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5 Best Class A Bunkhouse RV Motorhomes for Families

RVing appeals to a wide variety of travelers, from solo entrepreneurs crossing the country to families looking for a comfortable week-long getaway. Class A bunkhouse motorhomes fill the need for grandparents taking their grandchildren on the dream trip of a lifetime or entertainers traveling with their bands.

A larger and often more expensive motorcoach is needed to provide beds and bathrooms for these extra humans, so is it worth it? Hit the road with us as we explore the pros and cons of Class A bunkhouse motorhomes and maybe even find a floorplan for you!

What Is a Class A Motorhome? 

A Class A motorhome is sometimes referred to as a bus or coach. That’s because they’re usually on a heavy-duty commercial bus chassis. A Class A RV can be powered by a gas or a diesel engine. The latter is in the back of the vehicle, making it a “diesel pusher.”

Class A motorhome towing a Jeep
Class A motorhomes are often built on commercial bus chassis.

Most Class A motorcoaches run from 25′ to 45′ long, and many include every amenity available in the RV industry. Hence, the reason they are so popular. Owners can bring everything along on their camping excursions. 

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What Is a Bunkhouse Floorplan? 

You can find bunkhouse floorplans in Class A and C motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. Motorhome bunkhouse floorplans usually take advantage of a slide-out to build stackable twin-sized beds. With this design, the two extra beds take up less floor space. Conversely, you’ll find corner bunks or bunk rooms in RV trailers, which take up more floor space.

Most current bunkhouse floorplans have made these out-of-the-way beds as comfortable as possible for their residents, even adding televisions to the walls. And many have small windows, one above the other, so each bed has some sunlight and a view. If you’re traveling in an RV with a separate bunkhouse room, it may also have extra storage cabinets, a sofa, or a desk.

RV bunk beds with storage
Extra windows and storage are just some of the benefits of bunkhouse floorplans.

Do Class A Motorhomes Have Bunkhouses? 

Several manufacturers have included bunkhouse floorplans in their Class A motorhome lineup. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of this RV type to see if it’s right for you.


Most Class A bunk beds are twin-sized mattresses, so adults or children can use them, increasing the sleeping space in your RV. These beds are often closed off with a curtain, giving the occupant some sense of privacy and quiet away from the living area. In some larger diesel pushers, there is even a second bath located right across from the bunkhouse.

If kids use the bunk beds, they have a personal area to keep toys and books out of the central living area. And the dinette can once again be used as a dinner table instead of turning into a bed every night!

Class A bunkhouse
Most Class A bunk beds have twin-sized mattresses.


Many RVs that have bunkhouse floorplans are longer than the average rig. So if you’re looking for a shorter Class A, the bunkhouse might not be for you. If you’re purchasing a bunkhouse RV to have sleeping space for periodic visits with relatives or friends, remember that the space will go unused during the rest of your travels unless you utilize it for storage.

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Bunkhouse models are usually more expensive than a recreational vehicle without those extra beds. And if you’re purchasing one of these models to use the bunkhouse as a home office, there are additional costs to take out the beds, build a desk, install wiring for electronics, and so on.

5 Best Class A Bunkhouse RV Motorhomes for Families

Class A bunkhouse motorhomes are becoming more popular as families discover their love of the RV lifestyle. We’ve selected five different floorplans below that run the gamut in size and luxury. 

Class A motorhome
Class A bunkhouse motorhomes are often longer to accommodate the extra sleeping space.

1. Newmar Baystar 3616 

About: This Newmar model is 37′ long and 12′ 8″ high. It’s on a Ford chassis with a gasoline engine. You can order it with residential appliances and high-end finishes. Because of one long slide, the Baystar 3616 has an open, spacious feel to it.

2021 Newmar Bay Star 3616 RV Tour!

The kitchen is on one wall with a comfortable sleeper sofa and dinette on the other. The bunks can be included at the edge of the living space or separated by privacy curtains. 

Family-Friendly Features: This Class A bunkhouse floorplan has a second bath directly across from the bunk beds. The model can sleep six comfortably and eight if you want to make up the dinette.

MSRP: $212,000

2. Winnebago Forza 38W Class A Bunkhouse

About: At 40′ long and 12′ high, this Winnebago comes with a fireplace in a generous living area, with high-end appliances and amenities. It has a 100-gallon freshwater tank, two bathrooms, tons of storage, and beautiful hardwood flooring. This diesel pusher will take the family just about anywhere.

2021 Winnebago Forza 38W Class A 6.7L Cummins Diesel Motorhome on Freightliner XCS Chassis

Family-Friendly Features: With sleeping for eight, the Forza 38W is luxurious comfort for the whole family. There are two full baths, and if the bunkhouse is not in use, you can easily convert it into a large wardrobe.

MSRP: $352,194

3. Tiffin Allegro RED 38 KA

About: An elegant diesel pusher measuring 40′ in length, the Tiffin Allegro RED 38 KA offers luxurious trims and amenities, including handcrafted cabinetry, tile flooring, and residential appliances.

2021 Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA Class A Diesel Motorhome

It weighs almost 40,000 lbs but can pull another 10,000 lbs if you wish to bring along a trailer full of toys. This one-and-a-half bath model has plenty of living room, with an optional L-shaped sofa sleeper, dinette, rotating captain chairs, and a beautiful fireplace.

Family-Friendly Features: Not only does the Allegro have a bunkhouse separated from the living area and adjacent to a half bath, but there is an optional drop-down bed over the cab for an extra sleeping space.

MSRP: $406,837

4. Thor Challenger 37DS

About: Two full baths and sleeping space for eight describe the Thor Challenger 37DS to a “T.” It’s a 39′ long gasoline-driven Class A bunkhouse model for families needing the space to travel together with the simple amenities of home.

2022 Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS Class A Motor Home

Weighing in at 24,000 lbs, this gas engine can still pull an extra 8,000 lbs if needed. The living room and kitchen are a bit smaller, but still work and come with a microwave, refrigerator, stove, and sink.

Family-Friendly Features: The bunks are directly across from a second full bath. Additionally, added bed space is available with a full-size drop-down bed over the cab on this bus.

MSRP: $273,750

5. Jayco Alante 29F Class A Bunkhouse

About: This smaller Class A motorhome still packs a punch with the ability to sleep eight comfortably. A gas-driven engine pulls this 32′ long rig down the road. It weighs only 18,000 lbs and can carry another 5,000 lbs of cargo.

Alante 29F Class A $100K 2021 Motorhome by Jayco RV

Its shorter length only allows for one full bath, and the living area is much smaller than some of the larger Class A bunkhouse models. But, the Alante is a cost-conscious option for RVing families on a budget.

Family-Friendly Features: The bunkhouse in this model is just as large as the bigger diesel pusher floorplans. And fitting two extra friends along the trip is an option with a drop-down double bed available over the cab.

MSRP: $166,808

Is a Class A Bunkhouse Worth It?

If you travel with an entourage or several children, a Class A bunkhouse is the perfect vehicle for comfortable and fun camping trips. Everyone can have their own bed and private space while others congregate in the living area. The added length of your rig will increase your enjoyment on any excursion because those you travel with will be happy campers!

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