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Are Black Series Campers Made in China?

Black Series campers are an eye-turning RV built for off-road adventures. When it comes to how RVs look, some RV manufacturers have deviated from the cookie-cutter looks, color schemes, and styles. It’s easy for Black Series to think outside the box because, unlike most RVs, they’re not made in Northern Indiana. 

So, where are these unique RVs made? Let’s take a look!

Who Makes Black Series Campers? 

Black Series Campers is a relatively new line of campers available in North America and is from a family-owned and operated business out of Australia formerly/currently known as GIC Pty Ltd. They have over 10 years of industrial experience and use their knowledge and expertise to create affordable trailers with state-of-the-art innovation and service.

Evolution of Black Series Campers

The company is an Australia-based company and one of the largest trailer retailers in Australia. However, their campers have gained popularity and began appearing in the USA in early 2018. 

Are Black Series Trailers Made in China?

While Black Series Campers/GIC Trailers is an Australian-based company, this is a frequently asked question in the RV community. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a reliably-sourced answer. We’ve done some research to try to get to the bottom of this.

It is said that Black Series Campers have company connections with China. Originally designed for the rigors of the Australian outback, it appears that GIC formed connections with factories in China to construct some parts of the campers. Australia has more China-made campers in general due to its proximity and easy access to their robust manufacturing capabilities.

Concrete sources are hard to nail down to get the clearest picture of where each phase of Black Series manufacturing happens. The US website doesn’t mention connections in China. Instead, they focus on their Australian legacy, RVIA membership, warranties, and meeting US DOT regulations (all very good things).

Their Australian website also doesn’t mention China in their About Us and Manufacturing webpages.

This thread on Expedition Portal includes a conversation around this topic with a Black Series Campers representative in 2017 when they were being introduced to the US market, without them giving specifics.

Tom’s Camperland mentions that “The factories and warehouses of Black Series are founded in Australia, China, and the United States.” This is the most direct statement we found that mentioned it that was not on a forum.

Why Does It Matter?

From what rumors say, the campers start as kits from China, then plants in Australia and the United States assemble them adding in the finishing components of the suspension, appliances, etc. This doesn’t settle well for some consumers as they feel products made in China feature inferior materials. 

We certainly understand demanding the highest quality products in an RV, no matter where they originate.

However, if you only allowed USA-made products in your RV construction, you’d have a pretty empty RV–even from USA-based companies. Global supply shortages that slowed the production of RVs in 2020/2021 were evidence of our reliance on materials from other countries including China.

So does it matter where Black Series campers are made? In our opinion, the product should speak for itself.

Since the first time we had a chance to check one out in 2019, we were impressed. We were also excited to see something new on the scene. Based on the threads and forums of 4×4 and overland enthusiasts, we aren’t the only ones.

We think you’ll find that Black Series campers are full of innovative a high-quality components (and come with a price tag to match). So while these campers may have production links to China, we believe that shouldn’t sway those looking for an impressive off-road RV trailer.

Let’s explore more about these unique camper trailers built to withstand intense Australian outback.

Black Series Camper: Camping is Better Off-Road

What Types of Campers Does the Company Produce?

Black Series Campers offer a couple of unique options in their product line. Let’s check out these off-road campers and see which might fit your needs best.

Black Series caravan parked in parking lot
From pop-up tent campers to off-road travel trailers, Black Series campers offers quality RV options for everyone.

Pop-Up Tent Campers

There are five models in their line of pop-up tent campers. These campers are the perfect option for overlanders with an impressive carrying capacity, an outdoor shower, and even a slide-out kitchen. The heavy-duty canvas keeps out rain, bugs, and the elements. You won’t have to worry about your comfort while adventuring in a Black Series tent camper.

These campers can sleep four or even five adults. They have all-terrain tires, stainless steel kitchens, and solar panels to keep your two 100Ah batteries charged during your adventures. 

Increased suspension makes for a more stable and smooth ride while maneuvering rough and uneven terrain. Two people can easily set up any of these pop-up tents, which takes about 8 minutes. 

Pro Tip: Make sure your pop-up tent camper can fulfill all your needs with these 15 Pop-Up Camper Accessories You’ll Actually Use.

Black Series Popup Camper RV! Super Cool!

Off-Road Travel Trailers (Caravans)

Black Series Campers offers seven unique travel trailer options that they call “Caravans.” These campers have sleeping options for three, four, or five people. These trailers have a custom independent suspension design. Also, the diamond-plated lower section protects your camper and keeps it looking beautiful for years to come.

Their models have full-size refrigerators, a stovetop oven, a microwave, and a separate toilet and shower. The HQ19 even includes a washing machine. While overlanding and luxury typically don’t go together, when you’re in a Black Series Caravan, it can!

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THE BEST OFFROAD CAMPER TRAILER - Black Series HQ19 Caravan Walk Thru

What Makes Black Series Campers Off-Road Worthy?

Black Series Campers offer freedom to escape cramped campgrounds. They feature a unique design for the best possible overlanding experience.

Their independent suspension is engineered and load tested at 40,000 lbs. With maximum clearance, smooth suspension, and some of the highest-quality materials during construction, it’ll be hard to find anything these campers can’t handle.

Black Series caravan parked in parking lot.
Head off-road with a Black Series caravan.

How Much Do Black Series Campers Cost? 

Black Series Campers are premium campers at a premium price. The pop-up tent campers range from $25,000 to nearly $50,000. Their travel trailer models range from $40,000 to well over $100,000. Factors vary greatly depending on the location of the dealer and optional upgrades to increase your overlanding adventures.

Black Series caravan
Explore the US in a rugged and long-lasting Black Series camper.

Are Black Series Campers Any Good?

Black Series Campers are a great option for those that want to spend time overlanding. They’re incredibly rugged and long-lasting.

Each unit features a five-year warranty for the drawbar and chassis. With over 30,000 trailers sold, the company continues to grow and develop its units as more and more RVers take them out on adventures.

Our New Off Road Adventure Machine - Black Series Camper

Where Can You Purchase One?

If overlanding is your camping style, a Black Series Camper is a fantastic way to do it. You can spend hours looking at pictures and videos of these beautiful campers or find a dealer near you to see them in person. A black series camper just might be your next RV purchase. 

Would you consider a Black Series Camper for your next RV? Drop a comment below!

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