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Campfire Spray: The New and Improved Way to Enjoy Your Campfire

Campfire Spray: The New and Improved Way to Enjoy Your Campfire

Do you enjoy the scent of a campfire but don’t want to build one? If so, a bottle of campfire spray might be what you need. It’s a new and improved way to enjoy your campfire without the fire.

Read on to learn more about these revolutionary sprays that can help you enjoy the scent of a campsite no matter where you are. You won’t need to worry about firewood, matches, or restrictions.

Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite campfire sprays.

Let’s get going!

What Is Campfire Spray?

Our senses are powerful tools that quickly transport us back to some of our favorite memories. Campfire spray is the earthy scent many campers use to enjoy and remember their time camping. These scents come in various shapes and sizes. However, you can spray them on fabrics and in the air. These sprays can work whether you want to relax or freshen up a space.

Spraying campfire room spray
Transport yourself to a relaxing camping trip by using campfire spray.

What Is the Purpose of Campfire Spray?

The purpose of campfire spray is to make it possible to enjoy the campfire smell without a fire. This could be useful for freshening your space, creating a relaxing environment, or reflecting on some of your favorite childhood camping memories. Campfire sprays recreate the smell that campers love so much without the smoke.

Some individuals with severe respiratory issues may not be able to enjoy a campfire due to medical problems resulting from smoke. While they may like the fire, they don’t want the smoke that causes them to choke.

Pro Tip: Don’t get stuck smelling like smoke for your whole camping trip by discovering how to make a smoke free campfire.

What Do Campfires Smell Like?

Campfires typically have a very recognizable smell. It’s a combination of burning wood and smoke. Many describe the scent as warm and earthy. It has a hint of pine, cedar, or wood on the fire.

Because many campers use the campfire for cooking, many associate the smell with food. It may make your mouth water when you catch a whiff of a campfire. Additionally, it may evoke some memories of camping trips with friends and family around the fire.

Couple by campfire
You don’t need to build a real campfire to enjoy the smell.

7 Campfire Sprays to Enjoy the Smells of Camping

Do you want to enjoy the smell of a campfire without the fire? Campfire sprays are an excellent way to do it. We’ve found seven great campfire sprays that will allow you to enjoy the smells of camping. Let’s take a look!

Candeo Candle Campfire Smoke Room Spray

The Candeo Candle Campfire Smoke Room Spray 3.5-ounce bottle of fragrant spray smells so much like a campfire that all you need to do is close your eyes, and you’ll feel like a kid again. Your sense of smell will convince you that you’re sitting around a campfire, ready to roast marshmallows over an open flame. 

Danielle M. said, “Smells like a real campfire!” What more can you ask for in a campfire scent? Many other reviewers share the same sentiment and say it helps recreate a campfire setting wherever they spray it.

Candeo Candle Campfire Smoke Room Spray, 3.5 oz,...
  • A quick burst of fragrance for your home, car, office, locker......
  • Our room sprays are fragrant and made with simple ingredients
  • Each bottle contains 3.5 oz of fragrant room spray

PINROSE Perfumes Campfire Rebel

The PINROSE Perfume has a whiskey scent with a raspberry undertone. It provides an earthy smell that feels like you’re gathering around the campfire with your loved ones. Perfumes from PINROSE are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. You can wear this scent knowing that the company ethically and sustainably sourced the materials they used to create it.

PINROSE Perfumes Campfire Rebel - Eau de Parfum...
  • ONE SMELL DOESN'T FIT ALL. Perfume is about more than just...
  • CAMPFIRE REBEL tells a riveting story to be sure. No toasted...

ALT. Fireside Marshmallow

The ALT. Fireside Marshmallow fragrance has a unique scent that will leave you feeling warm and cozy, possibly even craving a marshmallow. Its creators, ALT., state it’s the perfect fragrance on cold winter nights. You’ll anticipate the crackling fire as the scent of burning chestnut logs fills the air. The orange blossom and clove undertones compliment the vanilla, Peru Balsam, and Cashmeran base. 

Spraying campfire room spray
Whether you want to cover up an unpleasant smell or just want to set the scene of a camping trip, campfire spray can do the trick.

Fire in the Hole Campfire Spray Cologne

The Fire in the Hole Campfire Spray Cologne comes in a 3.3-ounce bottle from Outlaw. It’s a combination of a campfire, gunpowder, and whiskey. Toss in some excitement, and you’ll approach the day with confidence. If you want a unique and fresh scent that demands respect, this cologne will deliver it. Strahd described the smell as having “a spicy yet somehow mellow scent it will last without being too overwhelming, or having to use an unnecessary amount.”

Fire in the Hole Cologne | Unique Cologne Inspired...
  • Leave your hum-drum, ho-hum, boring ol' cologne in a smoking...
  • This blend of the scents of campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, and the...
  • Using this cologne is significantly safer than lighting a bonfire...

Pro Tip: If you come in contact with a real campfire, use these 5 Simple Ways for How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes.

Men’s Before You Go Toilet Spray (Campfire)

The Men’s Before You GO Toilet Spray campfire spray comes in a sizeable eight-ounce bottle. While its purpose is to cover up unwanted scents in the bathroom, there’s no shortage of potential uses. Each bottle has approximately 1200 to 1500 sprays.

Leah gave this product five stars and said, “This spray is great. Just like the competitors but in a bigger bottle! Definitely worth trying if you like the scent.” Why pay more for less from others when you can enjoy this great scent?

Men's Before You Go Toilet Spray (Campfire) -...
  • PROUDLY #2 WITH CAMPFIRE ESSENTIAL OILS! Perfect for use at home...
  • STAY FRESH & CAMPFIRE SCENTED, ANYWHERE! Never again be caught...
Family sitting around campfire
Campfires smell like both wood and fire, but also marshmallows and spices.

P&J Trading Campfire Fragrance Oil

This 10 ml bottle of P&J Trading Campfire Fragrance essential oils provides a smooth, cozy campfire fragrance. It’s a wonderful home or car diffuser. Matthew gave this oil five stars, saying, “It smells like someone rubbed wood ash on brisket and slapped it over a fire. Delicious and still manly, in my opinion.”

If you want to enjoy the pure smell of burning wood without smoke choking you and stinging your eyes, this is your essential oil. You can create a masculine scent in any room or space in your house.

P&J Trading Campfire Fragrance Oil - Premium Grade...
  • 10ml glass amber bottle with an easy dispensing euro dropper...
  • With more than 30 years in the industry, our IFRA certified...
  • The recommended usage of this fragrance oil is for home and car...

Yankee Candle Concentrated Room Spray, Crisp Campfire Apples

Yankee Candle’s Concentrated Room Spray creates a crisp campfire smell with a hint of apples. Each 1.5-ounce bottle is good for up to 300 sprays. However, this crisp, fresh scent only takes two sprays to fill an entire room. 

Yankee Candle has a reputation for making long-lasting and incredible-smelling products. For only $10, you can keep your favorite room smelling like a crackling campfire. It shows that you don’t have to break the bank to have a long-lasting and fresh-smelling scent. 

How to Build a Fire || REI

Enjoy the Smell of a Campfire Without the Hassle

These sprays can do the job if you want to cover up an unpleasant smell or create a relaxing campfire atmosphere. You can have the perfect ambiance and fragrance without building a fire. However, let us warn you that you may crave a s’more. If so, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Which of the scents on our list would you like best? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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