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7 Amazing Class C Motorhomes With Bunk Beds for Families

7 Amazing Class C Motorhomes With Bunk Beds for Families

A Class C motorhome with bunk beds is a fun way for a family to travel. RV road trips in a motorhome provide you with all the comforts of home on one chassis. Your kids can play games going down the road while seatbelted into the dinette. What could be better? This article looks at the benefits of a Class C bunkhouse. And we reveal seven models that work great for families. 

Let’s get started! 

What Is a Class C Bunkhouse?

A Class C bunkhouse is a floorplan that includes bunk beds. A Class C motorhome has a cab or cut-away chassis. The front looks like a van, including the inside seats, doors, and dashboard. And the back house section has the living and sleeping quarters.

Dynamax Force 37BD Class C motorhome with bunk beds
In addition to bunk beds in the back bedroom, some Class C RVs have a bunk above the cab.

What Are the Benefits of a Class C Motorhome With Bunks?

The benefits of a Class C motorhome with bunks include places for the whole family to sleep and sit. Having a bunkhouse provides two additional single beds.

Often a Class C RV will also have a bunk above the cab, and the dinette or sofa may turn into a bed. Along with a main bedroom, you could sleep up to eight people. In addition, a Class C with a dinette and sofa provides ample seating behind the captain’s chairs.

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7 Amazing Class C Motorhomes With Bunk Beds for Families

A Class C motorhome with bunk beds is the perfect RV for traveling families. Let’s look at seven of the best options on the market.

1. Jayco Redhawk 31F

About: The Jayco Redhawk 31F Class C bunkhouse has 28-by-72-inch bunk beds, a queen bed, and a bunk above the cab. It also has a jackknife sofa and a dinette that folds into a bed.

The 32-feet-6-inch long motorhome has a super slide-out and a full kitchen and bathroom. In addition, it has ample overhead storage and a wardrobe in the main bedroom.

Standout Features: Each bunk bed has a tablet holder to keep your kids entertained. Additionally, the captain’s chairs swivel to face the living area and provide additional seating when stationary.

MSRP: $164,843

2022 Jayco Redhawk 31F Class C Motorhome •

2. Thor Quantum LF31

About: Thor’s Quantum LF31 is 32-feet-8-inches long. It has 27-by-72-inch bunk beds next to the main bedroom, with a queen-size bed. The full bathroom has an entrance to the hallway and the bedroom. 

The Class C bunkhouse has a large jackknife sofa for additional sleeping, a dinette that converts to a bed, and a 54-by-96-inch bunk above the cab.

Standout Features: You’ll also find a skylight and swivel TV above the cab. The kitchen has a good size pantry and refrigerator to accommodate the maximum of seven people the RV sleeps.

MSRP: $172,950

Amazing Beauty and Quality On This Thor Class C Motorhome! Quantum LF31

3. Entegra Accolade 37L

About: The Entegra Accolade 37L is built on a Freightliner S2RV front-end diesel chassis with a Cummins engine. It measures 39-feet-four-inches long. The Entegra has a main bedroom with a king-size bed, two 28-by-72-inch bunks, and a bed over the cab. You can sleep more people on the fold-out sofa bed and dinette.

Standout Features: The Accolade 37L comes with a washer and dryer combo prep, which is ideal for a family. It also has a large residential refrigerator and a lot of counter space in the kitchen. You may also appreciate the electric fireplace in the living room.

MSRP: $268,493

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Entegra Coach Accolade 37L

4. Forest River Solera 32DSB

About: The Forest River Solera 32DSB has a unique bunkhouse with a sleeper sofa on the bottom and a drop-down bunk over it. And the sleeper sofa includes seatbelts.

It also has a bunk over the cab, a queen bed in the rear room, and the sofa and dinette convert into beds. In addition, it has a spacious L-shaped kitchen and a full bathroom with a tub. 

Standout Features: The refrigerator is 12-volt, so it can run on the battery while you drive, making stopping for lunch on travel days easy. And this Class C bunkhouse has a lot of seating and sleeping space for families.

MSRP: $135,235

Forest River Solera 32 DSB Class C Bunkhouse RV
Enjoy ample seating and sleeping areas in a Class C bunkhouse.

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5. Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H

About: Winnebago’s Minnie Winnie 31H has 30-by-73-inch bunk beds next to the main bedroom, which has a queen. It also has a large U-shaped dinette that converts into a bed. And you can get it with a sleep sofa or theater seating.

For more space, it has a bunk over the cab. The spacious motorhome with a full bathroom and kitchen measures 32-feet-9-inches long and can sleep up to eight people.

Standout Features: The main bedroom and bunk beds make up a suite in the rear of the RV with the bathroom. This provides some distinction and privacy between the living room and kitchen. And the U-shaped dinette is family-oriented and has seatbelts for game nights and travel days.

MSRP: $159,252

2023 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31H

6. Renegade Verona 40VBH

About: The Renegade Verona 40VBH is the longest Class C with bunk beds on our list at 40 feet 2 inches. The Freightliner motorhome has bunk beds next to the master bedroom and a sofa and dinette that converts into beds in the living room. You’ll also find a full bathroom and a full kitchen in this RV.

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Standout Features: The large kitchen has ample counter space for cooking for your family. This motorhome’s luxury furnishings and finishes make it a great vacation home on wheels.

MSRP: $368,156

2022 Renegade Verona 40VBH

7. Dynamax Force 37BD

About: The Dynamax Force 37BD is 39-feet-2-inches long. It’s a luxurious Class C bunkhouse motorhome with residential-style furnishings and appliances.

It has a lot of sleeping and storage space with bunk beds next to the rear bedroom with a king-size bed. You’ll find additional sleeping space with an over-cab bunk, sleeper sofa, and convertible dinette.

Standout Features: You may love the large kitchen in this RV and the washer and dryer prep in the main bedroom. And in the living room, you’ll find an entertainment system with an electric fireplace. 

MSRP: $350,634

Dynamax DX3 37BD Motorhome Tour with Matt’s RV Reviews

Is a Class C With Bunk Beds Worth It?

A Class C with bunk beds is worth it for those traveling with four or more people. It provides a comfortable space in which everyone has a place to sleep. And it has adequate seating so your family can travel inside with seatbelts. A Class C bunkhouse allows your family to have a home on wheels with creature comforts. And many of these models have even more things to love.

Which Class C bunkhouse model do you like best and why? Drop a comment below!

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Conspicuously missing is the interior height. This is extremely important info often missing. Without it, the RV's info is no longer looked at. Why not include it? BTW, we're all over 6' and height and bed lengths are critical. 74" beds are short, very short. For example, I look for 78" L minimum along with a king size bed. My wife is a great cook and wants kitchen counter space, a gas stove and oven, gas/electric refrigerator (NOT residential or all electric) as we love state and national parks which means no hookups (no hookups means boondocking). These are just thoughts that RV manufacturers might consider or they are limiting their audience/customers.