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9 Best Camping String Lights to Set Great Camp Vibes

Many campsites can look the same. Even with different RVs pulling in and out, the sites still appear dull and lifeless. However, some RVers have found a way to not only spice up their rig and campsite but also set a festive mood. They decorate with camping string lights, hanging them from their awnings, picnic shelters, and landscaping. These bulbs come in several shapes, sizes, and colors and put off enough light to entice but not overwhelm anyone.

Let’s look a little closer at string lights to see how they work and whether you should consider them as traditional campsite decorations.

What Are Camping String Lights?

Tiny decorative lights on a continuous string, wire, or cable are camping string lights or fairy lights. They come in many styles and colors, and you can power them with 120v electricity or solar power.

Light up Your Campsite- How to make it Fun Bright and Safe!

Many have several lighting patterns, creating a light show. Designer string lights include shapes like stars, paw prints, globes, or even miniature versions of camping items like lanterns or travel trailers. If you can dream it, you can probably find it in string lights!

What Are the Benefits of String Lights?

String lights are entertaining, and they add necessary lighting in dark areas. You can use them to evoke a destination or feeling, like cafe lights or colored string lights that accent a romantic setting.

Because they can use 120v current, solar power, DC batteries, or a USB port, you can place camping string lights almost anywhere. Many van lifers hang up string lights around the interior of their vehicles as accents or for light to work by. Other RVers carry string lights to hang around their campsites, projecting an atmosphere of fun while providing low light for nighttime activities.

How Do You Hang String Lights at a Campsite?

Because they attach directly to wires, cables, or string, camping string lights handily wrap around trees, hang from gazebos, or connect to RV awnings. Nothing is permanent, so you don’t want to use nails or light attachments, but holding the first and last light in a place with a clothespin works well.

Rv with string lights installed on awning
Make your campsite unique and inviting by hanging string lights along your RV.

Many RVers decorate their rigs or outdoor items with string lights for special holidays. If they are boondocking, the solar lights come in handy.

What’s the Difference Between String Lights and Rope Lights?

Camping string lights are for decoration and don’t project enough illumination for everyday work activities, reading, cooking, etc. However, rope lights can be bright enough for accent lighting under cabinets in an RV. Many RVers put rope lights on the ground underneath their rigs to deter rodents, especially if the vehicle will be vacant for a time. 

Rope lights use LED bulbs inside a clear plastic tube with connecting wires. They are in a parallel series, so if one bulb goes out, the others will continue to shine. Most rope lights require 120v of electricity to run. Because you can cut them into sections, rope lights need power connectors at each branch. You cannot cut string lights, although many also have parallel wiring.

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9 Best Camping String Lights to Set Great Camp Vibes

You can significantly enhance the ambiance of your campsite with camping string lights. We want to help you set the mood, so we’ve collected various lights in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here are our top nine string lights:

Tent with string lights around entrance
Whether you’re RV or tent camping, string lights are sure to cozy up your campsite.

1. KeShi Solar Star Lights

These star-shaped camping string lights are 40 feet long with 100 LED bulbs. They are solar powered, so no need to worry about extension cords. They are waterproof and heatproof, lasting up to 3,000 hours. The lights have eight working modes of lighting patterns.

2. Coleman Lanterns LED String Lights

Power Source:  AA batteries (3 – not included)

About:  For an authentic camping experience, hang this six-foot-long strand of Coleman lantern lights at your campsite. Ten miniature lanterns will illuminate your outdoor activities. These lanterns are powered by 3 AA batteries that are not included. The batteries should last up to 20 hours of on-time.

Coleman LED String Lights, String of 10 LED...
  • String of Ten tiny LED lanterns
  • Portable - powered by 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • String stretches 6 ft.

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Girls playing in front of RV in snow with string lights
No matter the season, string lights will make your campsite fun and festive.

3. YoTelim Globe Lights in Warm White

Power Source:  AA batteries (3 – not included)

About: This two-pack of bright string lights includes 40 bright LEDs on 20-foot-long strands. The bulbs are waterproof and have eight modes, including flashing, waves, twinkle, and slow fading lights.

YoTelim Globe Fairy String Lights Battery Operated...
  • 【2Pack 40 LED Globe FAIRY STRING LIGHT】 19.7FT/6M Globe fairy...
  • 【Battery powered&Remote Control】Requires 3 AA batteries (not...
  • 【Gorgeous Decorative Lights&IP 65 Waterproof Design】This LED...

4. Dragonfly Multicolor Waterproof Solar String Lights

For the nature lover, this strand of camping string lights comes with multi-colored dragonflies. You’ll find 30 of these critters evenly spread across 21 feet of wire, with a solar panel and a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery. It has eight lighting modes. If dragonflies are not your thing, you can order this strand with bumblebees or water droplets.

Dragonfly Solar String Lights Outdoor 25.6FT 30...
  • 【Efficient Solar Dragonfly String Lights】The solar outdoor...
  • 【Lovely and Realistic Dragonfly Shape】25.6Ft long string with...
  • 【IP65 Waterproof Solar Backyard Lights】Dragonfly decor lights...

5. Brightech Ambience Pro Camping String Lights

This 24-½ foot string of cafe lights has ten bright bulbs that run off a USB port, so plug them into any power pack to illuminate your patio. The bulbs are shatter-proof plastic as well.

6. MPOWERD Luci String Lights

This 18-foot-long cord holds 20 LED lights that you can charge by solar panel or plug into a USB port for recharge. One charge will last up to 20 hours, and the base port allows you to charge other devices from its solar panel.

MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Phone Charger:...
  • BRIGHT AND LONG LASTING. Emitting 100 lumens of power via 20 warm...
  • POWER UP WITH LUCI STRING. With mobile charging capabilities,...
Friends sitting around campfire in front of RV
Make your RV campsite the place to be by installing string lights.

7. G40 Outdoor Lights with Shatterproof Bulbs

These string lights are 25-foot strands and hold 25 waterproof and shatterproof globe bulbs. They put out 40 lumens of light, and you can connect up to 17 strands for maximum coverage. You can put the G40 lights on a dimmer switch, as well. Because they use less wattage, the bulbs will last much longer than most camping string lights.

Brightown Outdoor String Lights with Remote,...
  • Multifunctional Remote: The outdoor patio lights can be freely...
  • Commercial Grade Shaterproof Outdoor String Lights: 38 feet LED...
  • Convenient and Long Lifespan Led Outdoor Lights String: Each...

#8. SUNTHIN Smart String Lights

The SUNTHIN Smart string lights are on a 48 feet of wire that supports 24 bistro bulbs, which are shatterproof and waterproof. These string lights are voice-activated through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also control them via a smartphone app!

SUNTHIN Smart String Lights, 48FT Patio Lights...
  • 【Voice Control】Enjoy hands-free voice control of your smart...
  • 【No Dimmer & Timer Required】Adjust the brightness of this...
  • 【Shatterproof & Waterproof】Our smart patio lights are made of...

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Couple dancing in RV with string lights installed inside
String lights are perfect for both inside and outside of your RV.

9. SUDDUS Warm White Fairy Outdoor Lights

With a remote control to make use easy, these fairy lights will illuminate your campsite on a timer. They come with 200 LED bulbs embedded in 66 feet of wire, with eight lighting modes and ten brightness levels. These lights are powered by 3 AA batteries that aren’t included in your purchase, so you’ll need to replace them every now and then.

suddus 66ft 200 LED Outdoor String Lights, Warm...
  • OUTDOOR FAIRY LIGHTS: These battery operated Christmas lights can...
  • FAIRY LIGHTS WITH REMOTE: This multifunctional warm string lights...
  • FLEXIBLE & SAFE WIRE LIGHTS: This durable led fairy light line is...

Are Camping String Lights Worth It?

Lighting can be a great way to change the mood, encourage a playful spirit, or brighten up a campsite. Camping string lights are so versatile, with different designs and power sources, they can easily travel from campground to campground, illuminating the way. If ambiance is a priority for you while camping, an affordable set of string lights is definitely worth it.

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