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What Is a Bushwhacker Camper?

Are you in the market for a durable, lightweight camper? Do you like the idea of a teardrop but can’t find a layout you love? If so, you should know about the increasingly popular Bushwhacker Campers. Founded in 2017, Braxton Creek has two teardrop models: the Bushwhacker and the Bushwhacker Plus. Both have rave reviews for their layouts and manageable towing. But is a Bushwhacker camper right for you?

Below, we’ll take a closer look at these up-and-coming teardrops, including their floorplans, features, price, and whether or not we think they’re worth it. 

Let’s dive in!

Who Makes the Bushwhacker Camper?

Braxton Creek makes the Bushwhacker camper. While they’re a relatively new company, they’ve made their mark in the RV world.

Braxton Creek logo
Braxton Creek aims to provide high-quality campers and professional customer support.

According to their website, they tout themselves as a “traditional values, family-connecting RV company” and aim to back this up with high-quality rigs and personal, professional support. Braxton Creek’s guiding principles are: “Integrity, Personal Relationships, Quality Craftmanship, Ease of Doing Business, and Great Fits.”

But what is a Bushwacker Camper, and what makes them stand out?

What Is a Bushwhacker Teardrop Camper?

Bushwhacker Campers differ from other small rigs on the market in several important ways. Let’s take a look at their floorplans, specs, and features. 


There are two primary floorplans for the Bushwhacker teardrop camper: The Bushwhacker 10HD and The Bushwhacker 10FB (which is dealer stock only).

The 10HD model has enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably, plenty of overhead storage over the end of the bed, and an A/C. This takes up the central part of the interior space. On the back exterior, you’ll find a hatch with a sink, a two-burner gas cooktop, and a 30-quart Summit Series K2 cooler. 

2021 Braxton Creek Bushwhacker - Owners Review

The Bushwhacker 10FB is relatively similar except for a few minor details. Instead of the overhead cabinet space, there’s a converter, a TV prep and antenna space, and a radio. The radio is perfect for RVers who like some entertainment no matter where they are. 

Pro Tip: A good floorplan can have a big impact on What It Is Really Like Inside a Teardrop Camper. We took a closer look at what living in a teardrop camper is like.


The gross weight of the Bushwhacker 10HD and 10FB is 2200 lbs, making them an excellent lightweight RV you can tow with almost anything. They’re both 13’2” long, 6’9” wide, and 6’10” high.

While the 10HD has 24 gallons of fresh water, the 10FB only has 10 gallons, so consider this when selecting your floorplan. Moreover, they’re both 30-amp RVs with a 5000 BTU A/C and a 12,000 BTU furnace, so you’re sure to stay comfortable in both cold and hot weather. 


Both models also have a Bluetooth-compatible stereo with interior speakers, a 12V 3-speed Vortex roof vent, a roof-mounted multi-purpose roof rack, and dual-rear heavy-duty stabilizing jacks. 

Bushwhacker camper
Small rigs, like a Bushwhacker Camper, can still pack a big punch.

What Is a Bushwhacker Plus Camper?

Are you interested in a teardrop-style camper with all the features you’ll need for extended trips? If so, you may want to consider the Bushwhacker Plus. This lightweight, sleek RV is easily towable but still has all the conveniences of home. Let’s dig in. 


The Bushwhacker Plus has four floorplans: the 17BH, the 17FD, the 17FL, and the 15FK. With multiple sleeping spaces, the 17BH is excellent for families. It has a U-shaped dinette that turns into a queen-sized bed and two bunks on the other end of the camper. In the central area, you’ll find a wet bath, a small refrigerator, TV, microwave, sink, and cooktop. 

The 17FD is excellent for families as well, as it can sleep at least three adults or even two adults and two children. On one end of the camper is a queen-sized bed, and on the other end lies a dinette that you can convert into another small bed. In between, you’ll find a wet bath, refrigerator, microwave, A/C, sink, and cooktop.

Bushwhacker 15FK by Braxton Creek - 2021 Model

The 17FL, on the other hand, has all the space that the 17BH and 17FD have, but it’s better suited for a couple. On one end, you’ll find a queen-size bed and on the other is a bench, table, and chair seating area. The middle area includes a wet bath, refrigerator, microwave, sink, A/C, and cooktop. 

Last but not least, the 15FK is an excellent option for minimalist couples or individuals who want the lightness of a teardrop with an interior kitchen and bathroom. The 15FK is smaller than the other three floorplans, but it features a U-shaped dinette that turns into a queen-sized bed, a toilet and shower (not a wet bath!), a refrigerator, and a rear kitchenette with a sink and cooktop.


Except for the 15FK, all the Bushwhacker Plus models are 18’ long, 6’9” wide, and 8’8” tall. The 15FK is 15’6” long and 8’6” tall. As for the GVWR, they all weigh just over 3000 lbs fully loaded (ranging from 3320 lbs to 3260 lbs).

Bushwhacker Plus interior
Enjoy the simple life by traveling the world in a Bushwhacker Camper.

Moreover, all models have 18 gallons of greywater storage. The 17BH, 17FD, and 17FL have 24 gallons of freshwater capacity and 17 gallons of black water capacity. The 15FK has 18 gallons of freshwater capacity and 8.5 gallons of black water capacity.

Compare this to the 2200 lbs gross weight of the Bushwhacker teardrop, and you seem to get a lot more features for an extra 1000 lbs. 


Unlike the teardrop version, each Bushwhacker Plus model has a 6-gallon DSI gas/electric water heater, an EZ bed/dinette system, and an interior kitchen and bathroom. They also include a refrigerator instead of a cooler and a Go-power Solar Prep Package. 

How Much Does a Bushwhacker Camper Cost?

The price will vary slightly depending on the dealership you go through. The MSRP for the Bushwhacker teardrop is approximately $15,446, while the Bushwhacker Plus hovers between $18,000 and $19,000. 

Pro Tip: Are you ready to invest in a teardrop camper? Check out these 7 Super Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms that Will Blow Your Mind.

Bushwhacker exterior rear kitchen
Camp, cook, and explore with a Bushwhacker Camper.

What Are People Saying About Braxton Creek Bushwhackers?

On RV Insider, consumers gave Braxton Creek travel trailers an average rating of 3.8 stars. That’s 4.3 for livability, 3.0 for overall quality, 4.3 for the floorplan, 4.1 for driving/towing, and 3.3 for the factory warranty.

While many buyers are willing to share their experience with Braxton Creek, Dan from Colorado’s review of the 2021 17BH was rated as most helpful. In short, they like that it “Basically has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s very simple and laid out pretty well.” On the negative side, Dan said their Bushwhacker “Could use more windows and/or natural light.”

For more reviews like Dan’s, check out this forum on RV Insider. 

Bushwhacker Teardrop Review - Watch Before You Buy, Braxton Creek Tear Drop Camper

Is a Bushwhacker Camper Worth It? 

Let’s cut to the chase—should you get a Bushwhacker camper? Considering the competition, features, price, and reviews, we’d say that these campers are probably worth it. However, that is only if they fulfill all your needs.

At less than $20,000, you’re not going to receive the same quality that a nuCamp or Little Guy teardrop will have. Then again, not everyone can afford an expensive camper!

If the Teardrop or the Plus is in your price range and you’re looking for a functional, lightweight travel trailer with a superb layout, we think the Bushwhacker camper is a good choice! 

What do you think? Would you buy a Bushwhacker travel trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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