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12 Best Games to Play Around the Campfire (For Kids, Teens, and Adults)

12 Best Games to Play Around the Campfire (For Kids, Teens, and Adults)

Campfire games can be an enjoyable way to disconnect from the distractions of everyday life and connect with those around you. They can help everyone unwind, relax, and have fun with friends and family while enjoying the warmth and light of the fire. Whether you’re out camping or enjoying a backyard bonfire, having fun around the fire can be an unforgettable experience. From classic favorites to new, innovative games, plenty of options exist to entertain everyone.

Today, we will explore some of the best games for all ages to play around the campfire. So gather your besties and a bundle of firewood, and let’s get started!

5 Campfire Games Made for Adults (And Maybe a Few Drinks)

What Are Campfire Games?

Campfire games are games that you can enjoy around a campfire. They typically enhance the social setting and experience. Many games are appropriate for all ages and can be a great way to pass the time, connect with others, and create a fun environment, especially if you’re out of cell service.

Campfire games can unite people, eliminate distractions, and encourage social interaction and teamwork. With so many options available, you’ll likely run out of firewood long before you run out of games to play.

Parents and son playing game together at campfire
Whether you’re a child or an adult, a campfire game is a great way to make camping fun.

4 Best Campfire Games for Kids

If you want to increase the fun and create unforgettable memories with kids, having a few campfire games up your sleeve will do the trick. Let’s look at some of the best campfire games you can play with your little ones.

1. Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is a campfire game that requires at least three players. Everyone sits around the campfire so they can see and hear each other. The group selects a theme for the story, like “desert,” “outer space,” or “animals.” The theme will help guide players and give ideas for what to include in the story.

To start the game, the first player begins the story, starting with the phrase “Once upon a time.” They have a specific amount of time (typically a minute or two) to tell their part of the story. The goal is to keep it as engaging and exciting as possible.

When the time is up, the next participant picks up where the story left off. They can add twists and turns to the story as they see fit. Depending on the size of the group, play continues until everyone has a chance to share. The last person should tie up loose ends and resolve conflicts in the story.

2. 20 Questions

20 Questions is another option for all ages to play around the campfire. You can play this game with as few as two players. In addition, this is an excellent game because there’s no maximum player limit. You can play with as many people as you can squeeze around your campfire.

To start, choose one player to be the “thinker.” The thinker’s job is to think of an object for the other participants to guess. Once the thinker has selected an object, participants ask yes-or-no questions to guess the answer.

The goal for the guessers is to guess the item that the thinker has selected in less than 20 guesses. However, many ignore the 20-question limit and continue playing until the group says the answer. If you’re playing with children, stick to the limit to keep them engaged and interested. Whoever correctly guesses the object becomes the new thinker. 

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3. Telephone

Telephone is another game for groups of kids to play around the campfire. It challenges them to listen closely and relay information to other participants. These are life skills that are critical for everyone to develop.

One player starts by whispering a phrase or sentence to the person next to them. Typically, this is some odd-ball phrase or sentence that makes little sense. After the first player whispers in the next player’s ear, the second player relays the message to the next participant. This pattern continues until the final player in the circle receives the message and says the phrase out loud.

Typically, the final message is different from the original phrase. This is due to errors or miscommunications as the participants pass the phrase around the circle. Telephone can be a game that provides plenty of laughs and helps develop essential skills kids will need throughout their lives.

4. Sound Train

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive campfire game, Sound Train is a solid option. However, we’ll warn you this game can get loud. So it may be best to pull this game out of your bag of tricks when you have some distance between your campfire and others.

To start, the first player in the circle makes a simple sound. This could be clapping, snapping, or whistling. The next player adds a sound to the first player’s sound. Play continues as each player in the circle adds a new sound to the “train.” You end up with a fun and exciting sequence of sounds. You can make the game more challenging by randomly changing directions.

The game ends when everyone in the group can add their sound to the train. You can also continue the game until the excitement starts to wane. It’s best to end the game early than to let it drag on for too long.

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Friends playing games around the campfire
Bond with your kids around the campfire by playing a fun game.

4 Best Campfire Games for Teens

Camping with teenagers can be challenging, especially when disconnecting from technology. Luckily, we’ve found several campfire games for teens that can be fun to pass the time and forget about social media. Let’s take a look!

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This popular icebreaker game is a way to get to know friends and family while camping. Additionally, you can invite any camping neighbors to join the fun. This is one of the only times you want to encourage teenagers to lie.

The game starts with each player thinking of three statements about themselves. Two of the statements are true, and one is a lie. The first person shares their three statements, and the group votes on what they believe is a lie.

Once everyone in the circle makes their guess, the player reveals which statement was the lie. Play continues until everyone in the ring can share their statements, or you reach a certain number of rounds.

2. Wink Murder

Having someone wink at you may typically be a good sign in most situations, but not when playing the Wink Murder campfire game. A wink could spell the end for participants in this fun and interactive game.

To start Wink Murder, the group circles the campfire, facing each other. Have everyone close their eyes as a leader walks around the group. The leader secretly taps someone on the shoulder or back to indicate they’re the “murderer.”

After selecting the murderer, the leader lets everyone know to open their eyes. The murderer then attempts to wink at other players to “kill” them inconspicuously. Players try to observe who they think is the murderer. They can accuse others by pointing and saying, “I accuse [insert name] of being the murderer!”

Incorrect accusations result in the elimination of the accuser. Additionally, “murdered” players cannot guess or offer any clues as to the identity of the murderer. So make sure everyone remains quiet once eliminated.

Play continues until the murderer has “killed” everyone or participants guess the murderer. You can make the game somewhat more challenging by changing the method of murder. You can use hand gestures or other facial expressions for the murderer to signal the death of participants.

Adults playing campfire game
Nothing unites friends and family like a game night.

3. Make Me Laugh

Need a good laugh? Make Me Laugh is an interactive campfire game that can provide a knee-slapping good time for your group. The goal is simple, make the other players laugh.

To start, choose a “comedian.” This player’s job is to do whatever they can to make the other players in the group laugh. Before they launch into their impromptu stand-up, you’ll want to set some rules. This could include no props, no touching, or telling inappropriate jokes.

The comedian must take turns telling jokes or doing whatever they need to do to get participants to laugh. Once a participant laughs, they’re eliminated from the game. The last participant to laugh wins the round and becomes the next comedian.

4. Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a game that’s practically a right of passage for many teenagers. The group chooses one player to start the game by selecting “truth” or “dare.” Players who decide on “truth” must answer a question honestly. It’s essential that the questions you ask are appropriate and that everyone is comfortable answering them.

Additionally, participants who select “dare” receive a task or challenge to complete. Again, this should be something appropriate that the player is willing to do. No one should feel pressured to do or answer something that makes them uncomfortable.

Play continues around the group as everyone takes a turn. This game can continue as long as everyone is having fun and enjoying it. Keep the game lighthearted and fun to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

Friends playing campfire game
Bust out a beverage and play some adult campfire drinking games.

4 Best Campfire Games for Adults

Adults like to kick back, relax, and enjoy campfire games too. We’ve found some of the best games for those in the 21+ crowd to enjoy. As a reminder, always drink responsibly and safely when camping. Let’s dive in!

1. 21

This campfire game will put your math skills to the test. 21 is a math-based game where all the group has to do is count from one to 21. Sound simple? Think again! There’s a twist!

The first player starts the game by saying, “One.” Play continues around the circle with others, saying the following consecutive number while counting up to 21. However, the tricky part is that players can say more than one number. How many numbers they say determines the direction of who counts next.

If a player only says one number, the play continues to the next player. However, if the player says the following two numbers, it acts like a “reverse” card, and the direction of the circle changes. If a player says three numbers, the play continues in the same order but skips the next person.

If someone says a number out of turn or messes up the flow, they must drink two drinks of their favorite adult beverage. Additionally, whoever is unlucky to land on 21 must finish their drink. Anytime a participant must take a sip, that player restarts the counting at one.

2. I Have Never

I Have Never is a popular drinking game that’s an excellent option when sitting around a campfire. Participants can play with or without alcohol to be as inclusive as possible. So gather around the fire and have a cooler of your favorite beverages.

A player makes an “I have never” statement to start the game. For example, “I have never been to Mexico.” Any players in the circle who have done that activity must take a drink. In our example, anyone who has visited Mexico would take a drink.

Play continues around the circle, with each participant taking a turn to make an “I have never” statement. You can continue playing until the game runs its course or everyone takes a turn. You’ll get to know your group better and enjoy refreshing beverages.

Adults playing campfire drinking games
Let’s play a game. Would you rather be bored while camping or enjoy playing a rousing campfire game?

3. Fuzzy Duck

Whether or not a particular four-letter word is a part of your regular vocabulary, there’s a good chance you’ll say it by the end of this game. Players sit in a circle facing each other, and a player starts by saying, “Fuzzy Duck.” Everyone around the circle takes a turn saying the phrase.

A player can reverse the direction of the circle by saying, “Does he” instead of “fuzzy duck.”  Once the direction of the circle changes, players must say “duck fuzz” instead of “fuzzy duck.”

Anyone who messes up the flow or utters the wrong phrase must take a drink. Ensure you’re careful of little ears or those who don’t appreciate using four-letter words. There’s a 100% chance the group will utter it multiple times.

4. Would You Rather

Would You Rather is another popular campfire game that adults love to play. This game is easily adaptable to various group sizes and ages. However, it’s essential to be considerate of all individuals when playing this game.

To start, the first player presents the group with a made-up scenario. They ask the group, “Would you rather (option 1) or (option 2).” Everyone in the group takes a turn selecting one of the two options and discussing the logic behind their choices. Play continues around the circle, with everyone taking turns crafting a scenario.

This game is easily adaptable based on various group dynamics. You can turn it into a drinking game by requiring participants to take one drink when choosing ‘option 1’ and two drinks when selecting ‘option 2.’ 

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Would You Rather? Made You Think! Edition: Answer...
  • Daly, Lindsey (Author)
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Fun Camping Games To Play In a Tent

Unleash the Fun with Games for Your Next Campfire!

Campfire games are an excellent way to unleash the fun and create lasting memories while camping. Playing games can enhance your camping experience and provide a chance to bond and connect with those around you. It may be worth printing off this list or bookmarking this page to access the options we’ve provided as quickly when you need a game to play at your next campfire.

Which game will you try out first? Tell us the rules to your favorite game in the comments!

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