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Boxabl Homes Technology Is Gambling On Revolutionizing Housing

Believe it or not, that box on the trailer is a fully built and furnished home that will unfurl like a transformer at its destination. This technology is a massive gamble that could revolutionize the entire housing construction industry. If they hit the jackpot, they could bring affordable housing to areas that need it most.

We have had a chance to see one of these Boxabl homes, so what’s so special about them, and how are they changing the game?

Let’s look and see!

Touring NEW BOXABL 2-STORY HOME in Las Vegas!

Traditional Housing Construction Problems

There are many problems with traditional home construction techniques that could be solved if we radically rethink housing construction. Existing homes are built one piece at a time at the location they will remain. This is like having someone come and build a car for you in your garage. Could it be done? Sure, does it make sense? Not at all.

Traditional home construction is often slow and labor-intensive. Building homes on-site can be affected by weather conditions, delays in material delivery, and other factors that can cause construction timelines to be prolonged.

Traditional home construction is also subject to a higher degree of human error, which can result in inconsistent quality and problems down the road. Costs of housing are also elevated in traditional construction because of the need to move so many parts, labor, and waste. The waste generated on-site, transport emissions, and inefficient energy use all make traditional construction far more impactful to the environment as well.

construction site with full waste bin
You will almost always find a full-size dumpster at new construction sites because traditional home construction is extremely wasteful

How could all of these problems be solved? With a well-designed factory-constructed house. This is not a new concept and has been around for a long time. However, factory-made homes have their own problems that a new breed of companies is trying to solve. Enter Boxabl.

What Are Boxabl Homes?

Boxabl homes are prefabricated homes that manufacturers construct in a factory. They utilize a flat-packing shipping system to ease the shipping requirements and costs. Once they arrive at the construction site, workers quickly and efficiently assemble the home kits. Instead of taking several months to construct a new home, Boxabl reduces it to a day or two.

Their homes are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and come from some of the highest quality materials. Regarding options for emergency housing, affordable housing, and vacation homes, it’s hard to beat what Boxabl offers customers. However, there are infinite possibilities for using these revolutionary homes.

Why are we talking about Boxabl here on Mortons on the Move, however? Well, we mainly cover RV’s and homes made in a factory are similar in many ways. RV’s are full homes that even include power and sewer systems and come fully furnished will all your appliances. They are made in a factory and can go anywhere you want them. Boxabl is similar in many ways and shares some of the best features of RV construction, and eliminates the worst.

What Is So Revolutionary About Boxabl Homes?

While contractors may use better technology and materials, the process for building homes hasn’t changed much over the last several decades. However, Boxabl’s home-building technology aims to change that. The industry hasn’t seen anything like it; the potential is significant.

Boxabl homes utilize an innovative design that allows them to ship in a compact and flat-pack method. This method means they can construct most of the units in their factory, fold them, and then send them to the construction site. Due to their unique shipping method, they can ship multiple units on a standard-size semi-trailer.

Depending on the size of the unit and site conditions, the assembly can vary from a few hours to a couple of days. A contractor could build an entire community of Boxabl homes in the same time it typically takes to create a single dwelling. This drastically cuts costs and could open the door to homeownership for individuals who cannot afford traditional housing construction options.

Its not just the construction and assembly that make these homes unique. Their design uses modern aesthetics to create a bright and inviting space with tall ceilings and a very functional design. In addition, you can get the homes fully furnished with all light fixtures, appliances, and hardware included from the factory. Basically a fully move-in ready home.

Boxabl home showroom
Boxabl Homes build your home in their factory before flatpack shipping it to you.
Source: Boxable Homes

How Do Boxabl Homes Work?

The process for Boxabl homes is relatively straightforward. After completing your order, workers build the house in Boxabl’s factory. When complete, they fold all the pieces of the home into compact and stable packaging. This allows Boxabl to ship multiple units or structures simultaneously and reduce the dependence on oversize loads and unique escorts.

While foundations vary regionally by geographic needs, Boxabl units are compatible with any foundation type. Ideally, you or your contractor will prep the site for your Boxabl when it arrives. If that’s the case, workers will set the unit in place and start securing it to the foundation.

You can watch as workers start to unfold and assemble the structure. The building takes shape before your eyes, and before you know it, you’ll have a complete housing structure ready for you to start moving in your things.

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What Are Boxabl Homes Made Of?

Boxabl uses various materials during the construction process. For example, the walls, floor, and roof use structural insulated panels during construction. A layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation between these panels creates a lightweight, air-tight system. This reduces the chances of cold/hot air and critters from finding their way into your home.

Additionally, to deliver a solid frame, Boxabl uses galvanized steel. This makes it resistant to rot, termites, and mold. It’s incredibly durable and one of the lowest-maintenance options for constructing houses.

The interior finishings build on the theme of being lightweight and durable. Boxabl uses laminate or engineered wood flooring, drywall, and wall paneling. The lights throughout the house are energy-efficient LEDs, so they create a bright and comfortable space and reduce your electric bill.

Boxabl home being built
Boxabl Homes are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and come from some of the highest quality materials.
Source: Boxable Homes

What Comes with a Boxabl Home?

Boxabl homes offer a base package and are move-in ready. The exact items and materials that come with a home will vary depending on your options. Typically, they offer almost everything you need to live comfortably in your new home.

You can expect all of your appliances, HVAC, and plumbing needs to be covered. However, you’ll need to purchase a TV and furniture for the living space and bedroom. These are items that you’ll likely already have or would want to buy personally anyway.

How Much Does a Boxabl Home Cost?

While Boxabl homes are one of the most cost-effective housing options, their price isn’t anything to overlook. The structure alone costs approximately $50,000 to $65,000. However, Boxabl is no longer quoting prices until they start construction, which likely means prices may increase with inflation.

The cost of the structure isn’t the only fee to consider. You’ll need to pay for shipping, which is $3 to $10 per mile from Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, there are other variable expenses to prepare the site, like the foundation, utility connections, and permits. Depending on your location and the area, this could quickly increase the price from $5,000 to $50,000.

Interior of Boxabl home
Boxabl Homes are affordable and sustainable housing options.
Source: Boxable Homes

Reasons to Consider Boxabl Homes

If you’re considering new-home construction, Boxabl is one option we think is worth considering. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to choose Boxabl.


Regarding affordability, it doesn’t get much better than Boxabl. While other comparable options are available, the quality isn’t nearly the same. Boxabl has found a way to reduce waste and labor costs to offer its customers the best product at the lowest price. When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat.


Many people want to limit the impact they have on the planet. Unfortunately, traditional new-home construction results in a tremendous amount of waste. However, Boxabl has streamlined its processes to reduce waste. Their factory-controlled environment makes it easy for them to make precision cuts, which avoids wasting material.

Additionally, all their units are well-insulated and airtight, which can help with climate control. The less power you use to heat and cool your home, the more you can decrease your carbon footprint. 


The cost of building a home in a remote location can be astronomical. However, thanks to Boxabl’s unique shipping methods, these units can be shipped and installed just about anywhere. You can even install these homes, so they function entirely off the grid. Who wouldn’t love that?

Boxabl home build at night
The demand for Boxabl Homes is booming.
Source: Boxable Homes

When Will Boxabl Homes Be Available?

Boxabl homes are currently available, but their site states the waitlist has 100,000+ individuals waiting. They have one factory open and are expanding to a second factory. Once operational, these factories will crank out thousands of units yearly. Their goal is to develop and create automated factories that will allow them to keep up with the massive demand.

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BOXABL Casita - The Instant House

Elon Musk Invested in Boxabl, Will You?

If Boxabl is good enough for one of the world’s wealthiest men, is it good enough for you? Personally, we have not yet reserved or invested in Boxable mainly because they have not provided firm timelines, but could see purchasing one of these homes in the future.

The units from Boxabl look incredibly well-built and provide a luxury look and feel. These homes have tremendous potential to help solve the housing crisis many are experiencing nationwide. We can’t wait to see how they grow as a company and brand. Who knows, maybe a Boxabl will be your next housing purchase.

Would you consider Boxabl for your next construction project? Why or why not?

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