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Campworks All-Electric Teardrop Camper Is 100% Battery-Powered

Campworks All-Electric Teardrop Camper Is 100% Battery-Powered

We love to see new radical camper designs hit the market and the Camperworks new trailer is no exception. Lets take a look at this camper, what it offers and share some of our thoughts on it.

Most manufacturers of teardrop campers design them to get people adventuring. Their small design makes them easy to tow and maneuver into places other trailers can’t reach. The Campworks NS-1 has taken the teardrop camper to another level. With the possibility of producing 1,840 watt hours of solar and two battery banks to total 11,000 storage watts, you can spend days exploring the outdoors and connecting with nature. Learn more about this up-and-coming Colorado company and its new all-electric teardrop Campworks camper. Let’s get started! 

Introducing the Campworks NS-1: 100% Battery-Powered Camper

If you’re looking for a sleek, durable, eco-friendly camper that can take you to places you’ve never been before, meet the Colorado based Campworks NS-1. This 100% battery-powered trailer can give you the off-road experience you’ve always wanted. Plus, it can last generations with top-quality products. Let’s explore more of this new camper that started in the backyard of a college student in Colorado.

Campworks NS-1 ELECTRIC Trailer - First Impressions | Rivian Dad

Exterior Features

The Campworks NS-1 has a design for off-road and off-grid camping. With this in mind, the company has equipped this unit with the Timbren 3500 HD axle-less suspension, 12-inch 7k electric drum brakes, and 31-inch off-road tires that provide owners with 19 inches of ground clearance to tackle any off-road adventure.

The seamless composite body means no leaks and the durability to take you anywhere. For comfortable camping year-round, the NS-1 comes with double-pane windows and acoustic insulated wall panels with an R-Value of 12.4. The underbody is also plated and insulated, and the insulated plumbing with antifreeze heating provides even more comfort during the winter months.

Additional storage options include a Front Runner Platform rack where you can mount a rooftop tent or haul your kayaks. The Campworks NS-1 from Colorado also has a rear tow hitch, perfect for bringing your bike along.

Interior Features

The interior includes acoustic wall panels to enjoy a quiet night’s sleep without hearing outside noises. The queen bed converts to a seating area with a table. There is cabinetry for storing items like towels, books, food, clothes, and whatever else you might need for a few days off-grid camping. Finally, the HVAC system has a positive pressure, fresh air intake, and three-zone temperature control. It also includes a 12-volt 1500 BTU air conditioning unit and a 1500W resistive electric heater.

Power Specs

Ok so the Campworks site really gets watts and watt hours confused. Watts is a measurement of power use where watt hours is energy. They state that it comes with 1840 watts of solar but I think they mean it can produce 1840 watt hours in a day. Other than that here are the power specs.

The battery storage includes 5,500 watts at 24 volts. The 5,000-watt 240-volt Mastervolt inverter with 120V transformer quickly turns DC power into AC power. The standard solar panel provides 240-watt hours. However, for campers who want to camp longer in off-road and off-grid locations, the NS-1 has room for an additional battery to total 11,000 watts.

Dimensions of the Campworks NS-1 from company website.
Both the interior and exterior of the Campworks NS-1 ensure you have a smooth experience on and off road.

What Is Campworks?

Campworks is “dedicated to improving people’s lives through enhancing their experiences in nature and the great outdoors.” The company’s founding principle is to help people get farther as they experience the outdoors. Campworks wants to help people connect with others and nature and to do so in an environmentally-friendly way. Conscious of overconsumption and sustainable products, the team focuses on creating a healthier planet.

The History of Campworks

In 2017, Thomas Hoffman was a student at the University of Colorado School of Environmental Design working on his Capstone project. This project was the early start of Campworks. By 2019, he officially founded the company and produced a demo camper.

When COVID-19 hit in 2020-2021, Campworks continued to grow and develop. It was during this time that they created the NS-1 in a backyard in Colorado. Campworks released the first NS-1 this year and tested it across Colorado, California, Nevada, Wyoming, and Utah.

Campworks NS-1 from company website going off-roading.
Enjoy off-roading in an all electric Campworks NS-1.

Does a 100% Battery-Powered Camper Make Sense?

Other than the upfront cost of the power system, eliminating the need for propane or other fuels is amazing. We personally have converted two of our RV’s to full electric and would not go back. Having so much power on board allows for flexibility to operate so many more electric appliances and for us, has been extremely reliable. One of the biggest benefits to all-electric is cooking on induction, which feels a lot like gas, but is way more efficient and does not add tons of heat to the living space.

Now the NS-1 is a minimalist camper which is very different from our experiences with fifth wheels and motorhomes, but I still do not see why it would not be beneficial. If you’re more of a minimalist seeking to connect with nature off-grid and off-road, this camper may be the perfect fit.

To enjoy a 100% battery-powered camper like the NS-1, you need an adequate battery and off-grid power source for all your electric needs. You have to evaluate what your needs are. Do you need a hair dryer, a coffee maker, an Instant Pot, a laptop, an iPad, etc.? And you might have to do some evaluation on whether your style of camping is conducive to this camper.

It’s also essential to read other reviews and research analyses from other sites. There’s a small population of campers who will enjoy and thrive in a 100% battery-powered camper. If you’re one of them, the Campworks NS-1 may be ideal.

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Family of three camping in their Campworks NS-1 from company website.
The Campworks NS-1 is perfect for adventurers looking for a more lowkey way of life.

Does the Campworks NS-1 Have a Kitchen?

The rear kitchen has nine feet of countertop space. It includes an electric induction, a dual-burner cooktop, and a cookware storage drawer. There are also LED lights for nighttime cooking and butcher block cutting boards for food prep. If you want to cook a meal for one or two people, this kitchen will suffice. However, it won’t be easy to cook for more than a couple of people.

In addition to the small space, there is no sink, which can be challenging when cooking outdoors. After you handle chicken, you’ll want to wash your hands, so you’ll have to figure out the best way to use the limited kitchen space. It’s convenient for off-road camping and requires minimal clean-up so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors.

Does the Campworks NS-1 Have a Bed?

The Campworks NS-1 from Colorado has a queen bed that can easily convert into a lounge space with a table during the day. You can relax with a book, enjoy a glass of wine, answer work emails, and do whatever else you need in this efficient interior space.

The under-mattress storage can also hold items up to 64 inches long, which is perfect for additional camping gear. You’ll enjoy the DC air conditioning unit, a resistive heater, an exhaust fan, and a ventilation system for a comfortable stay in your NS-1 no matter what the season or weather conditions.

Man hanging tent on Campworks NS-1 from company website.
Add a tent to the top of your Campworks NS-1 for more sleeping space.

How Long Can I Camp in the Campworks NS-1?

Ok, so the numbers from Campworks are a little weird, but let’s take a look at what they say, and then I will provide my thoughts.

According to the Campworks website, “With 1 hour of solar, you can store enough energy to watch 34 hours of Netflix.” The NS-1 comes with a 240watt solar panel and can produce 1840 watt-hours of solar… The unit includes 5,500 watts of battery storage that you can upgrade to 11,000 watts. It is fully solar-powered with no need for propane, natural gas, or diesel.

During the day, you might power the refrigerated cooler, run the air conditioning unit for a few hours, use the water heater and stove for a few minutes, and recharge your iPhone. This standard usage is about 3,700 watts. Since the unit stores 5,500 watts, you’ll use about 68% of the battery storage daily.

If the onboard 240-watt solar panel charges 200 watts per hour and you have about five solid hours of sunlight daily, about 1,000 watts will return to the battery storage daily. However, if you want to recharge multiple times, the NS-1 can add an extra 1,600 watt-hours of solar capacity with a ground deploy 600-watt solar panel. You would fully charge the battery in nearly five hours of sunlight by adding about 3,750 watts.

Overall these numbers are kinda all over the place and their site is not very clear on the actual solar numbers stating it comes with 1800 watts solar, but they mean it can produce 1.8 kWh of energy in a day. From living with electric-only RVs I would say that a trailer like this would probably make most of its solar needs with its 240-watt panel if it were sunny but would have a deficit quickly if clouds came by. Having ground deploy solar would be very helpful but would require being stationary. In general, 3 to 5 days would probably be conservative without needing to recharge via a generator or other power source.

Where Can I Get the Campworks NS-1?

The Campworks NS-1 is only available for preorder with a fully refundable $1,000 deposit. The entire cost of the unit is $65,000, with estimated delivery in the spring of 2023. On the Campworks website, you can choose the exterior and interior colors, add them to the cart, agree to the preorder agreement, and then check out.

The next step is meeting with an Adventure Advocate, a team member who will walk you through the NS-1 production process and answer your questions. After you finalize the build details, you’ll receive a production date, which is also the date you need to make the complete payment. Throughout the process, you’ll receive regular updates from the Campworks team in Colorado on your NS-1 production.

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Colorado Campworks NS-1 Review & Walkaround

Enjoy Camping Off-Grid With the 100% Battery-Powered Campworks NS-1

This generation is serious about protecting our planet. Thomas Hoffman and the team at Campworks in Colorado are doing their part to build an eco-friendly camper that helps outdoor enthusiasts connect with nature in ways they couldn’t before. With its off-road capabilities and off-grid solar power, the Campworks NS-1 is turning heads.

Is a 100% battery-powered trailer the right fit for you? What memories could you make with the Campworks NS-1? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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