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The Camp365: A Strange New Breed of Pop-Up Camper

With a space-age look and a lightweight design, the Camp365 will definitely catch your eye. This ingenious fold-out camper gives traditional travel trailers a run for their money. It provides all of the camping amenities without any of the hassle.

A Mini Cooper or Subaru easily tows it, and it’s aerodynamic. It also magically turns from a triangular Star Trek transporter to a full-fledged 12-foot-long cabin in just a couple of minutes. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative camper.

What Is the Camp365 and What Makes It Different? 

Starting with an aerodynamic 40″ wide, 15′ long triangular trailer, the Camp365 has been designed to fold out into a spacious camper. The structure has a marine-grade synthetic material called Aqualon, which is waterproof, crack-resistant, and extremely strong.

The Coolest Camper of 2019 | Camp365

The Camp365 appears to be a cross between a pop-up camper and a travel trailer but without all the weight. Once deployed, the Camp365 has 96 square feet of living space that can sleep up to six people.

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Where Is Camp365 Made?

Eden Prairie, Minn., is home to the Camp365 headquarters and showroom. It’s also where the first campers were manufactured in 2018. But by 2020, the company grew so rapidly that the owners opened a second in Albia, Iowa. Now it looks like they’ll be building a third production line in the coming year!

It’s amazing what has come from an original design scribbled on a napkin. Kevin McGregor, the founder of Camp365, was at a family gathering when his Uncle Scott drew an idea he had for a family camper that was foldable and could go anywhere. Once the drawing was complete, Uncle Scott built a scaled model using a toy utility terrain vehicle with G.I. Joe in the driver’s seat.

ATV towing Camp365
The Camp365 is a 15′ trailer that folds out, providing 96 square feet of living space.

Eventually, a full-sized prototype was built. That instigated years of designs, field testing, and modifications to create a camper that would revolutionize the RV market. This process produced several patents for innovations along the way, and finally, the Camp365 came off the production line in 2018.

Does a Camp365 Have a Bathroom? 

One of the options that Camp365 offers to personalize your camper is a portable toilet. You can use it inside or out, and the rig is designed with a curtain track to provide privacy. Adding an enclosed pop-up shelter as an outdoor changing room or bathroom would provide privacy in an outdoor setting. Plus, you can easily move the toilet.

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About the Camp365

The Camp365 design makes it easy to tow and unfold at a campsite, providing all the amenities found in a hard-sided travel trailer. Its lightweight maneuverability makes it the perfect choice for a camper that can go just about anywhere you’d like to take it.

The camper’s design solves many of the problems of more conventional RVs, making it possible for small vehicles to tow the Camp365. It creates a “fold-out cabin” you can use in all four seasons.

Camp365 fold out cabin
The Camp365 creates a fold-out cabin for outdoor enthusiasts.


The Camp365 trailer, when folded up, is 15′ 6″ long, including the tongue, which weighs 160 lbs. At 40″ wide, it can unfold to create a camper that’s 12′ long and 9′ wide, with an interior height of 7′. The camper weighs 1,495 lbs when empty, and its full GVWR is 2,200 lbs. The camper has a fresh water tank that will hold 12 gallons, as can the grey water tank.


From its sturdy aluminum fold-out sides to the tough Aqualon material that creates its shell, the Camp365 consists of durable materials. You can crank down the adjustable wheelbase from 6′ wide to 4′ wide for storage.

The camper has five windows with screens, a six-person room with a fold-out table, and slides that hide a kitchen sink. It also has a two-burner propane stove, a 12V refrigerator, and in-floor fresh water and gray water tanks. A seven-point leveling system is also standard.

Options include heating and air conditioning, custom beds, shower and bath facilities, awnings and a vestibule, a changing area, and an off-road wheel kit.

Queen-size folding bed
Custom beds are an option in the Camp365.

How Much Does a Camp365 Cost? 

The base model of a Camp365 starts at $17,995, ranging up to $24,995 with upgraded amenities. Because the camper has only been on the market since 2018, it’s extremely difficult to find any on the used market. Still, with the opening of a third manufacturing facility, buyers should be able to find a new unit almost immediately.

What Type of Vehicle Can Pull a Camp365? 

Any vehicle that can tow 1,500 lbs and has a Class 1 trailer hitch should be able to tow an unloaded Camp365. The trailer is so lightweight. It can be manually pulled by one person to easily get it into place for towing.

Keep in mind that the GVWR on a Camp365 is 2,200 lbs. So, if you load potable water, propane tanks, or outdoor toys like an e-bike or kayak on the outside rack, you will be increasing the tow weight. If this is the case, you can’t use smaller vehicles that only have tow ratings of 1,500 lbs.

Camp365 Electric Vehicle Range Test with Tesla Model Y

Is a Camp365 Worth It?

A Camp365 is an innovative solution to several RV problems. But for some campers who take their rig on the road and use it along the way, this camper is untenable. You have to completely set it up to use its cool features, knocking out roadside stops and possible overnight stays at places like Walmart.

A better use for the Camp365 is as a base camp for boondocking. That’s because of its narrow wheelbase and four-season capabilities.

Can you see yourself camping in a Camp365? Let us know in the comments.

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