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7 Best Camping Shower Tents to Avoid Awkward Stares

Are you getting ready to hit the road and worried about how you’ll stay clean? Not all RVs or camper vans have built-in bathrooms. Don’t let that stop you from chasing your dreams, however. There are various camping shower tents to help you bathe in privacy right at your campsite! 

In this article, we discuss what a shower tent is, how to use one, and the 7 best shower tents on the market right now.

Let’s take a look!

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What Is a Shower Tent and Why Do You Want One?

A camping shower tent is a compact and portable lightweight tent designed for upright use while showering or changing. There are many different designs at varying price points. Some shower tents have just enough room to fit an average-sized adult, while others have a separate changing room, storage compartments, and exterior clotheslines. 

Shower tents are ideal for van dwellers, tent campers, and essentially anyone in a rig without a traditional bathroom. They provide you with a private place to clean up, change, and even set up a portable camping toilet away from where you sleep. 

While many campgrounds provide shower facilities, you may find yourself camped in a location that doesn’t have showers or simply preferring to set up your own space.

How Do You Use a Pop-Up Camping Shower Tent?

How you use a pop-up camping shower tent entirely depends on the one you decide to purchase. As we said before, each tent comes with different amenities and builds. Some quite literally pop right up in seconds, while others set up more like a traditional tent. 

Regardless, all shower tents have certain similarities. You’ll have to unpack your tent from its compact state and set it up so it’s usable (this process will vary depending on the tent).

Each will have some way of incorporating a portable shower. The more minimalist designs simply have a flap so you can pull a shower head through the top, while others have hooks to hold a portable shower inside the tent.

Once you have your tent set up with a portable shower–voila! It’s ready for you to use. Just fully dry your shower tent before you fold it away–you don’t want to open it back up to mold and mildew. 

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Woman setting up portable pop up shower tent.
Pop-up showers provide privacy while on the go.

The 7 Best Camping Shower Tents

Here are some of the best camping shower tents you can buy right now. They’re made for one main purpose: getting you clean in privacy. However, each has unique features, amenities, and price points. 

Let’s dive in! 

camper with a shower tent next to it
No RV shower? No problem! A pop-up shower tent has you covered!

1. Wolfwise Pop-Up Shower Tent

The Wolfwise Pop-up Shower Tent has one of the most simplistic designs in our lineup. Nevertheless, it definitely comes with perks. For one, it’s only $39.96 on Amazon, making it much cheaper than some of the other options. Not only that, but the Wolfwise tent pops up in a matter of seconds.

WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent...
  • Spacious Space: The tent is 47.2" L x 47.2" W x 74.8" H providing...
  • UPF 30+ & Good Ventilation: The polyester fibric with taped seams...
  • Multi-function: The shower tent offers a private space for using...

In addition to it being super easy to set up, it also collapses into a small, circular carrying bag that you can wear on your back. It’s a perfect option for minimalists and others who want a bare-bones, hassle-free way to shower. 

Best Features:

The Wolfwise Pop-up Shower Tent is made of anti-tear 190T polyester fabrics with a galvanized steel frame, making it both durable and lightweight. It also has an internal window for your shower nozzle, a side bag for your phone or other personal belongings, and a clothesline for your towel or clothes. 

WolfWise Pop up Shower Tent - Setup and Folding Guide

2. NEMO Heliopolis

At $250, the Nemo Heliopolis Privacy Shelter is one of the pricier camping shower tents on our list. That being said, it seems like they thought of everything when designing this tent.

The NEMO Heliopolis is made with a durable aluminum frame, thick polyester/mesh, and a height of 7 ft. It also has a mildew-resistant floor with plenty of drainage holes around the sides.

Best Features:

The NEMO Heliopolis comes with a pass-through nozzle attachment compatible with the Helio portable shower. It also includes a battery-powered light at the top of the tent for easy use at night. Another great feature is the overhead towel rack–a mesh compartment at the top of the tent for dry towel storage. 

Worried about privacy? This shower tent also has a locking mechanism from the inside, ensuring no one will barge in on you when you’re least expecting it. 

NEMO | Heliopolis Privacy Shelter & Shower Tent

3. Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Tent

If you want the most bang for your buck, check out the Ozark Trail Instant 2 Room Tent. At around $159, it comes with two separate rooms for both changing and showering, a solar camp shower, and plenty of other accessories for your toiletries. 

This camping shower tent weighs over 20 lbs, making it a heavier option. However, with its relatively easy setup and versatility, the Ozark Trail makes a great shower tent for the price. 

Best Features:

Without a doubt, one of the best features of this shower tent is that it comes with a portable solar shower. All you need is to attach it to the hook at the top of the tent and wash up with sun-heated water. 

The Ozark Trail Shower Tent also comes with a towel rack and two internal compartments for your phone or other belongings. Like the Helio shower tent, the Ozark Trail tent has drainage around the bottom of the tent to keep the floor from getting gross. 

Ozark Trail 2 Room Instant Shower Utility Shelter Review

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4. Core Instant Shower Tent

The Core Instant Shower Tent is another excellent 2-room shower tent. It’s 7 ft tall at the peak, unfolds into place in a matter of minutes, and is made of waterproof 150D polyester. At $189.99, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a camping shower tent that has everything

CORE Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent with...
  • INSTANT SETUP: The shower tent body with pre-attached poles that...
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: H20 Block Technology combines water-repellent...
  • SEPARATE ROOMS: A zippered door panel creates 2 rooms: a shower...

Best Features:

Like the Ozark Trail Instant Tent, the Core Instant Shower Tent comes with a 5-gallon solar-heated camp shower. Simply attach the shower to a hook at the top of the tent, and you’re ready to go! 

It also comes with a rain fly, carrying bag, towel rack, and mesh pockets to hold your belongings as you shower. Amazingly, the Ozark Trail tent comes with a one-year limited warranty as well, showing that they stand behind their product (for a year, at least). 

Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent with Changing Privacy Room Review

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Two pop-up shower tents.
Pop-up shower tents can range from simple and easy to use to fancy and unique.

5. Green Elephant Shower Tent

Are you taller than average and looking for a great lightweight pop-up shower tent? If so, the Green Elephant Shower Tent just might be for you. It’s a simple, one-room tent that fits individuals 6’ 10” and shorter. Like the Wolfwise Shower tent, the Green Elephant pops up easily and reduces into a small, lightweight bag.

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent - Portable...
  • QUICK, POP UP PRIVACY: Going into nature doesn't mean you have to...
  • FITS YOUR TALLEST FRIENDS: At 6' 10.7" high and 3' 11" in length...
  • SOLID AS A ROCK: When it comes to your camping bathroom tent,...

However, at $79.99, it’s a bit pricier than the Wolfwise. Worth it? Let’s look at the features. 

Best Features:

The Green Elephant Shower Tent comes with several essential features. It has a rain cover, an opening for a shower hose, a lantern hook, and an interior mesh storage compartment. It also comes with various accessories to ensure your tent is set up squarely, including eight stakes and four sandbags to secure it to the ground. 

Privacy Utility Tent: Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent Shower Tent

6. Kelty Blockhouse Privacy Shelter

At 7’2” tall, the Kelly Blockhouse Privacy Shelter is a fantastic shower tent for taller people. It has steel frames and a free-standing design, making it more rugged than the single-person pop-up tents. And at $99.95, it’s hardly our most expensive camping shower tent. Let’s take a look at some of its features. 

Best Features:

The Kelly Blockhouse Privacy shelter comes with a steel hook for a shower bag and a window for a shower nozzle, giving you two portable shower options. It also has a side wall pocket and a ceiling pocket if you want to keep certain items dry. You won’t have to worry about water pooling in the bottom either, as the floor can unzip and roll out of the way. 

Kelty Blockhouse Review

7. Texsport Instant Camping Shower

Are you looking for a large camping shower tent and a solar shower for under $100? Look no further. The Texsport Instant Camping Shower is over 7 ft tall, comes with a 5-gallon solar shower, and is currently priced at $98.79. 

Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy...
  • 5 Gallon Camp Shower Measures 87"H x 4'6" x 4"6" and includes...
  • Large, zippered D-style door with Heavy Duty polyurethane coated...
  • Rust-resistant 3/4" diameter chain-corded steel poles with...

This shower tent consists of one single room with over 9 sq ft of space. Unlike the pop-up options, it has a steel exoskeleton for a sturdier setup.

Still interested? Let’s check out the features. 

Best Features:

Along with the solar shower, the Texasport Instant Camping Shower comes with a mesh shower caddy, a removable towel rack, a rain fly, and a removable floor mat. It also comes with plenty of stakes and a storage bag, as well, making it a great functional shower tent. 

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Pop-up shower tent set up in forest.
Camping shower tents are great for quick changing as well!

Other Great Uses for Camping Shower Tents

As you might have guessed, these camping shower tents are not just for showering! They can serve many purposes only limited by your imagination. 

Many people use the shower tents as a bathroom by setting up a portable toilet inside (you’ll find that some of the tents actually have a toilet paper holder). They’re also a great space to stand up and change your clothes, especially if you’re tent- or car-camping. You could even use some of these shower tents for extra storage space when you’re not using them (especially the larger ones). 

Really, they can be used for many things in many different settings! 

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Enjoy Your Privacy!

Portable camping shower tents solve many problems by providing a much-needed private space. Camping without a bathroom? No problem. Need a place to strip down in public? Solved!

And with so many uses, you probably won’t regret getting one. 

So tell us, which shower tent is your favorite?  Drop a comment below!

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