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Bundutec Campers: Rugged Truck Campers for Explorers

If you’re in the truck camper world, you’ve likely heard of Bigfoot Industries, Northwood Manufacturing, Lance, and Northern Lite. These giants of the industry have been around for a long time. But in the last ten years, another company, BundutecUSA, emerged onto the scene. Bundutec campers feature pop-up and hard-walled options customizable to fit your camping needs and designed for all truck sizes. So let’s dive in and look at what Bundutec offers!

Who Is Bundutec?

In 2013, Rory Willett founded BundutecUSA, Inc. He worked in the truck camper business for 40 years and retired as president of Northstar Campers. However, his love for manufacturing dependable units to get outdoor enthusiasts on the road wasn’t gone.

You can customize Bundutec campers to fit your needs. They can be empty shells or fully-equipped truck campers. Pop-top and hard-walled trailers are available in various floorplans for all truck sizes. Just recently, the company started building truck camper box inserts as well.

BundutecUSA is also known for its unique BunduTop design. This tent provides 360-degree access with multiple entries and excellent views. It features an aluminum construction and a Riptech canvas. The winch motor raises and lowers the tent via a pulley system.

Another unique feature of BundutecUSA is the BunduAwn, which provides shade and coverage for two or three sides of your vehicle. The triangular shape and design are more secure and offer better support than typical awnings.

Bundutec Campers logo on truck camper
BundutecUSA produces dependable units perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a customizable truck camper.

What Types of Campers Does Bundutec Manufacture?

Rory Willett enjoys meeting one-on-one with clients and working on a truck camper design the company can tailor to their specific wants and needs. These custom-built truck campers feature a pop-up or hard-walled design. The roof of the pop-top Bundutec campers rises with the push of a button. There are ten models, each fitting different-sized trucks.

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What Size Truck Are Bundutec Campers Made for?

The Bundutec campers lineup includes campers for small trucks, ½ ton trucks, ¾ ton trucks, and 1-ton trucks. The Topi is the only model for small trucks, while the RoadRunner is the only model for 1-ton trucks. They’re all manufactured in Raymond, Iowa.

It’s crucial to know the payload capacity of your particular truck when purchasing a truck camper. You can typically find this number on a sticker inside your driver’s side door or in your owner’s manual. It might also be called the cargo-carrying capacity.

The dry weight of a Bundutec camper is the trailer’s weight without anything inside. Each camper will have its cargo-carrying capacity as well. Once fully-loaded, the truck camper plus all of your passengers, gear, fuel, and cargo should never exceed the payload capacity or cargo-carrying capacity of your truck.

Larger trucks like ¾ ton and 1-ton models have better braking systems, more powerful engines, and other components that help them carry heavier loads safely. If you put too much weight on a truck, you risk dangerous consequences like a tire blowout, mechanical failures, and losing vehicle control. Even these trucks have limits that need to be followed however.

BundutecUSA truck camper
The Bundutec lineup is extensive, ensuring there is the perfect truck camper for every explorer.

The Bundutec Campers Lineup

Ten Bundutec campers fit small trucks to 1-ton trucks. Pay attention to the box lengths, as some models require removing the tailgate.


The Bundutec Topi truck camper is the only model for small trucks like Toyota Tacoma. It fits both 5 or 6-foot box lengths, but you must remove the tailgate. The Topi weighs 1,330 pounds empty and has a base price of around $19,963.

The interior layout includes a dinette and kitchen with a sink, a 1.9 cubic-foot 12V refrigerator, and a 2-burner stove. There’s hamper storage on both sides of the full-size bed. When opened, the interior height is a comfortable 75 inches. You can add options like a 12,000 BTU furnace, insulated skylight, or 340-watt solar package to suit your camping needs. 

South African pop up truck campers by Bundutec USA


The Bundutec Bushbaby truck camper is for ½ ton trucks like Ford F150s. It fits a 5.5-foot box with the tailgate removed and a 6.5-foot box with the tailgate down. You can potentially close the tailgate of a 6.75-foot box. The Bushbaby weighs 1,350 pounds empty and has a base price of approximately $19,134.

The interior layout is the same as the Topi truck camper. However, when opened, the internal height is 80 inches instead of 75 inches. The overall length is 140 inches, so there’s room for a queen bed instead of a full-size bed. The refrigerator is also larger at 2.5 cubic feet. Like the Topi, there are numerous add-ons and upgrades to suit your travel style.

Adventure Trailer Venter Bush Baby Upgrade


The Bundutec Sable truck camper is also for ½ ton trucks and fits all box lengths, but you must remove the tailgate on all sizes. The Sable weighs 1,400 pounds empty and has a base price of about $22,573.

The interior layout is the same as the previous models. When opened, the internal height is 78 inches. The length is 152 inches and includes a queen bed and a 2.5 cubic-foot refrigerator like the Bushbaby model. This unit also has a larger freshwater tank with a capacity of 20 gallons instead of the 11-gallon tanks in the Topi and Bushbaby units.

Custom Sable Walk-Through


The third of the ½ ton truck campers are the Bundutec Wild. Like the Sable unit, you must remove the tailgate on all box lengths with the Wild camper. It weighs 1,630 pounds empty, considerably more than the Bushbaby and Sable. The base price is about $26,593.

The interior layout is the same as the previous models, except this unit features a cassette toilet with a fresh tank capacity of 4 gallons and a black tank capacity of 5.1 gallons. There’s also a gray water tank in the Wild unit with a capacity of 11 gallons. The same 20-gallon freshwater tank in the Sable is also in the Wild.

The Wild has a queen bed, a 2.5 cubic-foot refrigerator, an exterior shower, a 78-inch interior height when opened, and an overall length of 152 inches.

Bundutec Wild Walk About


The subsequent four units are for ¾ ton trucks. The Bunducamp truck camper requires removing the tailgate for 6.5-foot and 6.75-foot box lengths. It weighs 1,700 pounds and has a base price of about $29,690. When opened, the interior height is 80 inches. The overall length is 164 inches.

The floorplan of the Bunducamp includes two opposing dinette areas at the foot of the queen bed. The kitchen has a sink, two-burner stove, refrigerator, and the Bunducamp also has a cassette toilet. This toilet pulls water from the 36-gallon freshwater tank rather than having its own. The black tank has a 4.75-gallon capacity. The gray tank of the Bundcamp is also larger than the Wild, with a capacity of 18 gallons.

Custom BunduCamp Tray Build

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The Bundutec Free truck camper is also for ¾ ton trucks and requires removing the tailgate on both box lengths like the Bunducamp. It weighs 1,800 pounds and has a base price of roughly $29,464. Both the interior height and overall length are the same as the Bunducamp.

The floorplan of the Free is very similar to the Wild, except the kitchen and dinette have flipped. The bench seat and table are along the driver’s side of the camper. Also, like the Wild, the Free has a cassette toilet with a fresh tank capacity of 4 gallons, and black tank capacity of 5.1 gallons, a gray tank of 11 gallons, and a freshwater tank of 20 gallons.


The first option with wardrobe storage in the main living space is the Bunduvry truck camper. Also, for ¾ ton trucks, the Bunduvry weighs 1,900 pounds and has a base price of about $27,143.

The main living area includes an L-shaped dinette along the driver’s side and the bottom of the bed. The kitchen has a 3.1 cubic-foot 12V refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a sink. This unit can also accommodate additional people with a convertible dinette. Another adult could sleep on the 75 by 36-inch space.

The Bunduvry has the same cassette toilet and tank capacities as the Free, except the gray tank is a bit larger at 18 gallons. The interior height is smaller than the other ¾ ton truck models at 76 inches, but the overall length is 189 inches for plenty of interior space.



Another unit with a different floorplan from the other options is the Bundutec Odyssey truck camper. This model has a rear dinette with the entry door along the passenger side of the trailer instead of in the rear. It’s for flatbed ¾ ton trucks, has a dry weight of 1,700 pounds, and a base price of around $28,771.

The interior height when opened is 76 inches, and the overall length is 165 inches. There’s a queen bed, 2.5-cubic-foot 12V refrigerator, sink, two-burner stove, and swivel cassette toilet. The toilet draws water from the freshwater tank like the Bunducamp model. The freshwater tank capacity is 20 gallons, and the black tank capacity is 4.75 gallons.

BundutecUSA's Odyssey - Side Door Pop-Top


The Roamer is another Bundutec camper for a ¾ ton flatbed truck. It has a dry weight of 2,400 pounds and a base price of about $36,887. Like the Odyssey, the Roamer has a side entry door with a rear dinette. The interior layout is a bit different, with a larger living space. The internal height is 80 inches, and the overall length is a vast 202 inches. 

The tank sizes are also larger, with a 39-gallon freshwater tank and a 20-gallon gray tank. The cassette toilet has a 5.1-gallon black tank and a 4-gallon freshwater tank. The Roamer has the same queen bed as the other units, a 1.6 cubic-foot 12V chest refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a sink.


Finally, the only Bundutec camper for 1-ton trucks is the RoadRunner. You must remove the tailgates on 6.5-foot and 6.75-foot box lengths. The RoadRunner weighs 2,400 pounds and has a base price of approximately $33,706. It measures 193 inches and has an interior height of 76 inches.

It also has large tank capacities with a 34-gallon freshwater tank, a 20-gallon gray tank, a 4-gallon freshwater tank for the cassette toilet, and a 5.1-gallon back tank. The RoadRunner has a larger 3.1-cubic-foot 12V  refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, and sink. It also has a large U-shaped dinette for ample seating and a wardrobe in the main living area.

Mello Mike of Truck Camper Adventure Magazine provides a tour of his new BundutecUSA Roadrunner.

Who Are the Bundutec Campers Good for?

Bundutec campers are suitable for people looking to customize their truck campers. Because of all the options for add-ons and upgrades, customers can make their Bundutec camper precisely what they need.

For example, you can add an aluminum storage box with plenty of gear or a tv mount to relax after long days of hiking or biking. You can add an air conditioner or a furnace if camping in extreme temperatures.

The Bunductec campers are also suitable for people who don’t have heavy-duty trucks. You don’t have to spend more money on a RAM 3500 to get a truck camper. Bunductec provides options for every truck owner.

We Renovated A 20 Year-Old Truck Camper Into A Luxury Overland Vehicle
While not a bundutech we built an offroad truck camper as well.

Is Bundutec a Good Company?

While we have not purchased a unit from Bundutech, we have heard great things from owners we have met.

One Google reviewer shared his experience with Bundutec’s “over-the-top customer service” when he needed a repair. Another happy customer shared a positive experience: “They built a custom camper for my 8 ft. truck bed. Everything was exactly as I ordered and it fit like a glove. Great customer support before and after the sale.”

So if you’re looking for a company that will take care of you from start to finish of the build process and after you’ve taken your truck camper home, consider one of Bundutec’s models. Make it suit your needs, and start going on adventures!

Bundutec Campers truck camper in parking lot
Bundutec campers are perfect for people looking to customize their own unique truck camper.

Which model of Bundutec truck camper is right for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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