced Appliances offer compact washers and dryers for small laundry spaces, including on RVs and boats. They also have winterization features. The Equator washer and dry sets are available from many big retailers, including Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, and Camping World.

  • Approximate Cost: $1400
  • Weighs 207lbs
  • 13lb capacity
  • Total Dimensions: 22″D x 23.5″W x 61″H
  • Power Requirements: 120 Volts
Equator Pro2 Compact 110V Set Washer 13lbs+Digital…
  • SAVE SPACE:Stacked washer/dryer combination helps save space in…
  • SAVE TIME: Allows you to wash and dry at the same time and…
  • 2 DRY OPTIONS + SMART DRY: Auto dry and 60 minutes Time dry…
Splendide rv washer and dryer
Splendide (also branded Westland and Ariston) is one of the most common RV washer and dry suppliers.

5. Splendide/Westland RV Washer & Dryer

Splendide has been a common name in the RV waster and dryer space for a long time. As we mentioned, Splendide, Ariston, Westland are all pretty much the same machine under different brand names. This can get confusing as you compare retailers and sellers on Amazon.

About the Splendide Stackable RV Washer:

The Splendide WFL1300XD Stackable RV washer is pretty standard. It claims to have a first-of-its-kind winterization cycle which is a great idea.

  • Approximate Cost: $1100
  • Uses 7-1/2 – 16 gallons of water per wash depending on cycle selection
  • Weighs 146lbs
  • 15lbs capacity
  • Dimensions: 32-7/8″H x 23-1/2″W x 22-3/4″D
  • Power Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 4A for the washer
WESTLAND Washer 24IN 115V 60HZ
  • Reinforced internal circuitry and components – perfect for RV…
  • Reduce Wrinkles wash feature and bi-directional dryer rotation…
  • Reduce Wrinkles wash feature reduces both fabric creasing and…

About the Splendide RV DV6500X Dryer:

This electric dryer is the latest model from Splendide. From what we’ve seen, prices and availability seem to be best from Camping World’s website.

  • Approximate Cost: $800
  • Weighs 67lbs
  • 13lbs capacity
  • Dimensions: 32-7/8″H x 23-1/2″W x 22-3/4″D, exactly the same as the washer
  • Power Requirements: 120V 60Hz 12A for the dryer

Does My Have RV Washer and Dryer Prep?

Not all RVs come with washers and dryers or the ability to run them. But many RVs come with a washer and dryer prep as a selling point. This includes a cabinet or closet with hot and cold water lines, a sewer drain, and two separate-circuit power outlets wired for 120V. Usually, you have to add the dry vent later.

Many are intended for the washer/dryer combo units, as they are in closets that don’t have the dimensions suitable for stackable units.

If your RV doesn’t have washer/dryer prep, it is possible to run these wires and water lines yourself. But it could be challenging.

rv washer dryer hookups

Power Requirements of RV Washers and Dryers Explained

Most all washing machines require 120V, upwards of 400-500W. If you run a sanitization cycle with a heater it could run upwards of around 1000Ws.

Most of the time RV dryers are 120V instead of 240V. You can put a 240V dryer in an RV but you would need a 50amp 240V power source to run it. 30-Amp RVs can’t run this and most 50amp RVs do not come with the 240V prep. You could theoretically do a 120V/240V conversion but that requires specialty electrical knowledge to stay safe.

Dryers use quite a bit of electricity. RV-specific dryers tend to have multiple heat levels from Low (~800W) to High (~1400W). Household dryers typically run around 1,500-5,000 watts. If you often boondock, keep the energy use in mind. If you don’t have access to ample power, the dryer will become useless. 

Size & Dimension Limitations

Apartment-sized units typically measure 24″ instead of 27″ wide. They also have smaller capacities, typically ~4 cu. ft. for dryers and ~2-2.5 cu. ft. for washers. However, depth and height will play big roles in whether it fits, and every RV manufacturer builds their cabinets differently.

Height is probably the big limiting dimension with these stackable washers and dryers, as many RV cabinets are less than 70 inches tall. For example, our motorhome laundry cabinet is 68″ tall and our fifth-wheel laundry cabinet is 72″. So, you’ll generally want to look for units 34″ tall or less.

Depth can also limit your selection. For example, our motorhome’s cabinet is only 22″ deep and our fifth wheel cabinet is 27″ max.

Sometimes people put full-sized washers and dryers in toy haulers since there is plenty of space in the garage for side-by-side laundry set up like in a home.

washer dryer combo unit in camper
Your cabinetry and closet space will largely determine what washer and dryer you can get.

What About “Portable” Washers and Dryers?

You’ll likely see many “portable” washers and dryers out there that are touted for use in RV campers. While the washing machines are small, there is typically no issue as long as you have a clean water input and drain. These may or may not work with your washer-dryer prep, as some are actually designed to sit on a counter or in a shower.

However, most of the portable dryers are non-vented, which can be a serious problem for campers if not used properly!

Vented vs. Non-Vented RV Dryers

Vented dryers require a bit more setup but provide quicker and more consistent drying results. A vented RV dryer uses electricity to direct hot air into the dryer, which is eventually expelled to the outside of the RV through an air duct. This process allows newly heated air to cycle through and dry the clothes, ensuring an even and efficient drying process.

A ventless or non-vented dryer does not make use of an air duct. Be cautious of using these portable ventless, non-condensing units, as they release all that hot warm air into your camper. If you choose to use one of these, be sure to open a window and a vent when operating. Humidity and campers rarely get along nicely, resulting in mildew, mold, and potential water damage.

Condensing or Heat-Pump Dryers

Condensing or heat-pump dryers are a new type of dryer. While ventless, they do not eject moist air into your camper. These are typically 240V units, and will only work in rigs equipped with 240v/50amp service.

The interesting thing about condensing units is they don’t dry via heat. While pulling out warm dry clothes is perhaps one of the best things about doing laundry, the heat actually damages your clothes. So, theoretically, this dryer will help prolong the life of your clothes as well!

It also uses about half as much energy, as it basically is running a small air conditioning system to condense out the water. Hot moist air is cooled by a condenser that drips out the water before it is heated and cycles through the unit again. These units don’t require a vent but do require a water drain, so you do not have to cut a hole in your wall.

For example, this is the condensing dryer that we are considering putting in our RV when our dryer eventually fails. Note, however, that it is a 240V unit instead of a 120V, which would require some modifications to our wiring to the outlet.

SAMSUNG 4.0 Cu Ft Heat Pump Dryer, Compact Clothes…
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 23 5/8″W x 33 1/2″H x 25 5/8″D
  • HEAT PUMP TECHNOLOGY: Samsung Heat Pump Dryer offers a more…
  • 40 MINUTE DRYING: The 40′ Express Cycle gets a small 2 lb load of…

*Since the wattage is so much less, this 240V unit would likely work pretty well with a 120V/240V converter.

Should You Buy a Washer and Dryer For Your RV? 

The choice is up to you. Having fresh clothing can make you feel so much better. You can reduce the mountain of laundry staring at you, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your RV. 

On the other hand, you might not have space, weight capacity, or energy availability. Also, if you don’t need to wash clothes that often, it may not be worth investing in an RV washer and dryer. Nowadays, many RV parks have on-site laundry facilities. This reduces the need to go out of the way for a laundromat.

Ultimately, you’ll need to weigh the convenience, cost, and space taken up by a potential machine.

Do you think having a washer and dryer is an integral part of your RV setup? Drop a comment below.

How To Do Laundry While Traveling Full Time in an RV | Mondays with the Morton's S2E6
However, we did go to laundromats for years before we had an RV washer and dryer

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