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The Coolest Wineries For Camping in Each State

After a long day on the road, nothing is better than sitting in your RV with a nice glass of wine and a stunning view. RV camping at wineries is a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. Almost every state in the US has wineries you can camp at, and many are free. This is a list of our best options for a relaxing camping experience in a ma.

Let’s get started!

Harvesting Wine Grapes on Whidbey Island | Travel Vlog #74
The Mortons love visiting wineries in our travels. One time they even got to help with a grape harvest!

How to Find Wineries to Camp At?

If you want to go RV camping at wineries, finding the perfect spot to camp at is easier than you might think. Two popular platforms we’ve explored are Harvest Hosts and Hipcamp. Harvest Hosts connects RV enthusiasts with unique and scenic locations, including wineries. Members pay an annual fee, which grants them access to a wide range of wineries and farms. Mortons readers get

Additionally, Hipcamp has extensive listings of private land and campgrounds. Some wineries list their property on Hipcamp, offering campers a chance to enjoy the picturesque settings of their vineyards. 

Haven’t used Harvest Hosts or HipCamp before? Start Here:

Is Camping at a Winery Free?

Through Harvest Hosts, camping spots are technically free as there is no nightly rate. However, remember that the opportunity to camp for free at a winery is often a gesture of goodwill. In return, it’s requested through Harvest Hosts that campers show their appreciation by supporting the winery, whether through purchasing a bottle of their wine or participating in a wine-tasting experience.

This win-win situation allows you to enjoy the serene beauty of the vineyards and immerse yourself in the world of winemaking. It’s a chance to savor the flavors of the region while contributing to the sustainability and success of the winery.

Pro Tip: Save money by downloading these 9 Best Boondocking Apps and Websites for Amazing Free Camping.

We camped at this beautiful winery in Paso Robles, CA using Harvest Hosts.

Spend the Night at These Wineries You Can Camp at in Each State

Apart from Delaware, Alaska, and Hawaii, Harvest Hosts and Hipcamp have options to camp at wineries in each state. If you’re ready to set up camp in a vineyard with a refreshing glass of wine, look no further than the following spots.  


Alabama: Maraella Vineyards and Winery

Maraella Vineyards is in the scenic foothills of the Appalachian Mountains along the North Alabama Wine Trail. After a visit to Napa and Sonoma in 2004, the owners Jim and Sandra grew passionate about wine making and wanted to bring wine production to Alabama. They planted their first vines of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2005. It has become their flagship wine. However, for those who prefer whites or sweeter style wines, they produce a range of options for everyone’s palate. 

You can book a stay at Maraella Vineyards through Harvest Hosts. The business usually offers walk-in tastings from Thursday through Saturday. However, to reserve a private tasting experience, you can typically book a tour on Sundays through Wednesdays. If you aren’t a big drinker and don’t want to buy a bottle in exchange for the campsite, the winery also produces delicious jams and seasonal products. 

Arizona: Cella Winery

Arizona has a growing wine industry, and it is gaining recognition for its wine production. While it may not be as famous as other wine regions in the US, Arizona has several areas that produce amazing wines. 

Nestled in Valle Vista, Arizona, Cella Winery offers a unique RV camping experience through Harvest Hosts. It’s a family-owned gem with a remarkable story of passionate winemaking and a commitment to quality. Dating to 2007, the Spencer family acquired it in 2020. Cella Winery welcomes visitors to savor premium wines, get hands-on in the vineyard, or unwind amid picturesque Arizona landscapes. Their handcrafted winemaking process preserves the unique flavors of each wine, and their robust Malbec is a must-try during your visit. 

Arkansas: Chateau Aux Arc

Chateau aux Arc is the fifth winery to open in Arkansas since Prohibition and the first and only winery run by a woman winemaker. Audrey House is a prestigious winemaker and a member of the Court of Master Sommeliers. There are only 273 sommeliers in that organization worldwide. 

The winery produces a range of wines from Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and more. Tasting these wines is easily accessible from the onsite Chateau aux Arc RV Park. Here there are 30 and 50-amp sites, bathrooms, showers, and laundry services.

Many Harvest Host locations offer tastings and tours.


California: Chacewater Winery And Olive Mill

California is arguably the most popular state for wine production, producing over 17 million gallons of world-renowned wines each year. While there are multiple wine regions, like Napa, Sonoma, and Lodi, Chacewater Winery And Olive Mill is a lovely spot to RV camp while enjoying the West Coast. 

As an RV camper, you’ll find Chacewater to be a great Harvest Hosts location, allowing you to park your vehicle near the picturesque vineyards and olive groves. During your stay, try a glass of Zinfandel or Petit Syrah. Additionally, tour the onsite olive meal, enjoy an olive oil tasting, and buy homemade olive oil products like soaps and lotions from the shop.

Colorado: The Winery At Holy Cross Abbey

The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey near Canon City is on the grounds of a former monastery. It carries a rich history in a place that was once dedicated to quiet reflection and spirituality. Today, it embraces a different form of contemplation through the appreciation of fine wines. 

The winery welcomes RV campers through the Harvest Hosts program, providing a peaceful spot in its vineyards and scenic surroundings. Visitors can immerse themselves in the stunning Colorado landscape. Try the winery’s award-winning wines at the onsite tasting room. 

Connecticut: Joseph Preli Farm and Winery

Sitting in the picturesque Connecticut countryside, this family-owned winery combines a rich farming tradition with the art of winemaking. Joseph Preli Farm and Winery focuses on crafting wines that showcase the unique qualities of the region’s grapes. They are influenced by the state’s temperate climate, diverse soil types, shorter growing seasons, and local winemaking techniques. RV camping at this winery with Harvest Hosts is a way for travelers to explore the lesser-known Connecticut wine culture. The winery also produces and sells honey and maple syrup and grows fruits and vegetables. 


Florida: Sparacia Witherell Family Winery & Vineyards

Book a stay at Sparacia Witherell Family Winery through Harvest Hosts and cool down while exploring the Sunshine State with a refreshing, fruity glass of rosé. Nestled in Florida’s picturesque landscape, this family-owned winery combines the state’s subtropical climate, sandy soils, and unique growing conditions to produce wines that capture the essence of the region. With a focus on grape varieties that thrive in Florida’s distinct terroir, such as Muscadine, the winery’s offerings are a testament to the state’s environmental influence

Georgia: Jail Creek Farms

Jail Creek Farms is a veteran-owned local micro-winery and distillery in Jeffersonville, Georgia. Due to the growing climate, this unique winery focuses on producing wines from local berries instead of grapes. They produce wines from blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and more. If you’re looking for a lively place to RV camp, reserve a spot through Harvest Hosts on a Friday or Saturday. On these days, Jail Creek Farms usually offers live music, trivia nights, and food trucks for onsite entertainment.

vineyard in the fall
Harvest Hosts partners with unique wineries that provide both tent and RV campsites.


Idaho: Cinder Wines

Near Boise in the Snake River Valley, Cinder Wines has quickly become a standout in Idaho’s growing wine scene. This winery sits on a volcanic cinder which helps produce distinct wines. While RV camping at Cinder Wines, enjoy sweeping vineyard views while sipping wine, local beer, and cider in the winery’s tasting room. Try a glass of the Viognier, which is their most popular sip.

Illinois: Tres Rojas Winery

Tres Rojas Winery is in central Illinois, a two-hour drive from Chicago. You can book a spot on Harvest Hosts as a central place to stay to explore the state. The winery uses locally grown grapes and West Coast-sourced fruit to produce high-quality dry red and white wines. Try the Chambourcin during your stay. This is a Midwest hybrid grape variety from Southern Illinois and is unique to the state.

Indiana: Chateau de Pique Winery 

For the ultimate nature escape, reserve a spot on Harvest Host to RV camp at Chateau de Pique Winery. Those wishing to tent camp can also reserve a spot at the winery on Hipcamp. This local winery and brewery is a ten-minute drive from the peaceful Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge and has quiet camping spots along the property. You can spend your days hiking and wildlife spotting. Enjoy evenings sipping on a glass of wine while live music plays. Chateau de Pique has everything you need.

If you’re not a wine lover, Chateau de Pique also produces a wide range of handcrafted ales and lagers. If you stay during the spring, summer, or early autumn, the winery regularly has live music performances and comedy shows. 

Mortons on the Move motorhome at chateau de pique winery
The Mortons stopped at Chateau de Pique in Indiana for a pleasant night among the vines.

Iowa: Bodega Victoriana Winery

In the beautiful Loess Hills of Western Iowa, Bodega Victoriana Winery offers a serene escape close to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. After many years of living in Spain and enjoying Spanish wines, the Grave family started planting vines in 2005 to bring high-quality wine to Iowa. This winery boasts an impressive selection of wines, including their renowned cold-hardy grape varieties that thrive in the state’s challenging climate. Book a stay through Harvest Hosts to enjoy a stateside take on Spanish wine and tapas.


Kansas: Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise

Camp in sweeping fields at Irvine’s Just Beyond Paradise’s 40-acre farm. The winery crafts exceptional wines and focuses on sustainability sourcing local fruits. Every bottle in their wine selection is a testament to the unique flavors of Kansas. They produce their wines entirely on Kansas soil. The winery is a labor of love, brought to life by two generations of the Irvine family and their close-knit group of friends who will welcome you in like a member of their own family. 

Kentucky: Baker-Bird Winery

As the oldest winery in America, Baker-Bird Winery is a historical gem in Augusta, Kentucky. It offers visitors a taste of authentic American winemaking. This winery’s heritage and charm are part of its long-standing tradition. Sitting along the Ohio River, it’s also an ideal stop for those exploring the scenic beauty of the Bluegrass State while savoring its regional wines.

Book a private tour through the winery’s historic cellars and enjoy a wine tasting of some of their finest wines. Of course, no visit to the Bluegrass State is complete without a Kentucky bourbon tasting. Luckily, Baker-Bird Winery makes high-quality bourbons and you can reserve a tour of the distillery on Saturdays. 


Louisiana: Landry Vineyards 

Enjoy the best of southern hospitality while RV camping at Landry Vineyards. This winery is in northern Louisiana where the soil, hills, and climate of the state help in producing exceptional wines. The winery has a 50-acre site with vineyards, a winery, a tasting room, and RV and cottage campsites.

Through The Dyrt, the winery offers three full hookup sites with water, sewage, and 30 and 50-amp electrical hookups or four partial hookup sites with water and electricity for around $40/night. Full hookup sites are not pull-through, while partial hookup sites are. You can also book RV camping spots on Harvest Hosts. 

rv camping at paso robles winery
Some wineries even offer partial hookups for RVs staying overnight.


Maine: Winterport Winery

Winterport Winery is in the historic town of Winterport, Maine, and handcrafts its wines from local fruits. Winterport Winery specializes in cider production and wines from fruits like blueberries, pears, blackberries, and more. For those who prefer a beer over a glass of wine or a cider, the winery shares its space with Penobscot Bay Brewery. RVers wanting to camp close to Acadia National Park will find this the optimal camping location to reserve on Harvest Hosts.

Maryland: Chateau Bu-De

Sitting along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Chateau Bu-De crafts premium wines from locally-grown grapes. Their commitment to sustainability and the Eastern Shore setting make it a prime destination for wine enthusiasts. Reserving a spot at this winery through Harvest Hosts will allow you to camp along the Bohemia River. Their sparkling wines pair with the catch of the day from the Chesapeake Bay.

Massachusetts: Hardwick Winery

Enjoy a peaceful RV camping experience at Hardwick Winery. Located in central Massachusetts on a quiet country road along the Quabbin Reservoir, this winery is the perfect spot for a relaxing RV adventure. The winery produces a wide range of traditional grape and fruit wines from local berries. They also put on frequent tasting events like a wine and cheese pairing class, and have live music year-round. 

Michigan: Hawkins Farm Cellars

Michigan is a treasure trove of excellent RV destinations. From the Upper to Lower Peninsula, the state offers a diverse range of experiences for road-trippers. In the northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, north of Traverse City, you’ll discover Hawkins Farm Cellars, a winery that’s become a shining star in this region. Visitors know it for its local grape production and the exceptional quality of its wines. Hawkins Farm Cellars offers a stop for RV travelers seeking the essence of Michigan’s wine culture. You can reserve your spot on Harvest Hosts.

RV camping at a winery
Enjoy a wine tasting while camping at a winery.

Minnesota: Indian Island Winery

In the southern stretches of Minnesota, Indian Island Winery is a unique gem. If you want to relax in your RV, this winery offers a serene setting for a quiet night. However, if you are looking for a more interactive experience, Indian Island Winery doesn’t disappoint. This winery offers an interactive twist on wine tasting with its grape stomping experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the winemaking process while savoring local wines.

For art lovers, a visit to the Mississippi Art & Wine Gallery offers an opportunity to combine artistic appreciation with wine enjoyment. This unique gallery in Northeastern Mississippi blends art and wine. Visitors can explore the creations of local artists while sipping on fine regional wines, making it a destination for those who relish creative expression and the taste of well-crafted wine. Grab your paintbrushes and reserve a spot on Harvest Hosts.

Missouri: 7C’s Winery

7C’s Winery is in the Ozark Mountains north of Springfield. The winery produces wine and mead and offers pet-friendly campsites through Hipcamp. Tent campers can pitch a tent near the creek about a quarter of a mile from the Winery Tasting room. For RV travelers, there is an open field adjacent to the winery for camping. 

hot air balloons over temecula winery
Camp at a winery, brewery, or farm with Hipcamp.

Montana: Tongue River Winery

Tongue River Winery in Montana has been crafting its wines exclusively from Montana-grown fruit and grapes since 2010. They showcase the region’s potential by only utilizing grapes that can thrive in Montana’s climate. Rather than relying on West Coast Grapes or non-hardy fruits, Tongue River Winery focuses on hybrid grapes and an array of local fruits. 

For RVers, Tongue River Winery offers a taste of Montana’s wine culture and a unique camping experience through Harvest Hosts. In their three-acre Tongue River Vineyard, RV campers can surround themselves with the grapes and fruits that go into crafting the wines.


Nebraska: Slattery Vintage Estates

Nebraska may not be famous for its wines, but Slattery Vintage Estates offers an array of unique local wines. They include regional grapes like the Norton variety. For RV campers, this winery is also a welcoming Harvest Hosts destination, with a peaceful setting amidst the vineyards. The winery also has onsite glamping bungalows starting at around $80/night for a more luxurious camping experience.

Nevada: Sanders Family Winery

After living it up in Las Vegas, nurse your hangover with a chilled glass of wine at Sanders Family Winery. This family-owned winery embraces the terroir of Nevada’s high desert climate and unique soil composition. With a focus on grape varieties suited to the region like Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Sanders Family Winery offers a diverse range of wines that capture the essence of Nevada’s wine culture. As a bonus, the winery welcomes RV campers through the Harvest Hosts program, providing a serene spot amid the picturesque surroundings.

New Hampshire: La Belle Winery

La Belle Winery has two locations in Derry and Amherst, New Hampshire. It has been producing wine since 2010. Amy LaBelle is the owner and winemaker of the winery and produces mouth-watering whites and fruity reds. The winery also produces jams, syrups, seasonings, and more, which you can purchase to show your appreciation for your Harvest Host booking.

New Jersey: Balic Winery

Enjoy a taste of Europe while RVing in New Jersey at Balic Winery. This winery has been making wine for over fifty years and is a short drive from Atlantic City. During your stay, enjoy tasting their 27 award-winning wines. Balic Winery boasts of being a dog and people-friendly winery. However, ensure your furry friends remain on a leash when not in your RV.

tom and cait harvesting grapes at a vineyard
One time Tom and Cait had the opportunity to participate in a harvest!

New Mexico: Ponderosa Valley Vineyard & Winery

New Mexico’s wine industry is primarily in the northern part of New Mexico, particularly in the Rio Grande Valley and the Mesilla Valley. Ponderosa Valley Vineyard is in the scenic Ponderosa Valley on the southern slopes of the Jemez Mountains. Through Harvest Hosts, you can enjoy a glass of their Riesling or award-winning Pinot Noir while camping among the vines. 

New York: Deer Run Winery

In the heart of New York’s wine region, Deer Run Winery promotes the state’s leading role in winemaking. The Finger Lakes area is famous for its diverse and award-winning wines, notably its Rieslings. Deer Run Winery is the oldest operating winery on Conesus Lake. This family-owned winery crafts wines that authentically reflect the state’s diverse terroir, with varying climates and unique soil compositions. As a Harvest Hosts destination, it offers RV campers a tranquil vineyard experience that embodies the best of New York’s wine culture.

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North Carolina: Lu Mil Vineyard:

North Carolina is an evolving wine production destination, and Lu Mil Vineyard is one of the first wineries to help shape the quality of wine in the state. They have Muscadine wines that will leave your mouth watering. If you want a break from your RV, rent a cabin at Lu Mil Vineyard for a relaxing escape. These cabins have views of the vineyard and lakes surrounding the property. All cabins come with linens, a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker, a full bath, DIRECTV, and porches overlooking the vineyard. You can enjoy a glass of wine in your cabin at the end of the evening.

North Dakota: Red Trail Vineyard

The Old Red Trail is one of the first established trails guiding travelers through North Dakota, and the Red Trail Vineyard allows you to taste your way through the Peace Garden State. The soils of the Red River Valley allow for exceptional grape production that creates aromatic and fruity wines. Time your stay with Harvest Hosts at the end of autumn to help participate in the harvest.

forestedge winery harvest host
From the warm vineyards of California to the oceanfront wineries on the East Coast, there are many beautiful wineries that allow camping. The Mortons on the Move stayed at this one in Minnesota.


Ohio: Sand Hollow Winery

Sand Hollow Winery dates to 2001 and is a member of Ohio’s own Capital City Wine Trail. It is about a 40-minute drive from Columbus, Ohio. It handcrafts wine in small batches in dry and sweet styles. Spending the night at Sand Hollow Winery through Harvest Hosts will allow you to sleep steps from a serene lake and rows of vines.

Oklahoma: Plymouth Valley Cellars

Enjoy the peaceful ambiance of Oklahoma’s Gloss Mountains while RV camping at Plymouth Valley Cellars. A founding member of the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council established the winery in 2006. Plymouth Valley Cellars creates aromatic wines and has helped in the renaissance of the Oklahoma Riesling varietal. The winery offers full hookup, and 50 amp campsites to park your RV. It also has country cabin stay options.

Oregon: Henry Estate Winery

Oregon is one of the best states in the U.S. for wine production and is famous for its fruity and fresh Pinot Noirs and Pinot Gris. Henry Estate Winery is in the heart of the breathtaking Umpqua Valley along the Umpqua River. This region is one of Oregon’s oldest wine-producing regions. A stay through Harvest Hosts at this winery provides delicious wines, scenic views, and quick access to some of Oregon’s most stunning sights.


Pennsylvania: Seven Mountains Winery Cellars

Sitting in central Pennsylvania, Seven Mountains Winery is a central spot for exploring the state.  Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are a three-hour drive in opposite directions. Seven Mountains Winery Cellars dates to 2008 and sells upwards of 40 wines at the winery. Reserve a camping spot through Harvest Hosts and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this Pennsylvania winery. The winery regularly hosts live music throughout the year. It also has winery tours and tastings for you to enjoy during your stay.

Pro Tip: While in Pennsylvania, head to the Poconos and spend a peaceful night at one of these 7 Best Campgrounds in the Poconos, PA.

aerial of camping at winery
Wineries are serene settings for your camping memories.

Rhode Island: Leyden Farm Vineyard & Winery

Rhode Island may be small, but it packs a big punch regarding wine production. Originally a Christmas tree farm, Leyden Farm Vineyard and Winery expanded in 2010 to add grapevines to the property. The winery produces white and red wines. It also blends wines with local berries and fruits. The winery is 30 minutes outside of Providence, Rhode Island, and a short drive from many popular beaches. It can be a home base for an evening through Harvest Hosts for quick ocean access. 


South Carolina: Cartersville Country Winery

Stay in the winemaking action at Cartersville Country Winery. This winery and event space grows, harvests, and presses its grapes onsite. Dogs are welcome on your Harvest Host to stay at the winery. During your visit, grab a glass of their famous Muscadine wines. For a more unique experience, try a glass of their fruit wines that they blend with peaches, watermelon, elderberry, and more. 

South Dakota: Wilde Prairie Winery

Sitting just outside Sioux Falls in Brandon, South Dakota, Wilde Prairie Winery lets you reconnect with nature while RV camping at a winery. This repurposed 1911 dairy barn produces 100% South Dakota grape wines and some fruit, rhubarb, and honey wines. The spacious property has ample ground for you to enjoy some quiet while camping through Harvest Hosts.


Tennessee: Beans Creek Winery

Beans Creek Winery is an hour and a half south of Nashville, Tennessee. The winery reveals the heart of Tennessee’s community. Nine families developed it, and it strives to offer an inviting and fun atmosphere to visitors. Reserve a stay through Harvest Hosts to try one of the 30 wines that they produce. 

Texas: Seifert Cellars & Wild West Vines

Everything is bigger in Texas, including their wine production. Seifert Cellars and Wild West Vines dates to 2005 and is in the Concho Valley region of West Texas. The winery produces high-end wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Riesling, Syrah, Vermentino, Chenin Blanc, and Tempranillo. Camp in the nine acres of vines that surround the property by booking through Hipcamp.

Grab a bottle of wine from the winery to enjoy while you cook dinner in your RV.


Utah: Etta Place Cider

Alcohol regulations in Utah can be unique compared to many other states due to the influence of the predominant religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, that hasn’t stopped Etta Place Cider from producing some high-quality ciders for visitors’ enjoyment. Located in southern Utah, this cidery is a spot to enjoy Utah’s scenic landscapes. You can reserve a campsite through Harvest Hosts.

Vermont: Snow Farm Vineyard & Winery

Vermont is not traditionally famous for its wine production as the state’s climate and geography present challenges for traditional grape varieties. Snow Farm Vineyards & Winery is making strides to enhance the wine industry in Vermont. The winery is on the shores of Lake Champlain, making it a great spot to rest in your RV and enjoy a glass of wine. If you’re a bike lover, pack your wheels in your toy hauler and enjoy the 12-mile Island Line Rail Trail.

Virginia: Blue Quartz Winery

Virginia is a growing and increasingly respected wine region across the US, and Blue Quartz Winery is one of its best wineries. The winery shares a tasting and tap room onsite with Shotwell Run Brewing Co. During your stay at the winery, grab a bite to eat from the kitsch and grill or rotation of food trucks that visit the property. Pair your meal with a glass of their estate-grown Viognier.

Each winery has a unique and peaceful setting to camp in.


Washington: WooHoo Winery

You don’t have to holler at WooHoo Winery, but with wines as good as theirs, you may want to. WooHoo is a boutique family winery that handcrafts exceptional wines from Washington grapes. From the rich and robust Washington Syrah to sweeter styles like their Berry Sangria and Warm Spiced Red Wine, WooHoo offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every palate. Visit their tasting room in the charming town of Leavenworth or stay at their property through Harvest Hosts, where you can sample the flavors of WooHoo. 

West Virginia: Lambert’s Vintage Wine

Lambert’s Winery in Weston, WV, is a charming family-owned winery. It sits on a picturesque hillside in its vineyard. Inside, a comfortable tasting room welcomes visitors with a vintage bar top from the 1950s and a cozy fireplace with rocking chairs. In addition to RV camping at this winery through Harvest Hosts, cabin rentals are available on-site for a more spacious stay. For a unique souvenir, consider purchasing some West Virginia pottery at the winery.

Wisconsin: Burr Oak Winery

Nothing pairs better with Wisconsin cheese than a glass of wine from Burr Oak Winery. A stone’s throw away from the beautiful Buckhorn State Park in Wisconsin, Burr Oak Winery offers a pairing for cheese lovers and wine enthusiasts. The winery has produced a wide array of fine wines since 1997, including nationally award-winning, estate-grown table and dessert wines from their vineyards in New Lisbon, WI. You can reserve a stay through Harvest Hosts.

Wyoming: Wyo Wine – Table Mountain Vineyards

Table Mountain Vineyards & Winery, or Wyo Wine, showcases Wyoming’s winemaking potential. As the state’s largest winery, it produces 100% Wyoming wine using “new world” grape varietals, harnessing the region’s unique growing conditions and climate. Nestled in a picturesque location near Huntley, WY, this winery overlooks Wyoming’s largest vineyard and offers an idyllic setting for vineyard tours, wine tastings, and RV camping. This is a spot to stay if you want to explore Fort Laramie or the Oregon Trail.

RVs parked in winery parking lot
Can’t argue with this commute home from wine tasting!

Raise a Glass to a Unique Camping Experience

From the sun-kissed vineyards of California to the rolling hills of New York, RV camping at wineries is a unique experience. Staying at a winery lets you learn more about each state. These destinations provide a taste of fine wines and a glimpse into the heart of the region.

Which one of these wineries would you like to RV camp at? Let us know in the comments!

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