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Who Makes Bigfoot Campers?

Bigfoot campers are manufactured by Bigfoot RV. Clyde Burgess, Erwin Kreig, and Terry Mayall founded the company in 1978. Terry was seeking a way to have his own company. Meanwhile, Erwin owned Boler, a small trailer company. So, the three pooled their skills and visions to create Bigfoot.

Bigfoot RV temporarily shut down in 2008 due to finances. One year later, a previous Operations Manager named Grant Bilodeau acquired the company assets. Bilodeau relaunched the company in 2010, making campers that continue to delight RVers throughout North America.

Bigfoot Campers: An Overview

Bigfoot campers are known and recognized for their quality, thoughtful design, and attention to detail. They make both truck campers and travel trailers.

Customers can order Bigfoot campers through factory outlets located in Canada and the United States. And because they are a high-quality RV, you can often find used Bigfoots in great condition through sites like RV Trader or Facebook Marketplace.

bigfoot truck camper

Where Are Bigfoot Campers Made? 

Bigfoot RV operates a facility in Armstrong, BC, Canada. Bigfoot builds its campers in an 85,000 square-foot complex.

Is My Bigfoot Camper Four-Season? 

Bigfoot campers are considered 4-season campers. You’ll be camping in comfort regardless of the season when you’re in a Bigfoot camper. The heated underbelly will help keep your pipes from freezing, even in frigid temperatures. In addition, the solid walls and thermal windows add to your comfort all year. Many Bigfoot campers have dual pane windows.

Bigfoot Camper

Are Bigfoot Camper Trailers Fiberglass?

Yes! The original creators of Bigfoot campers, Terry, Clyde, and Erwin, had extensive experience in fiberglass. Before starting Bigfoot RV, they owned a fiberglass tub company.

Due to their experience, they knew that using fiberglass in an RV would create a high-quality product. Their goal was to create a camper with minimal seams and weak points. Not only are Bigfoot trailer fiberglass, but their truck campers are, too.

Bigfoot Camper Models

Bigfoot RV focuses on quality versus quantity when it comes to the models they offer. They also have a reputation as one of the best truck camper brands. Let’s take a look at the models Bigfoot has available. 

1500 Truck Camper

The 1500 series truck camper line features three models for both short and long bed trucks. The models include the 8.2, 9.5FS, and 9.5FR short box models and the 9.5FS and 9.5FR long box models. This model series is the lightest weight. Each unit features R6 1-inch high-density EPS insulation as well as upgraded features and options.


Features include thermal windows, a fan, and a porcelain toilet. You can upgrade your camper with additions like an air conditioner, rearview camera, or solar setup. 

2500 Truck Camper

Bigfoot camper 2500 series provides models for both long and short bed trucks. Choose among the 9.4 and 9.6 in both short and long box, and the 10.4 and 10.6E models. The 2500 series features R8 1.5-inch high-density EPS insulation and a 30,000 BTU furnace perfect for those chilly nights. 

Many great features come standard, such as electric jacks, rear door awnings, microwaves, and living room skylights. Some great upgraded options available include a rear backup camera, exterior speakers, and a solar setup. 

Psst! We have a 20-year-old 3000 Bigfoot truck camper that we recently renovated!

Bigfoot Truck Campers 10.4 & 9.4SB / Full Tour

2500 Travel Trailer

Bigfoot offers more than truck campers. The company also offers a travel trailer line perfect for those who want a towable option. Each Bigfoot travel trailer features a lightweight two-piece fiberglass exterior and high-density insulation. In addition, thermal pane windows make for a great all-season unit. 

Enjoy standard features such as porcelain toilets, day and night shades, skylights, and deluxe fabrics. There are also Fantastic Fans, dual propane tanks with auto switch, a black tank rinse, and enclosed heated water tanks. 

If the standard features aren’t enough for you, you can add upgrades. Solar panels, an air conditioner, and an awning are available, among other things.

2020 Bigfoot Twin Bed / 25B25RT

Older Bigfoot Camper Models

Bigfoot RV stopped making some camper models in 2008 when it closed that haven’t been resurrected. But there are still a few floating around that you might be lucky enough to spot at a campsite. Here are a few options to snag an older model. 

Bigfoot Motorhomes

While Bigfoot has said they’ll never bring back their motorhome, it was available for a while. These motorhomes were wide and roomy. They ranged in length from 24.8 feet to 29.8 feet. 

These motorhomes boasted the patented Fibercore Wall System. This system, unique to Bigfoot motorhomes, provided superior insulation. 

Tour of CamperVan Kevin's Bigfoot RV

3000 Series Truck Campers

The 3000 series truck campers were the top-of-the-line in the Bigfoot truck camper lineup. These campers had the same great durable construction as other Bigfoot units with the Fibercore Wall System, so they were well-insulated. Additionally, there were three wide-body floor plans available.

Standard features included a slide-out dual battery compartment, high output 30,000 BTU furnace, and enclosed, insulated, and heated holding tanks. 

Bigfoot RV: A Well-Loved Camper Brand

Bigfoot RV may not be as well known as other companies, but they’re well-loved by many. Since their creation, RVers have been seeking out Bigfoot campers for adventures big and small.

motm bigfoot truck camper at monument valley
We have a 3000 series Bigfoot truck camper and love it! It was built in 2000, making it over 20 years old.

Have you heard of Bigfoot RV? Have you spotted a Bigfoot camper during your own travels, or do you own one? Let us know in the comments!

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Sunday 4th of February 2024

Own 2008 3000 1002 truck camper. The best.


Saturday 3rd of February 2024

There is just something about a Bigfoot. We own a 2000 24ft DB on the Ford 450 chassis, V10. We full time through all kinds of weather. The build quality and insulation are outstanding in this rig. The factory decor in these units are hideous but pretty easy to change to one's liking. We scrapped the dinette (is there EVER a comfortable one?) for a double recliner, built a cabinet/desk for a fireplace instead of the barrel chair, installed a tankless water heater, composting toilet, retractable shower door, 8cu ft dometic 12v compressor fridge/freezer (the original 2-way fridge lasted 20 years), a second deep freezer where the house battery tray is, 1000 watts of solar, Outback inverter/charger, 400AH of Battleborn lithium, pull-out kitchen pantry, SS deep bar sink, Maxx fans and the list goes on. We rarely use hookups or stay in RV parks. The original Onan genset actually still works. The only mistake Bigfoot made on these models/years was a slightly concave roof which is frustrating. When it comes time I will probably rebuild the roof so it has a crown to it for drainage and have it sprayed with one of the RV roof "forever" products. The only other thing on the wish list would be the Quigley 4x4 conversion. We take this Bigfoot to places you should not take a motorhome. Unless the chassis gives out, I'll keep rebuilding this rig.They don't make them like this anymore, at least not for the price. Happy trails!

The Mortons

Sunday 11th of February 2024

We agree Mark! Thanks for sharing all the upgrades you've done on your Bigfoot.

Pete Haidinyak

Saturday 3rd of February 2024

After seeing the remodel of your 3000 I bought a 1998 3000 and I’m in the process of an extensive remodel and hope to start traveling next summer.

The Mortons

Sunday 11th of February 2024

Good luck with your remodel Pete. Hope you have many great adventures in it!

W. Carl Hepker

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

Is this truck camper porcupine proof? If not, you may want to run the wiring under it in rigid metal conduit! I am sure you do not want to repeat that experience!!

I watched two of your Discovery Channel RV programs and quit. I found myself yelling at Peter that he does not need to teach Caitlin to drive a Motorhome as she already drives a large truck pulling a larger fifth wheel. Or telling the TV that I already have a travel trailer and I do not need to hear about pulling a trailer versus sitting in the front of the camper driving it to my destination. It was like completing a calculus class and then covering basic adding and subtracting.

I have missed you guys a lot. I was hoping you would pop up in my YouTube subscription receipts that I track every week. I think about you every time every time Houghton, or Copper Harbor, or St. Ignace comes up.

I am very sorry for your loss!! My wife passed away in 2014 from brain cancer after forty-seven and a half years of marriage. I am sure you will never get passed the loss of Mocha to the point where your mind doesn't go there every once in a while!!

WISHING YOU THE BEST!! I will be looking for you here!

Mortons on the Move

Saturday 17th of December 2022

Thank you for your kind words about Mocha!

Kelly Salzwedel

Monday 25th of October 2021

2006 Bigfoot 2500 10.6 Winter camp in Alaska. No solar, no on board generator. We used to have a trailer, but got tired of limitations to where we could go. Now we go almost anywhere, and love it. Ironically, I also have a bigger kitchen than in my trailer.

Mortons on the Move

Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

That's awesome! We love that we can go just about anywhere in our Bigfoot, too.