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Buckstop Bumpers Are Perfect for On and Off-Road Adventures

If you want a truck that can do it all, adding a heavy-duty bumper to the front will up your game. Whether you spend your time running cattle on a ranch or you prefer to explore what nature has to offer, a quality bumper can make all the difference in your experience. Knowing which bumper is “quality” might be a challenge, but you’re in luck. We know about one company that makes a bumper that will do more than you ever thought it needed to do—Buckstop Bumpers.

Check it out! 

What Are Heavy-Duty Bumpers?

Heavy-duty bumpers are strong enough to handle an impact. They pull things, push things, and provide other utilities like powerful lighting or a winch. Not every vehicle will fit a heavy-duty bumper. 

These bumpers consist of thick steel and are welded with care. The steel usually brings the weight close to 200 lbs, making it pretty tough for a small vehicle to carry the extra load. Hard-working trucks and SUVs are better for the upgrade. 

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What Are Heavy-Duty Bumpers Used For?

Drivers and explorers use their heavy-duty bumpers for a range of tasks. If you’re stuck in the mud, you can use the winch on your bumper to pull yourself out. If you have lights on your bumper, you can use them to light up your campsite while you work on setting up shop. 

Heavy-duty bumpers have tow hooks and the option for a winch, so you can pull heavy loads out of tough positions. The grill guard will keep your radiator and front end from receiving damage when you need to use your vehicle to ram or push something. The possibilities are endless when you have a heavy-duty bumper installed. 

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Mortons on the Move off-roading in truck with heavy duty bumper on it
Whether you’re off-roading or doing work with your truck, a heavy-duty truck bumper can help!

About Buckstop Bumpers

Buckstop is a company that specializes in building professional-grade utility bumpers and a few other truck accessories. Its heavy-duty bumpers have a strong reputation for quality and durability. 

All of its products are made in-house at a manufacturing facility in Oregon. The tube bending, laser burning, precision welding, and everlasting powder coating the heavy-duty bumpers require are all done by skilled engineers. The end result is a quality product. 

Where Are Buckstop Bumpers Made?

Buckstop bumpers come out of the company’s manufacturing facility in Prineville, Ore. All processes involved in building the bumpers they make so well are sourced in-house – no outsourcing. 

The company started in the owners’ (Tristan and Dorian Hartfield) barn and has grown exponentially since it began in 2001. Now, they have over 30,000 square feet of workspace to craft and forge the unwavering final product. 

Truck camper parked in parking lot with heavy duty Buckstop bumper installed.
Install a Buckstop bumper on your truck or SUV before you head out on your adventures.

How Much Do Buckstop Bumpers Weigh?

The standard heavy-duty Buckstop bumper weighs around 190 lbs, but the addition will be a bit heavier depending on your options. Every bumper is fully customizable. 

For instance, adding a winch to your heavy-duty bumper will add around 100 lbs to the setup. It’s wise to make sure your vehicle’s suspension can easily handle the added pounds. 

Can You Use Buckstop Bumpers on Any Truck or SUV?

In short, the answer is no. However, the company does make heavy-duty bumpers that fit a large portion of today’s mainstream trucks and SUVs. Officially, the Buckstop website boasts that they make bumpers to fit Dodge, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota SUVs and trucks. 

Buckstop also manufactures bumpers for some smaller semi-trucks. You might have an Isuzu or a Mitsubishi truck (which means you’re out of luck), but the brands they do cover speak for most trucks and SUVs on the road today. 

buckstop bumpers
Install a winch, lights, tow hooks and a removable grill guard on your Buckstop bumper.

What Are the Benefits of Buckstop Bumpers?

If you have a fully loaded Buckstop heavy-duty bumper on your vehicle, you have many options. The Swiss-Army knife of bumpers offers the option to have a winch, lights, tow hooks, a removable grill guard, and even a trailer receiver all-in-one. The true benefit stems from everything you can do when you have a tool like this in your toolbox. 

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What Are the Disadvantages of Buckstop Bumpers?

Believe it or not, there are some disadvantages to having a beast of a bumper. The main drawback is weight. Your front end will be a bit heavier, which may mean that you’ll need to upgrade your suspension. 

You should also consider that everyone you know will call you when they get themselves in a tight spot. You’ll be out there saving folks on the regular if you have a heavy-duty bumper added to your truck. 

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Are Heavy-Duty Off-Road Bumpers Worth It?

The bottom line is if you have the lifestyle that your truck would be perfect for a heavy-duty bumper, then yes, the addition is well worth the investment.  

Ask yourself how your adventures or your workday can be easier with a strong and dependable bumper. When your vehicle is an intricate tool for what you do regularly, why not upgrade it with a heavy-duty Buckstop bumper? 

Is a Buckstop bumper in your future? Tell us in the comments!

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