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Clam Quick-Set Screen Tent Comparisons to Help You Decide

Gone are the days of four people struggling to put together a flimsy screen tent shelter that falls apart after a few uses. When you’re ready to enjoy the outdoors but want protection from the sun and insects, you want something quick and effective. Let’s check out how Clam Quick-Set can keep you covered.

What Is a Clam Quick-Set Tent?

Clam Quick-Set tents are screen tents ready for on-the-go use. They’re quick and easy to set up; many only take 60 seconds to erect. They feature mesh to keep out even the smallest of bugs like no-see-ums. You can also enclose them with optional side panels. 

clam quick set tent at campsite

All-Purpose Versus Camping Clam Quick-Set Tents

Clam has both all-purpose and camping tents. The all-purpose tent is what most people think of when they think of an outdoor shelter. It has a solid panel on top and mesh sides. You can also purchase panels to enclose the tent. 

The camping tent has the same great features but also includes a removable floor. This floor allows users to have a dry clean floor for a bed, your dogs, or whatever else you bring. This tent is multipurpose as you can also use it without the floor for a standard screened room. 


Clam Quick-Set tents come in a variety of sizes and styles. Regardless of your needs, there’s likely one that will fit the bill. Let’s take a look at which Clam screen tent might be best for your next camping trip. 

Traveler Screen Tent

The Traveler Screen Tent is Clam’s smallest screen house. It’s excellent for those with limited space but who still want shelter from the sun and bugs.

This four-sided tent takes less than 45 seconds to set up, and just one person can do it. Its smaller size is perfect for use at sporting events, the campsite, or even at the beach. At only 20 pounds, it’s easy to toss in the trunk for use at your next outdoor activity. 

Quick-Set Traveler Pop Up Screen Room | Bug Free in 45 Seconds

Footprint: 36 square feet

Center Height: 82 inches

Set-Up Size: Six feet across

Capacity: Up to four people

Best for: Solos, couples, or small families

What People Say About It: Users give this tent 4.5 stars and love the smaller size for sporting events and other on-the-go events. Couples and solo travelers enjoy this tent for the small footprint at their campsite. Many have used this screen tent for bug-free day trips to the park. 

CLAM Quick-Set Traveler 6 x 6 Foot Easy Set Up...
  • Lightweight, portable 6 x 6-foot pop-up canopy designed to...
  • Accommodates up to 4 people or spacious enough to fit a picnic...
  • Includes 5 tent stakes, 3 tie-down ropes, and an over-sized carry...

Venture Screen Tent

One of Clam’s most popular units is their Venture Screen Tent. The five-sided shelter is still small enough to compress down for easy storage but large enough to cover a picnic table. Set up takes less than 45 seconds.

The Clam Quick-Set Venture is perfect for on-the-go events for families. Take it with you camping or to your next BBQ.

Quick-Set Venture Screen Shelter by Clam Outdoors

Footprint: 63.5 square feet

Center Height: 82 inches

Set-Up Size: Nine feet across

Capacity: Up to six people

Best for: Couples and families

What People Say About It: Many users of the Venture Screen Tent use it while camping or in their backyard. Users love that this unit is slightly bigger than the Traveler size but isn’t bulky. It earns 4.5 stars from users. 

CLAM Quick-Set Venture 9 x 9 Foot Portable Pop Up...
  • Lightweight, portable 5-sided canopy designed to provide shelter...
  • Venture model has fabric panels (sold separately) that can be...
  • Includes an oversized bag for easy re-packing, tent stakes, and...

Escape Screen Tent

The Escape Screen Tent is perfect for larger families or friend groups. Even with its larger size, it weighs just over 35 pounds, making it easy to pack up for transport.

This six-sided shelter will easily fit over camping picnic tables, allowing your group to settle in for a card game or a nice meal, even in rainy weather. Bugs won’t stand a chance at ruining your evening. This tent is perfect for use at the campsite, backyard events, or even the park. 

Protection from Bugs |Quick-Set Escape Pop Up Screen House in 45 Seconds

Footprint: 94 square feet

Center Height: 90 inches

Set-Up Size: 11.5 feet across

Capacity: Up to eight people

Best for: Families or friend groups

What People Say About It: Reviewers love that their family and friends can gather in this screened tent and not feel cramped. The larger size is appealing to bigger families who are seeking shelter from the rain and bugs.

The Escape Clam Quick-Set tent lives up to the same quality users have come to love from Clam. They give it 4.5 stars. 

CLAM Quick-Set Escape 11.5 x 11.5 Foot Easy Set Up...
  • Lightweight, portable 11.5 x 11.5-foot pop-up canopy designed to...
  • Accommodates up to 6 people or spacious enough to fit a picnic...
  • Includes 7 tent stakes, 5 tie-down ropes, and an over-sized carry...

Cabin Screen Tent

This screen house looks to appeal to overnight campers. The Cabin Screen Tent is a multipurpose two-shelters-in-one design. Campers can put up a divider wall to create two rooms or remove it for one large screen house.

The floor keeps your belongings dry and clean. This tent is perfect for campers who want an easy-to-set-up tent, along with a screen house. 

Portable Pop Up Cabin goes up in 60 Seconds!

Footprint: 112 square feet

Center Height: 82 inches

Set-Up Size: 96 inches x 168 inches

Capacity: Up to eight people

Best for: Families and friend groups

What People Say About It: Users of this tent love the size and versatility. The ability to partition off the tent is excellent for families. Judging from the 4.5-star rating, you’re sure to love it too.

Cabin Screen Shelter - 4 Side - Brown/Tan...
  • Comes with rain fly, removable floor and divider panel; 7 stakes...
  • Oversized carry bag for easy re-packing
  • Water resistant taped roof panel & Tear resistant, durable...

What Accessories Can You Buy for Your Clam Quick-Set Tent?

The fun doesn’t stop with the standard Clam Quick-Set screen rooms. There are a variety of accessories you may consider purchasing to enhance your experience.

One of the most popular add ons are the Clam Quick-Set Wind Panels. These panels protect you from the wind, sun, and rain by attaching to the sidewalls. As a bonus, the panels provide privacy at campgrounds.

CLAM Quick-Set Wind and Sun Panel Attachment for...
  • CLAM gazebo privacy panel each measures 11 inches long, 17 inches...
  • Pop up tent wind panels that come in sets of 3 are used for...
  • Poly Oxford fabric resists wear and tear for lasting durability...

Users can choose to connect as few or as many sidewalls as they desire. Other popular accessories include a removable floor, fans, and easy-to-attach lighting. 

clam quick set wind panels

With many screen tent options out there, it’s hard to know which route to go. Clam Quick-Set Tents are well-loved and come highly recommended. We think they are worth a look if you’re looking to purchase a screen tent soon.

What kind of tent do you own? Let us know in the comments below!

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