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Will the Next Generation of Campers Learn to RV Through Video Games?

Will the Next Generation of Campers Learn to RV Through Video Games?

Let’s go camping…. on the internet! Yes, camping simulators are real and kids these days are playing them. While the next generation is having fun, there may be some benefit for those interested in camping or RVing who are not quite ready to commit. You can pack your gear, set up a tent, and enjoy nature all from the comfort of your couch. 

Even if you’re not an aspiring camper, these games can be a relaxing way to try something new in a low-risk environment. In games, you don’t have to worry about money, traffic, bug spray, or getting lost. If you make a mistake, you can just play another round. 

But can camping games prepare you for the real thing? Let’s find out. 

RVing Simulator
Lets go camping! Digital Style

Nervous to Try Camping? Try a Camping Simulator Game

Much like the famous Sims games, camping simulators allow players to create a perfectly normal life within a game. You can build a campfire, go hunting, and even start a farm. 

RV Simulator Comic

And while these games aren’t 100% realistic, they can give people a taste of what camping might be like. Trying something new can be intimidating, and starting with a simulator can provide players with a basic idea of what to expect. 

Many people pursue full-time RV living without really knowing what to expect. Here are 11 Things No One Tells You About Living in an RV.

What Skills Can You Actually Practice in a Camping Simulator?

While you can practice setting up camp through simulators, it won’t be the same experience. However, it should provide some level of preparation and create a routine of how to set up camp, along with what supplies you’ll need. 

selecting supplies in camping game
Setting up camp feels like a slow process at first, but once you’ve practiced, you’ll be able to do it in a flash.

You can also learn navigation tools before driving or hiking, such as using a compass. If you’re brand new to camping, much of this information can be super helpful. 

In addition, one of these games actually lets you drive big trailers and Class A motorhomes. While its nothing quite like the real world, you can get a good feel of what it’s like to maneuver a big rig on the road. You can learn the physics of driving a big rig and things like how to make turns and deal with wheel off tracking.

Simulated Truck and Trailer
You can actually get in the cockpit of a RV or truck, learn to use mirrors, and get a feel for how these vehicles handle on the road

Go Camping Virtually with These Two Video Games

Simulation games have been popular for a while, and it’s no surprise travel games are included in the mix. It’s fun to create your own little world where you can make all the decisions without worrying about financial stress, especially in a farming game where your farm can never go bankrupt. 

These games could be great preparation tools for camping, especially if you don’t have time for a full weekend getaway. 

Pro Tip: If you have kids that are too young for video games, they can practice their camping skills and join in on the fun with a toy camper instead.

Camping Simulator: The Squad

About the Game: This game lets players choose the difficulty by giving them the freedom of packing for their simulated camping trip. The more you pack, the easier the game will be. 

navigation in camping simulator
Navigating in camping simulator

You can also choose the location and season to set up your ideal scenario, whether that’s hiking through snowy mountain trails or exploring a tropical jungle. Camping Simulator gives people the chance to test out their camping skills without ever leaving the house. 

How to Play Camping Simulator: You can play this camping simulator on a PC with Windows 10. Create an avatar, pack your backpack, set up camp, and complete camping tasks on your own or with up to four friends. The goal is to find resources and survive the elements.

Where to Play: This game is available on Steam

Cost: $4.99 

FIRST LOOK Survival Camping Game | Camping Simulator Gameplay | Part 1

Farming Simulator

About the Game: This game has multiple versions that all focus on farming as a puzzle based on American and European agriculture. When you play, you can take care of crops and livestock, as well as explore nature. You can customize both your farm and your tractor. 

farming simulator RV
If you develop good farming skills, you’ll likely be good at camping too. Image From Square2448 Youtube

While you might be thinking that a farming game isn’t exactly a camping simulator, it does give you experience being outdoors. You can learn about plants and animals in a controlled setting. 

How to Play Farming Simulator: Your goal as a farmer in the game is to use the land and your resources as efficiently as possible. To start, you’ll select your equipment, including a tractor. You’ll evaluate the land, destroy weeds, plant crops, nurture livestock, and more.

You receive a certain dollar amount and resources to make this possible. The trick is to use your resources wisely. Wasting resources towards the beginning of the game will make things much harder later on. It’s a great lesson for camping, too. 

Managing resources is especially important when dry camping. Here are our top tips for using them wisely: 40 RV Boondocking Tips To Make Your Off-Grid Camping Better

crashing an RV in a simulator
Learning to drive without crashing is one of the best features to learn in farming simulator

Where to Play: You can play Farming Simulator on PC, Mac, Xbox, and Nintendo. 

Cost: The cost of this game is between $15 and $20, depending on where you buy it. 

Farming Simulator 2017 RV Camping With ATV

Can You Play These Simulators with Other People?

You can play these games alone or with a group. Playing with friends can make it easier to set up camp because you can delegate each task. It’s also nice to have a low-key game that’s not action-packed, so you can chat with your friends while playing without worrying about scores. 

But you also might get the itch to just explore the game on your own, especially after a long day. It’s fun to play solo as well. 

Are Camping Simulators More Fun Than Actually Camping?

You might start playing simulation games, fully intending to go camping in person… but then you realize that maybe you’re more of an indoor person after all. That’s totally fine! 

fighting a bear in camping simulator
Encountering wildlife in a camping simulator is safe and even fun!

Honestly, camping is a way for people to relax and reflect and take a break from day-to-day life. Whether that relaxation comes from being in nature and feeling the campfire heat on your face or just sitting on your couch watching a campfire on your TV, everyone needs time to themselves. 

Ready to try RV camping in real life? Renting an RV is a good place to start. With AutoCamp or Airbnb, you won’t have to rough it. But if you’re more adventurous, these Alaska RV rental companies are the way to go!

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