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What Is a Capri Camper?

For over 50 years, Capri Camper has manufactured truck campers for all travelers. From Alaskan travelers to rodeo cowboys, outdoor enthusiasts have found a home with Capri Camper.

If you aren’t part of the truck camper community, you might have never heard of Capri. But if you’re in the market for a truck camper, it’s time you learned more about this Texas company. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Capri Camper?

A Capri truck camper features a solid wood frame construction with a one-piece aluminum roof. It’s fully insulated and wrapped in anodized aluminum to maintain the vintage look while not compromising quality. There are cab-over and non-cab-over models and short bed and long-bed versions.

Fun Fact: More World Champion Rodeo Cowboys choose Capri Camper than any other competitor in the truck camper industry.

Where Are Capri Campers Made? 

In 1969, Capri Camper established itself in Burleson, Texas. The company created hand-made, custom-built truck campers. They’re simple, lightweight, well-constructed, and cheaper than competitors.

In 2003, they built a new manufacturing facility in Bluff Dale, Texas. This is where the company currently resides.

About Capri Camper Models

Because there are more buyers than sellers on the used market, the resale value remains high. A Capri camper is an excellent investment, and many owners are happy with their purchase years later.

Today, Capri Camper offers three truck camper models. These models are custom-made, so each buyer gets what they need.

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Retreat model of Capri Camper from website
Road trip in style in the Retreat truck camper model by Capri Camper.


About: The Retreat features a 60” by 80” cab-over sleeper, Formica countertops, four camper windows with screens, wood-grain flooring, and multiple interior charging ports and outlets. It comes with a 30A power plug and 15A adapter.

The Retreat model is available in three sizes: 5.5’, 6.5’,  and 8′. The eight-foot-long bed option has a dry weight of just over 1,200 lbs and has a dinette/lounge space with an adjustable Lagun table across from the countertop. The smaller 6.5’ and 5.5’ short-bed models have the same layout but lose some storage space. The 6.5’ unit has a dry weight of 1,190 lbs, and the 5.5’ unit has a dry weight of 1,140 lbs.

Additional options include a roof-mounted air conditioning unit, an inside or outside shower, a refrigerator, cooktop, bunk bed, and more. As you custom create your Capri Camper, you can choose the base, accent, and stripe color.

Capri Camper Cribs - Richmond Champion

Best Features: The storage in the eight-foot-long bed option is spacious. Cabinets are overhead and below the countertop, and over the dinette seating. Additional storage is available in three closets. Even in the smaller units, there is ample storage for a weekend camping excursion with at least one closet and overhead cabinets.

The weight is also a critical feature of all Capri Campers. With a maximum dry weight of 1,260 lbs, the Retreat truck camper is for owners of most truck models. They don’t have to own a truck with a high payload capacity to order a custom-built Capri Camper.

Cost: The base price is $16,995.


About: The Cowboy, Capri Camper’s best-selling truck camper, is a non-cab-over unit. It has a 48” by 80” bed, two camper windows with screens, wood-grain flooring, and multiple interior charging ports and outlets. Like the Retreat, the Cowboy also comes with a 30A power plug.

Just as you can add upgrades and additional features to the Retreat, you can do the same with the Cowboy. The only shower option is an external shower, but you can still add a roof-mounted air conditioning unit or other upgrades.

2019 Capri Camper - Cowboy long bed

The Cowboy comes in four different size options: 5.5’, 6′, 6.5′, and 8′. The layout in all four units is the same. The bed is across the front of the unit underneath a large window, and seating is available in the rear. The Cowboy units don’t include a dinette, countertop, or closets. However, there is a clothes rod above one of the seating areas.

Best Features: The reason the Cowboy Capri Camper is so popular is because of the no-frills layout. People who need a place to sleep for the night have all they need. Plus, they have it at an affordable price.

The units are lighter than the Retreat and Lone Star, which means they’ll work for any truck. The 8′ long bed unit is only 800 lbs. And because the Cowboy comes in four different sizes, owners of both short bed and long bed trucks have options.

Cost: The base price is $11,495.

Cowboy model on red truck in snow from Capri Camper
Go camping in the sun or the snow in the Cowboy truck camper model.

Lone Star

About: The Lone Star comes in only one model, and it’s a cab-over design with a dry weight of 1,235 lbs. However, it can fit short bed trucks with the tailgate removed or down. It can fit eight-foot-long truck beds with the tailgate up.

It’s fit for all seasons and features a 175-watt solar power mounted on the roof. The Lone Star has a stainless steel sink, a four-person adjustable table, and four dual-pane thermal windows with screens. Additional upgrades include a portable lithium battery, propane heater, single burner cooktop, portable toilet, and more.

Capri Camper - Lone Star model

Best Features: The Lone Star unit has space for four adults with a 60” by 80” bed on one end and a 43” by 80” area with cushions on the other end. It also features a waterproof locker where you can keep your fishing, hunting, and outdoor gear safe.

Cost: The base price is $15,995. You can get everything you need in a truck camper for less than $16,000. Even with all of the bells and whistles, a fully loaded Lone Star Capri Camper is under $22,300.

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Do Capri Campers Have Toilets Or Showers?

A Capri Camper doesn’t have to come with a toilet or shower in the standard models. The only unit with a sink standard is the Lone Star. However, you can add an external shower to the Cowboy model and an internal or external shower to the Retreat model. You can also add a sink or portable toilet to the Cowboy and Retreat units.

In summary, if you want an internal shower, you’ll want to stick with the Retreat model. All other models have outdoor showers. Portable toilets can be added to any Capri Camper.

Solo Female RV Life - 4x4 Truck Camper Tiny House W/ Shower & Toilet

Is a Capri Camper Worth It?

Fans know Capri Camper for its American-made, custom truck campers at an affordable price. The vintage look doesn’t mean outdated craftsmanship. With a Capri Camper, you can embrace the old while still getting top-quality.

By choosing custom finishes and add-ons, you can create a one-of-a-kind truck camper that meets your camping needs. No matter what truck you own, there’s a Capri Camper to fit.

Bradley Harter, an 11-time NFR qualifier, says, “I have owned and traveled with a Capri Camper since 2000, and average 200 overnights a year. My camper offers all the amenities of home, including a shower, sink, refrigerator, table, entertainment center, and of course, the most important feature; a comfortable bed. With the options that Capri has to offer, I am always at home.” 

If you’re in the market for a truck camper, check out Capri. Maybe you’ll find your home on wheels too!

Do you have a Capri Camper? Tell us what it is like in the comments!

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