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Do Campervans Have Ovens?

Do Campervans Have Ovens?

It is handy to have a few kitchen appliances in your campervan like a fridge, sink, and perhaps a stovetop. However, one kitchen appliance you may not expect to find in a van is an oven. These larger appliances take up valuable space and weight and require plenty of energy, either electric or propane, to run. However, for some, an oven may be a necessity for a homey van life cooking experience. So do campervans have ovens?

Let’s take a look!

Do Campervans Have Ovens?

Whether or not a campervan has an oven depends on several factors, including the personal choice of the builder. Some campervans will have ovens, and others won’t. Ovens often take up a tremendous amount of space in campers and aren’t used as often as you’d think.

A lot of cooking can be accomplished on a simple stovetop or in an Instant Pot. As a result, many campers choose to forgo installing an oven in their camper van. Similarly, van manufacturers may offer some models with and without ovens.

On the other hand, if having an oven in your campervan is a deal breaker, you can find vans with them. This can allow you to enjoy baking treats during your adventures. You may make a friend or two if you share those treats with other travelers while on the road.

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Can You Put an Oven in a Van?

A great thing about vans and other RVs is that they’re customizable. If your van doesn’t have a feature you want, such as an oven, there’s a good chance you can make it happen. While putting an oven in a van is possible, you must have some tools, DIY skills, and knowledge.

Because an oven’s job is to get extremely hot, and often uses propane, it can be dangerous if not installed correctly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t try to “wing” it. Pay a licensed and insured professional to take on this project for you. If not, you could watch your van and nomadic dreams go up in smoke.

Things To Consider Before Adding An Oven to Your Camper Van

The first thing to do is determine whether you really need an oven in your camper van. Unless you’re an avid roaster or baker, you may not find the most use out of it as you initially think.

Next, determine the size you need. This may largely depend on the space you have available, such as an existing cabinet or counter space. Also, keep in mind the dishes you want to use the oven for. Will it be big enough for your favorite frozen pizza? Your favorite casserole dish?

Energy source is another large consideration. If you’re building your own van, you might not be interested in adding propane just for an oven. However, if you’re already running the lines for a stovetop, furnace, or water heater, it may be an easy add. If you want to go all-electric, be sure to have an adequate electrical connection. If you want to bake off-grid, also consider your battery bank.

Finally, and this one is from experience, make sure to get an oven with electronic ignition. If you have to fight with a pilot light in the back of your van oven, you’ll use it less if at all. Trust us, we know that from experience!

Woman cooking in camper van
Van life doesn’t mean you have to give up cooking gourmet meals.

What Are the Benefits of an Oven in a Campervan?

There are many reasons why you want an oven in a campervan. First of all, cooking is an essential and inevitable part of life. You’re not always going to be in a spot where you can make a campfire to heat up or cook your food. An oven can help you prepare a variety of foods in your van, from roasting vegetables and meat dishes to baking savory desserts. As an added bonus, the warmth from an oven can warm the entire camper on cool evenings.

For some nomads, cooking and baking are more than just for sustenance. Like an artist with a blank canvas and a paintbrush, some people have culinary skills that they enjoy putting to good use. Having an oven can allow someone to make many of the same treats and dishes that they would have at home. This can be extremely helpful when you’re feeling a little homesick.

What Are the Disadvantages of an Oven in a Campervan?

While there are many reasons you might want an oven in your campervan, there are also some disadvantages. An empty campervan may feel spacious, but the walls start closing in as you pile your stuff into it. An oven in a campervan means sacrificing some of the limited living or storage space. Many campers in larger RVs even find themselves using the oven for additional storage space rather than cooking.

In addition, ovens will require a fuel or power source. This means you’ll need to worry about keeping a propane supply available or using tremendous amounts of electrical power. Ovens can be power-hungry appliances, putting even larger battery banks and power systems to the test.

Food being baked in campervan oven
You will need food to fuel up for your adventures, so an oven may be worth installing in your van.

What Are the Best Ovens in Campervans? 

You don’t want to trust just any oven in your campervan. You want an oven by a brand with a proven history and positive reputation. You’ll probably want one that is smaller and fits into your van nicely. Luckily, we’ve found a few options for you to consider. Let’s look at some of the best options for ovens in campervans.

Dometic OV 1800

The Dometic OV 1800 is perfect for motorhomes, boats, and campervans. Dometic offers a variety of sizes, but this is the smallest and most space-saving of their models. This is an 18-liter capacity gas oven with an electronic ignition system that weighs 12kg. Not only does it have everything you’d expect from a residential oven, but it looks good too. 

The sleek stainless steel casing provides the modern look many van lifers want in their rig. The glass door and interior light allows you to keep an eye on your food progress. It comes with a stainless steel rack and an enamel baking tray.

Furrion RV Wall Oven

Furrion is another well-known, reputable name in the industry. Their RV Wall Oven features stainless steel construction and runs off 1400 Watts of electricity. It has a digital thermostat, adjustable oven racks, and a broiler. Whether you want to cook meat, fish, or vegetables, it’s possible with this oven in your van. 

It features Furrion’s Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart designs, which protect it from bumps in the road and unpredictable climate conditions during your adventures.

RV kitchen
If your campervan space is limited, try out a toaster oven.

Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven

With the Furrion 2-in-1 Range Oven, you can cook, bake, fry, or grill until your heart’s content. This range oven uses propane to fuel the oven and range, so make sure you have some available. The stainless steel finish can help transform a space and make it feel a bit more residential. 

Furrion has also built into this range oven the Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart features to help ensure it lasts a long time and that you have a smooth experience no matter where you use it. Between the three-burner cooktop and the oven, you’re sure to be able to make some delicious treats with this oven.

Toaster Oven

Want an oven but don’t want to sacrifice the space? A portable toaster oven is a fantastic option. All you need is a small counter space or a place to store it when it’s not in use. A toaster oven can provide many of the same features as an oven but is not nearly as expensive and doesn’t take up precious living or storage space. 

You may have to reduce the size of items you’re baking to make them fit, but it’s a sacrifice worth making for the benefits.

Pro Tip: You’ll love cooking in one of these 7 Best Small Toaster Ovens to Use in Camper Vans and RVs.

Interior of van kitchen
From baked treats to full meals, an oven and stovetop in your van can give you the flexibility to cook whatever you are craving.

What Type of Stovetops Can You Put in a Campervan?

In addition to ovens, stovetops are another important feature in campervans. These can allow you to quickly and easily heat various foods while on the go. Let’s take a look at a few types of stovetops that you can put in a campervan.

Propane Stove

Propane is the most common type of fuel source for stoves in campervans and RVs. This is a great option because propane is readily available in many locations. If you run out, finding a place to resupply or fill up your tanks is typically not terribly hard. 

However, propane can be dangerous and require venting. If you plan to use any propane appliances in your van, you should also have a carbon monoxide detector to keep you and anyone else in your van safe.

Butane Stove

Butane stoves are fantastic. They’re cheaper and more efficient than propane. However, butane only works above freezing. So if your travel plans involve spending time in temperatures below freezing, you’ll want to consider a different type of oven. 

Induction Stove

Induction stoves can be great because they run off electricity. However, they require a generous amount of electricity, which isn’t great for those who want to spend time camping off the grid. If you have a larger battery bank and solar panels to charge it, there’s a good chance you can make it work. 

However, it can be challenging if you’re struggling to keep the lights on and camping in a shady space where the weather isn’t cooperating.

Pro Tip: Are toaster ovens the new RV oven? We investigated The End of the RV Oven: Why RVers Are Ditching Propane Baking.

Cooking & Eating While Full Time RV Living On The Road | Mondays with the Mortons

Is Having an Oven in a Campervan Worth It?

Ovens in campervans is a personal choice. If you like roasting and baking, having an oven in a campervan can allow you a bit more freedom when it comes to enjoying van life. You can make some of your favorite dishes and enjoy the views or the sounds of nature while you wait for it to finish. 

However, if you tend to use the oven only for holidays and special occasions, you may discover that RV ovens make exceptional hideaways for paper towels, canned goods, and unused casserole dishes.

Would you put an oven in your camper van? Tell us in the comments!

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