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These Are the Cheapest Class A RVs on Sale Today

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Class A motorhome? In today’s market, you can find some excellent options for the ultimate road trip. Small, modern, and durable are the main benefits of the cheapest Class A RVs we’re about to reveal. Let’s take a look!

Class A RV Windshield
Class As are easily recognized by their large, bus-like windshield.

What Is a Class A RV? 

A Class A RV is a motorhome built on a commercial bus or truck chassis. These bus-like motorhomes are easy to spot with their large flat front window. Class A motorhomes range in size from 25’ to over 40’ long, and they have various floor plans and features.  

class A motorhome on highway

The Benefits of a Class A RV

Class A motorhomes are durable self-contained RVs. This makes them beneficial for long-term travel, road trips, and boondocking. Depending on the model, they typically have an onboard generator and can have large holding tanks for off-grid living when you need them. Plus, they have plenty of storage space inside and out.

Other benefits of a Class A include a smooth ride thanks to the large chassis. They also have a good turn radius with the tires set behind the front. This makes them easy to maneuver.

Even if you purchase one of the cheapest Class A RVs, you’ll still reap all of these benefits!  

Class A RV boondocking
Class A RVs are excellent boondocking rigs.

Which Is Better: a Class A or Class C RV?

The best class of RV is a personal preference. For example, large Class A RVs can drive like a bus, so some people prefer a Class C since it drives more like a van. However, Class A RVs offer a smooth ride, and they tend to feel less top-heavy than their Class C counterparts.

You can find smaller Class Cs shorter than 25’ long. This means you can park nearly anywhere. However, you lose the storage space and larger chassis. 

Some Class Cs cost less than Class As. However, manufacturers have produced some of the cheapest Class A RVs to date as the number of floor plans and demand grows. 

Still feeling confused about the different RV classes? This article can help: What Do RV Classes Mean? Differences Explained.

Class C RV
Class C RVs are smaller and sit on a van or truck chassis.

These Are the Cheapest Class A RVs on Sale Today

We’ve identified six of the cheapest Class A RVs on sale today. Whether you want a motorhome or not, we think you’ll enjoy peeking at these great options. Each has an MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) under $150,000.

Coachmen Pursuit 27XPS

About: Coachmen’s Pursuit 27XPS is a 29’ long Class A motorhome. It has a Ford F-53 7.3L V8 chassis with an 8,000 lb towing capacity. Inside you’ll find a modern and open floor plan with ample storage. 

It has a master bedroom in the rear with a queen-size bed and a full bath. While the motorhome has no slide-outs, the L-shaped kitchen counter makes the most out of the space. And it has a lot of seating and sleeping space with a dinette and sofa that convert into beds and a drop-down bunk over the captain’s chairs. 

MSRP: $133,688

2022 Coachmen Pursuit 27XPS Class A Motorhome

Thor Motor Coach Axis RUV 24.1

About: Thor’s Axis 24.1 is the shortest Class A on our list at 25’ 8” long. It can sleep five people with two twin beds in the back, which convert into a king-size bed, a sofa sleeper in the living room, and a bunk over the cab. It also has a full bathroom and a small kitchen.

Considering it’s one of the cheapest Class A RVs on the market, it’s very thoughtfully designed. We especially love that you can use the passenger captain’s chair as a workspace with a pull-out desk on the dash. 

The motorhome has a Ford® E-Series chassis with a 7.3L V8 engine. It has a towing capacity of 8,000 lbs and 63.5 cubic ft of exterior storage.

MSRP: $134,400 

2022 SMALLEST Class A Motorhome OF THE YEAR!

Holiday Rambler Admiral 29M

About: The Holiday Rambler Admiral 29M has a light decor that makes this small Class A RV look bigger than it is. It also has a super slide-out that expands the entire driver’s side of the coach. The slide holds the bedroom wardrobe, kitchen, and sleeper sofa.

Additionally, the floor plan includes a full bathroom, king-size bed, L-shaped dinette that converts into a bed, and a drop-down queen bed over the captain’s chairs.

The Admiral 29M is 31’ long. It has a Ford F-53 motorhome chassis and a Ford 7.3L Triton V8 engine. The towing capacity is 8,000 lbs.

MSRP: $134,639

2021 Holiday Rambler Admiral 29M Class A Gas Video | Holiday Rambler RV Dealer in Michigan

Fleetwood Flair 28A

About: Fleetwood’s Flair 28A is 29’ 3” long and has two slide-outs. It has a Ford F-53 motorhome chassis and a Ford 7.3L Triton V8 engine, just like the Holiday Rambler Admiral. It has an 8,000 lb towing capacity as well.

The Flair 28A has a rear bedroom with a king-size bed and a full bathroom. Its mid-ship kitchen has a residential refrigerator and a large pantry. The living area has a dinette and sofa that each convert into beds, and a drop-down bunk over the cab. It’s also the cheapest Class A RV on our list!

➡ You may love the idea of having a residential refrigerator in your RV, but the reality might be different than you’d expect. Learn why: 5 Reasons to Avoid RV Residential Fridges

MSRP: $122,092


Entegra Coach Vision 27A

About: The Entegra Coach Vision 27A is a small luxury Class A motorhome with modern features. It has a large wardrobe along the back wall of the master bedroom and a king-size bed. You’ll also find a full bathroom with an additional wardrobe. The living area consists of a kitchen, dinette, sofa, and drop-down bunk over the captain’s chairs. 

The motorhome sits on a Ford F-53 chassis with a Ford 7.3L Triton V8 engine. It measures 29’ 11” long. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 190W solar panel.

MSRP: $143,236

→ Learn more about Entegra Motorhomes here.

Entegra Coach-Vision-27A

Jayco Alante 26X

About: Jayco’s Alante 26X is a 28’ 5” long Class A RV. It sits on a Ford F-53 motorhome chassis with a Ford 7.3L Triton V8 engine. It has a 5,000 lb towing capacity. 

The interior boasts modern decor and one slide-out in the living area. It has a full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. It sleeps five with a queen bed, dinette and sofa that convert into beds, and an over the cab drop-down bed. Additionally, you’ll find a lot of overhead storage space throughout the coach.   

Tiny Class A Gas Motorhome! Jayco 26X

MSRP: $122,318

Is a Class A Motorhome for You?

Which one of the Cheapest Class A RVs are you most interested in? These have become a hot commodity, so you might want to get yours ordered soon. 

A great way to get a feel for whether or not a Class A motorhome is for you is to do a walk-through and test drive. We encourage you to stop by a local dealer to check them out. 

Cheapest Class A RVs: Thor Axis

Are you loving the look and feel of these small Class As? Take a look at some of your other options: 7 Best Small Class A RVs on the Market .

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