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Can I Hire Someone to Transport My RV?

Can I Hire Someone to Transport My RV?

Did you know that you don’t have to own a large truck to have a massive RV? If you don’t want to tow an RV, there’s an entire industry of trained professionals willing to do it for you. It may require a bit more planning and money, but you’ll rest easy knowing a professional is towing your RV. Let’s take a peek inside the RV transport world and see how you might benefit from it.

Can I Hire an RV Transport Service?

Yes, hiring an RV transport service is a popular option. RV transport companies also help move the RV from the manufacturer to a local dealership. However, there are many more scenarios where RV transport could be helpful.

When you buy an RV from a dealer, they might use this service to deliver it to you. RV transporters are also frequently used by individuals who don’t own a truck for towing, experience an emergency, or just aren’t comfortable towing. As long as there’s a need and you’re willing to pay, you can find a transporter for your job. 

How Much Does RV Transport Cost? 

The cost to transport an RV will depend on the trip distance. The average cost to transport an RV fewer than 100 miles is $3.32 per mile. However, for trips under 1,000 miles, the price is $1.05 per mile.

While this service might seem expensive, when you factor in the time to drive to and from the location and the fuel savings, it can be worth it for the convenience.

Reasons to Hire Someone to Transport Your RV

If you find yourself in a bind when it comes to transporting an RV, these services can prove invaluable. Let’s look at a few of the most common reasons to hire an RV transport.

Don’t Have a Truck to Tow Your RV Trailer

You don’t have to own a truck to own an RV. Many people purchase an RV with no intention of moving or traveling in it. It’s very likely these buyers don’t even own a truck capable of towing their RV.


These individuals have an RV transporter deliver their RV to a designated spot where it will sit. The occasional cost to move the RV to a different location is much less than a large monthly truck payment.

This option is excellent for those looking to move seasonally or very rarely. However, it could become expensive if you need to move your RV a lot.

You Want to Buy an RV Across the Country

If you’re looking for a specific layout or model, it’s a tough time to buy an RV. With RVs flying off RV dealership lots faster than many manufacturers can produce them, sometimes you have no other option than to buy from across the country.

Luckily, an RV transport can make the drive for you.

When you factor in the hours spent driving both ways, food during the trip, and many other expenses, an RV transporter can be appealing. The transporter will deliver your vehicle right to your front door for a fee.

You Had to Fly Home for Unexpected Illness or Emergency

Many RVers, especially those who travel full-time, could find themselves on the other side of the country when an emergency happens back home. Being in a rush while towing an RV is asking for trouble.

RV transporters can safely and efficiently deliver your RV back to your home if you face an emergency. Fly home quickly, and your RV will join you later. 

You’re Not Comfortable Driving or Towing It

Towing an RV can be an anxiety-inducing experience for some RVers. And driving or towing an RV while filled with anxiety will often increase your chances of making a costly mistake. This is one situation where paying a professional to drive or tow your RV for you could certainly save you money in the long run.

RV Transport Is a Booming Industry

The RV industry has experienced unprecedented sales volume in recent years. As a result, transportation jobs are in high demand, yet there’s still a shortage of drivers.

RV Transporter Reveals ALL!

A majority of towable RVs are built in Northern Indiana. If you live in the area, have a large truck, enjoy traveling, and can tow an RV, you could easily find a job. Even if you don’t live in Indiana, business is booming as RV dealerships and consumers utilize RV transports. 

How to Find RV Transport Services Near Me

One of the best ways to find a transport service is through your dealership. You can even work this out while making your purchase and let the dealership handle the details with the transport company.

But maybe you purchased your RV already and need it transported after the fact. Companies like Uship, Horizon Transport, and Bennett can get you a quote for transporting your RV.

Or chat with other RVers about how they transported their vehicles. You might find the recommendation of a fellow RVer especially reliable.

RV Transport

Hiring someone to transport your RV might just be what you need to jump into the RV lifestyle. No matter how you plan to RV, this service is certainly one to keep in mind for sticky situations.

Have you ever utilized this type of service? Let us know in the comments!

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Trisha Tomal

Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

I'm looking to get a camper moved from putnam Il to Wisconsin Dells, how much notice do you need for that move if that move can be done? Thank you

Mortons on the Move

Monday 14th of March 2022

Its going to depend on how busy the shippers are. You can specify timeframes in bids on sites like U-ship and have it be part of the bidding process. Usually you can get them picked up in a week or two. We too are going to have a camper moved and will start the bid process a few weeks out.


Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

My husband has a fifth wheel RV that he lives in when he is working out of state. He just moved his RV from Memphis to Petersburg, VA. He's been there a month and has found a new place he'd like to move to that is closer to his work and new friends (which is good since he is hundreds of miles away from home and friends). We live in Michigan. ANYWAYS, he just needs his fifth wheel moved 10/15 miles down the road and is having the worst time finding a way to do it. Is there a company or person(s) that would do this type of job?? He really needs it done this weekend, the only time he has off to do this. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

Racheal c

Thursday 20th of January 2022

My husband and I haul RVs out of Indiana. We live in Alabama. We are always looking to help other RVers. Please check with us. 205-753-1389.

Becky Strait

Monday 14th of March 2022

Good afternoon Rachel.Just wanted to get a estimate on how much it would be to transport a 32” Rockwood wind jammer bumper pull from Springfield,Mo to Batavia,Ny ? Like to have it to Batavia by April 15 ,Just drop me a line or email me will be as well. Thank you Becky


Sunday 8th of August 2021

REACHING OUT FOR HELP!!! We need someone to help bring our RV to us from Rockford Illinois to Davis California. My husband had to fly home due to our puppy, Rajah getting fluid around her lungs. We found out she has pleural effusion. We have drove from Montana to Davis California praying they can save her. In the meantime we’ve had to line up multiple emergency veterinarians to have the fluid drained to make it to the next day just to do it again. Obviously this was an exhausting straight drive through. We even took her to Washington University for veterinarian teaching, but they couldn’t help us. We are staying in hotels now that she’s in UC Davis Veterinarian hospital. Regardless, expenses are adding up fast. We love her so much. She’s not just a dog to us, she’s our child. She’s healthy, very aware of her surroundings, responds and lets us know what she wants, a food aholic even through all this, If someone could help us get our RV to us it would help cut back costs from having to stay in hotels. Please contact us at Desperately praying for help.

Randall Scott

Tuesday 26th of July 2022

@Bill, have you had your rv dilivered back to California? I am in IL.let me know if I can help. Randall Scott Class A CDL.


Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

Good info to know. I want to move my 5th wheel soon. And would like to use a mover service

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