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Class A Toy Haulers Exist! Here Are Your Best Options

Class A Toy Haulers Exist! Here Are Your Best Options

You don’t usually imagine a rugged garage space when you think about a Class A motorhome. Usually, our minds fill with images of spa-type bathrooms, shiny marble floors, and luxurious leather sofas. But the Class A toy hauler actually exists and serves quite a functional purpose for RVers. Let’s take a closer look at toy hauler motorhome options on the market!

What Is a Class A Toy Hauler?

The typical toy hauler RV is a travel trailer or fifth wheel. But Class A motorhomes have evolved over the years to include models with the garage space that toy hauler RVers love.

A toy hauler motorhome has all the luxuries of other Class A motorhome models. You can have the spa-type bathroom and luxury features and still have the ramp in the rear that leads to the garage. A Class A toy hauler garage will be around 10 feet long, whereas travel trailers and fifth wheel toy haulers might vary in size.

The biggest difference in the Class A motorhome line-up is that the toy hauler models don’t have the diesel engine in the rear. To have the ramp and garage space, the engine has to be moved to the front of the chassis.

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What Are the Benefits of a Toy Hauler Motorhome?

The most significant advantage to having a toy hauler motorhome is that you can bring your toys with you without hauling a trailer. The garage space is big enough for a couple of motorcycles, a golf cart, or an ATV. If you’re a water enthusiast, your kayaks or SUP boards should also fit in the garage.

Then other RVers love the extra space of the garage but don’t use it to haul outdoor toys. Instead, they turn it into an office, a workout room, a sewing room, or an additional sleeping space. There are so many possibilities for this 8×10 space that RVers can be creative even if they don’t have bikes to haul.

Pro Tip: Unsure if you even need a toy hauler? We uncovered What Is a Toy Hauler RV? to help you decide!

Thor Outlaw parked at campsite.
Bring all your toys and equipment along on your adventures in a Class A toy hauler.

How Much Do Class A Toy Hauler Motorhomes Cost?

Class A toy hauler owners are looking for the luxury of a motorhome with added garage space in the rear. They don’t want to sacrifice the amenities that come with a Class A motorhome.

That’s why toy hauler motorhomes are more expensive than their travel trailer and fifth wheel counterparts. The MSRP for a 2022 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 is around $294,000. The MSRP for a 2022 Thor Outlaw unit is about $290,000. You can see the difference when comparing them to a 2022 Grand Design Momentum 397THS that costs around $148,000.

Best Class A Toy Hauler Motorhomes

Below are three of the best Class A toy haulers on the market. Each has unique features, but all three provide great garage space in the rear. The Thor units are more expensive, but Newmar produces the only diesel-engine toy hauler motorhome.

1. 2022 Thor Outlaw 38KB

About the Outlaw 38KB: The Thor Outlaw 38KB has a king-sized bed in the rear main bedroom, and a front living space that includes a booth dinette and 66” sofa. The bathroom comes with a 30” x 36” square shower and the front of the unit has a drop-down sky bunk for additional sleeping. The wardrobe in the main bedroom is washer and dryer ready.

Garage Features & Specs: The garage dimensions are 8’ x 10’ and include a 39” television and a separate entry door. A unique feature of this garage is the patio deck that unfolds from it. The three seasons doors enable you to enjoy this space most of the year.

MSRP: $294,150

Newmar Class A toy hauler model from website.
Both Thor and Newmar offer excellent Class A toy hauler options.

2. 2022 Thor Outlaw 38MB

About the Outlaw 38MB: Thor also manufactures a 38MB model with a similar floor plan as the 38KB. The biggest difference is that the 38MB has a queen-sized bed in the main bedroom and a queen-sized drop-down bunk in the garage.

It still has the drop-down sky bunk in the front of the coach, like the 38 KB unit. The booth dinette, sofa, and bathroom set-up are all the same.

Garage Features & Specs: Unlike the 39KB model, the 38MB unit is designed for additional sleeping space in the garage. The garage dimensions are still 8’ x 10’, and it still has a 39” television and a separate entry door. It also has a patio deck.

MSRP: $294,150

3. 2022 Newmar Canyon Star 3927

About the Canyon Star 3927: The only diesel engine Class A toy hauler model available, the Canyon Star 3927 features a front living space, center kitchen and bathroom, and rear bedroom that also leads into the garage. It has a booth dinette, 74” sofa, 35” x 35” radius shower, and lots of overhead storage compartments.

Garage Features & Specs: The garage dimensions are 95.5” x 120”, and it has a rear ramp and an entry door into the main bedroom. There are some overhead storage compartments in the garage space. You have the option to add an electric bed or a washer and dryer hook-up in the garage.

MSRP: $291,410

Considerations When Buying a Class A Toy Hauler

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at Class A toy haulers. Don’t get caught up in the beauty and forget to look at the specifications. Ensure the garage size and cargo carrying capacity are appropriate for what you want to haul.

Also, you never want to purchase an RV with a floor plan that doesn’t work for your family. Whether traveling on weekends or taking longer trips, you want a space that fits your family’s needs.

Thor Outlaw parked in a parking lot.
RV in luxury with a spacious Class A toy hauler.

Garage Size

Most garages in toy hauler motorhomes are going to be 10 feet. You’ll find more options with travel trailers and fifth-wheel toy haulers. If you need a 13ft space, you won’t find it in a Class A toy hauler. Know what you’ll be carrying and if it will fit in the garage space.

If you’re looking to turn the garage into another room, make sure the size is sufficient. If it’s going to be a bunk room for the kids, take some measurements and have a renovation design in mind before making such a large purchase. You’re spending a lot of money on a toy hauler design – you want the garage space to work for your needs.

Pro Tip: Need something smaller? Check out these 3 Smallest Toy Haulers for Bringing Your Toys Camping.

Garage Cargo Carrying Capacity

Along with the first consideration, you also want to know the cargo-carrying capacity of the garage. This means you need to know how much weight can fit in the garage.

How much weight will you have left for the garage once you have dishes, clothes, toys, and everything else in the coach? Are the toys under that weight limit?

If you’re going to transform the space, make sure the added furniture and new set-up don’t exceed that cargo-carrying capacity. You risk damaging the motorhome, or at least straining suspension, axle, brakes, and wheel components if you overload it.

As mentioned already, you’re spending a lot of money. You certainly don’t want to throw it away by not abiding by the weight limits.

Thor Class A toy hauler floor plan model.
Floorplan is important when deciding what RV is right for you!

Floorplan and Sleeping Space

Finally, no matter what RV you purchase, the floorplan and sleeping space should always fit your family’s needs. If you’re retired and looking to take your motorcycle out for weekend scenic drives, pay attention to the master bedroom space. Is it sufficient? Does it have the closet space and storage space you need?

If you’re traveling with children, where will they sleep? One solution is the garage space, but if you want to use that area to haul a golf cart, where will the kids keep their toys? Make sure the floorplan works for the lifestyle you want to have.

Class A Toy Hauler Motorhome - Thor Outlaw and Newmar Canyon Star

Is a Class A Toy Hauler Motorhome Right for You?

Like all RVs, what is right for one traveler isn’t necessarily right for another. A family of five has very different travel needs than a solo traveler. A Class A toy hauler might be right for you if you’re looking for the luxury of a Class A toy hauler motorhome while also having a garage space.

Maybe you don’t want to tow a trailer with your golf cart. Or, perhaps, you want to renovate the space into an additional main bedroom. Whatever you do with the space is up to you. The coach’s interior will be smaller due to the space given up for the garage, but for some RVers, it’s worth it.

So what about you? Is a Class A toy hauler going to be your next RV purchase? Let us know in the comments!

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Tuesday 7th of March 2023

To correct your post a class A RV does exist with a longer than 13 foot garage. It comes in both a front engine diesel as well as gas engine. the model I am referring to is the Gulf Stream Bounty Hunter. It comes with 2 options on the garage as well The most common is 12 feet the other is a massive 16 footer. I believe it was only made one year (2008). It’s a niche model that seems to relatively unknown.


Monday 26th of December 2022

I own one of these beauties, based on a spartan me2 Chassis. My toy is a classic mini from '96.