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7 Best Class C Diesel RV Motorhomes

A Class C diesel RV is a good investment for road trips. Imagine driving your tiny house on wheels across the country and having everything you need within reach. It’s the perfect way to travel without carrying luggage from hotel to hotel.

 Class C motorhomes are a great all-around RV option, but make it a diesel and you will add power, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about Class C diesel motorhomes and which are the most reliable. We also show you seven of the best options on the market. 

Buckle up, and let’s get rolling! 

What Is a Class C Diesel RV? 

A Class C diesel RV is one of three classes of motorhomes. Class C RVs fall between a class A and B motorhome in chassis size and floorplan size. While you can get Class Cs in diesel and gas engines, diesel tends to offer the best fuel economy and longevity. Diesel engines are beneficial and powerful for riding through mountains and towing vehicles

Diesel Class C Motorhomes or Gas Class C RVs: Motorhome Reviews

What Is the Most Reliable Diesel Motorhome?

Any diesel engine in a motorhome will provide a level of reliability you may not get in a gas engine. The Mercedes-Benz chassis tends to be the most popular and heavy-duty for Class C RVs.

The 3.0L 6-cylinder Turbo-diesel engine with seven-speed automatic tip shift speed transmission 188 HP/325 lb Torque gets some of the best reviews. For example, you’ll find this engine in the Winnebago Vita and Tiffin Wayfarer, which we’ll discuss in more detail coming up.

For larger RV’s the Cummins 6.7 has become a well-respected power plant that has been powering RAM 3500 trucks reliably for years.

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Class C RV driving on sandy beach
Get the best fuel economy and longevity from your Class C RV by choosing a diesel RV.

7 Best Class C Diesel RV Motorhomes

Each year, manufacturers come out with more Class C diesel RV motorhomes. We’ve pulled together a list of seven of the best options you’ll find today.

1. Winnebago Vita

About: Winnebago has a niche in the Class C diesel RV market, and they’ve been putting out quality builds for years. The Vita has two floorplans and sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a 3.0L 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine. Furthermore, it measures 24.5’ long, and each model has a slide-out for more room. You’ll also find a full bathroom in the Vita and enough room for four people to sleep comfortably.  

Best Features: One of the best features of the Vita is that you have the option of a dinette or theater seating in the living area. The versatility is helpful for different types of travelers. It also has a bunk above the cab area, perfect for sleeping or extra storage space.

MSRP: Starting at $136,072

2. Forest River Forester MBS

About: Forest River’s Forester MBS is on a Mercedes-Benz chassis with a 170” wheelbase and a total length of 25’ 5” from the front to the rear bumper. Offered in two floorplans, you’ll find one with a murphy bed and one with a walk-around queen bed. Both can sleep up to four people with a bunk above the cab. They also have large full-size bathrooms, ample storage, and a full kitchen.

Best Features: The 2401T murphy bed model’s bathroom extends the entire length of the back of the motorhome. It’s nice to have the extra elbow room in the bathroom, especially on long trips. The Class C diesel RV also has the option of a bunk above the cab or an entertainment center.

MSRP: Starting at $129,985

Close up image of Class C RV
Whether you’re driving through the mountains or on rough terrain, a diesel Class C RV will give you the power to take on all driving conditions.

3. Tiffin Wayfarer

About: The Tiffin Wayfarer is a luxury Class C RV. The Wayfarer has a Mercedes-Benz 3500 XD Dual Wheel Cutaway Chassis with a 3.0L 6-cylinder Turbo-diesel engine. Additionally, it comes in five floorplans, and each measures 25’ 8” long. Options include a murphy bed, twin beds, a tri-fold sofa or dinette, and a bunk or entertainment center above the cab. 

Best Features: The exterior features full body paint, which adds to the life of the RV from weather and sun. You’ll also find a luxury interior with residential finishings and even the option of a combo washer and dryer unit. 

MSRP: Starting at $207,207

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4. Jayco Seneca

About: Jayco’s Seneca is a Super Class C diesel RV on a Freightliner chassis. And it runs on a Cummins ISB 6.7L 360-HP diesel engine with 800 ft-lb Torque and an Allison 3000 MH automatic transmission. Additionally, you can choose from four floorplans, measuring 39’ 4” long. They can sleep six to nine people, and the 37K model has a bath and a half. 

Best Features: The Cummins 6.7 paired with the Allison trans is a great drivetrain combination that gives this RV the power and reliability you need. The Seneca has a cozy living space with an electric fireplace, an entertainment center, a sofa, and a dinette. You’ll also find a residential refrigerator with a large kitchen in the motorhome.

MSRP: Starting at $312,443

Jayco Seneca Class C RV in parking lot
Enjoy the cozy living space in a Jayco Seneca Class C diesel motorhome.

5. Thor Magnitude

About: The Thor Magnitude is another Super C diesel motorhome. It sits on a Ford chassis with a powerstroke V-8 engine. You can choose from four floorplans that range in length from 33’ 8” to 37’ 9”, and each sleep up to eight people. They have large living spaces with theatre seating and dinettes. 

Best Features: The Magnitude BT36 features a bath and a half, perfect for hosting guests or traveling with a family. It also comes with a stackable washer and dryer prep. The RS36 also has laundry hookups and bunk beds.

MSRP: Starting at $280,050

6. Entegra Coach Accolade XL

About: The Entegra Coach Accolade XL is a Super C diesel RV. It sits on a Freightliner S2RV chassis powered by a Cummins ISB 6.7L 360-HP diesel engine with 800 ft-lb Torque. The 37K has three floorplans with a bath and a half, and they all have washer and dryer hookups. And the 37L model has bunk beds.

Best Features: The tiny home on wheels has a residential refrigerator and a large kitchen to bring everything you need for long trips. It also has an electric fireplace below the living room entertainment center.

MSRP: Starting at $311,838

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Entegra Class C RV
Entegra makes amazing Class C RV options for both diesel and gas RVers.

7. Jayco Melbourne

About: Jayco’s Melbourne is a small Class C diesel RV. It sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis powered by a turbo-diesel engine. Its three floorplans measure 25’ 2” in length from the front to the rear bumper, and they can sleep four to five people. Each model has a fully equipped kitchenette and a dinette or small sofa.  

Best Features: The Melbourne 24T features twin beds in the rear, which is excellent for ease of making beds while traveling. And if traveling solo, you can use the second bed for storage or extra sitting space. 

MSRP: Starting at $143,843

Class C Recreational Vehicle Motorhome on the Scenic 101 California Highway Panoramic Photo. RV Road Trip Theme.
A diesel motorhome comes with a high price tag, but it is worth the investment.

How Much Does a Class C Diesel Motorhome Cost? 

A Class C diesel motorhome can cost around $100,000 to over $350,000. It all depends on the model and features you want. While a diesel engine may add to the overall price tag and require pricier maintenance, the reliability outweighs the cost. In addition, a diesel motorhome is likely to give you more years and ease of travel than a gas engine.

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Are You in the Market for a Class C Diesel RV?

Are you ready for a walk-through of one of the Class C diesel RV motorhomes on our list? Each has unique features and floorplans. A Class C can be a great way to take the long road trip you’ve been dreaming of.

Or perhaps you have a larger RV now and want a smaller motorized option to take short trips. A Class C provides a lot of versatility, and having a reliable diesel engine is the perfect way to explore for the long term. 

What Class C diesel RV do you drive? Tell us in the comments!

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